Don’t Let A Small Chip Cost You an Arm and A Leg Down the Road!

The days of snow and sleet are behind us (at least, we hope they are) and with that warmer weather is on its way. This means it’s time to get your car summer ready. Beyond the aesthetic aspects of this, there are a few functionality and safety aspects to take care of. Although the harsh winter elements are a thing of the past, for now, they may have left behind some damage to your vehicle that requires repairs.


A vehicles windshield sees the brunt of the action. Everything from hail to large portions of ice wreaks havoc on your windshield throughout the winter months. For those who live in areas where these elements are minute or simply those who don’t drive frequently, the elements of winter may not have had a large impact on them. For those who have been in the eye of some harsh winter weather and those who drive often, however, they may not be so lucky. If your vehicle’s windshield has suffered damage, whether a small chip or a large crack, it’s important to take it in for a windshield repair to avoid any further issues down the road!


Why should I get my windshield repaired if the damage is small?


Maintaining a vehicle can be pricey, hence why some people will avoid repairs to any minor damage for a period of time. For minor repairs that don’t impact safety and functionality such as a small dent on the hood or a chip in the paint, driving around for months thereafter most likely won’t cause any issues. When it comes to your windshield, however, a small chip can turn into something more significant.


The windshield plays an integral role in the overall safety of the vehicle. It protects the driver and passengers from dust and debris, creating a barrier between the two. On the topic of barriers, the windshield protects from more than just dust and debris. The windshield protects those in the vehicle from being the first point of content should anything hit the vehicle or come into its path. A well-maintained windshield can withstand a significant amount of impact, however, the strength of the glass may become compromised if there is any damage to it. Because the glass is weak where the area of the chip or crack resides, it’s more susceptible to breaking.


Another factor that could turn a small chip into a larger issue is the sun. The heat waves that radiate from the sun can actually do a number on a damaged windshield. If you leave your car outdoors for long periods of time during the hotter months, the sun can actually morph the glass. If the glass is damaged, it could further enlargen said damage.


All in all, there are plenty of factors that can take your windshields damage from a small chip, requiring a simple repair, to an unfixable crack, requiring a full windshield replacement. It’s important to note that even if the damage is small, it could worsen if left untreated and doing so can cost more money in the long run. If you notice any damage to your windshield, bring it into the shop right away!


Have you noticed any damage to your vehicles auto glass? We can help! Visit or call our Mississauga shop for all your repair needs at a great price!


Windshield Replacement Need to Knows


As a driver on the road, understanding the implications of getting any accidents or injuries to your vehicle fixed is important. There are many routines that need to be completed, everything from replacing your season-based tires to changing the oil. When accidents happen, getting a crack in your windshield is a common issue. Thus, understanding the process and pricing of a windshield replacement will be helpful.


The warmer months are approach and although there are usually less potential injuries on the road, there are still chances for the auto glass of your vehicle to require a replacement or repair. Whether this is small cracks when passing by a hectic construction site or heavy rain weather affecting the durability of the glass, taking care of it is vital to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


Learn more about windshield replacements, why they are important, and the process behind it.


Why are windshield replacements important?


Ensuring that your vehicle has top quality auto glass and windshield replacements is crucial to ensure that you are safe when driving your vehicle. Your auto glass is never supposed to have any cracks, whether big or small. Smaller tears can expand quickly, resulting in bigger problems trickling out afterward.


These cracks not only create unorthodox direct air flow but it also results in increased danger for passengers and yourself as the auto glass in your car also doubles as a safety net for your airbags to safely deploy. In case that your vehicle does get into an accident, if there are broken pieces of auto glass, they may not activate properly or the glass could pierce the airbag as it is deploying. As these are important pieces of ensuring that the accident is less dangerous, not having a stable windshield will contribute to making it a worse situation. It also doubles as a function of the structural strength in your car. When accidents happen, the windshield doubles as a reinforcement for the roof so that it does not collapse while ensuring that you do not get thrown from the vehicle.


Beyond that, windshield cracks simply obstruct the view of the driver. Whether it be a small or big crack, it can compromise your seeing which is a danger to you and others on the road. Lastly, it is a traffic violation which implies that you can be cited and potentially charged if caught driving without getting it fixed.


How long should I wait to get my windshield replaced?


If you notice that there is damage to your windshield, you should not wait or hesitate to get it replaced. Ensure that once you notice any damages or cracks, that you head over to an auto glass shop for them to replace or repair. If the damage is significant and completely obstructs your view, it is important that you call the auto glass shop to ask them for advice and/or get your car towed to a shop instead of driving there yourself. Place your safety as a priority and take the most efficient steps to get it fixed.


What is the replacement process?


Once you bring your vehicle into an auto glass shop, they assess it for factors such as how intense the crack is, the significance of it, how widespread, etc. Once they are able to determine the spread of the issue, they will let you know whether you require a repair or a replacement. Since auto glass, and specifically your windshield, is one piece, any major damages that cannot be repaired will require the whole glass frame to be replaced. Knowing this ahead of time will prepare you for how extensive and long the duration will be.


How much does it cost to repair or replace a car windshield?


Pending on whether it is a repair or a replacement that you require, the prices will fluctuate. At Speers Mississauga, free quotes are available so that you are able to estimate and predict prior to going to the auto glass shop. Due to the history of Speers’ and the multiple locations associated, the best prices are offered. Windshield replacement and repair prices start as low as $175 including all labour, clean-up, seals, and lifetime warranty on all of their work. This guarantees that you get quality service for your money and warranty so that any issues can be fixed of charge.


How long should I wait to drive my car after a windshield replacement?


On average, an hour after your windshield replacement is enough for your vehicle to be safe for you to drive. For side windows or general repairs, you are usually able to drive your car immediately. If your car requires special attention or a longer duration of a wait, your auto glass technician will let you know.


Auto glass of a vehicle does more than act as a window which is why there is heavy importance on protecting your vehicle and getting it repaired, should there be any problems.

If you are someone who is in these situations and requires an auto glass technician to do any repairs or replacements, contact our Mississauga team so that we can get you a quick and affordable quote today!


Window Tinting: More Than Just A Cool Upgrade!

More and more people are opting for window tinting when it comes to their vehicles auto glass. Next time you take a drive, look around and see how many people have their windows tinted. Whilst some may think that window tinting is purely an aesthetic feature geared towards making one’s vehicle look “cool”, it actually poses a ton of benefits to your vehicle and those inside it. Our Oakville shop sees many people inquiring about window tinting and for good reason.


Curious to see how window tinting can benefit you? Read on!


Reduce Internalized Heating


Have you ever sat in your car on a hot summers day assuming it’s just as hot outside, only to get out and realize there is a crisp, cool feeling in the air?  Our vehicles are a magnet for sun rays and because of this, they can reach temperatures beyond those outdoors. Tinted windows can significantly reduce the access heat being admitted from the sun. This can aid in overall vehicle temperature control and contribute to the comfort of you and your passengers.


This can also aid in the reduction of consumption of your vehicles air conditioning system. Because tinted windows block out a significant amount of heat from the sun, the inside remains at a modest temperature. This can help you cut back on the use of your A/C in the long run and can help resolve those dilemmas of finding JUST the right amount of A/C.


Block out those strong UV Rays


On the topic of blocking things out, tinted windows can also block up to 99% of UV rays emitted from the sun. These rays can be detrimental to the skin if you are exposed to them consistently over a period of time. In fact, a slightly larger portion of lasting effects caused by UV rays are seen on the left side of the body – the side the driver is most exposed to the sun. Window tinting does a great job at vastly decreasing one’s exposure to these harmful rays. If you do copious amounts of driving, it’s important to consider factors, such as your skin, that most people skim right over.


The sun vs. your vehicle’s interior


We don’t want to call out the sun too much. As much as we love and need it, it can wreak havoc on our vehicles. If you do a lot of driving or if you park your car outside for extended periods of time throughout the day, the sun can slowly be doing damage to your vehicle’s interior. Harsh sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of interior upholstery and cracking of fabrics such as vinyl or leather. Because window tinting blocks out a majority of the suns rays, it can help prologue the interior of your vehicle and help you keep the illusion of a brand new car years down the road.

Security and Privacy


This is the most prominent reasoning behind why a majority of people get their windows tinting. Tinted windows obstruct the view of passing motorists or pedestrians, which is a plus for the security of your belonging. For example, if you park your car in a busy lot and potential thieves so happen to be there, they will not be able to fully see into your vehicle, ergo, they will not know if you have anything of value in it. Because of this, they are more than likely to leave your vehicle alone and your belongings remain safe.


Tinted windows also give off a sense of privacy. If you aren’t a fan of people peering into your vehicle, you have every right to change that. Tinted windows can help you combat nosy neighbours who want to sneak a peak in your ride!


Let’s talk legality. Is window tinting ACTUALLY legal?


A major stipulation people have with window tinting revolves around the legality. A lot of people assume tinting is illegal, when in fact, it is 100% legal to tint your windows, provided you are following the correct guidelines. In Ontario, there are a few rules you must adhere to when it comes to window tinting to ensure you are doing so legally.


  • Windshields are not permitted for tinting
  • No limit for tinting in rear window
  • Tinting the side windows is permitted as long as no more than 30% of light is blocked


Albeit, there are instances where tinting grades can be lower. Limos, for example, have a grade of 5%, meaning only 5% of light is allowed into the vehicle. The 30% put in place for side windows is to ensure maximum safety for everyday drivers.


It’s also important to note that coloured tints and/or anything that obstructs the driver’s views in any necessary plain of sight is NOT permitted. Prior to making a choice on your tint grade, it is important to view samples to ensure the grade you get is suitable for your individual needs.


All in all, window tinting provides copious benefits, beyond just aesthetic appeal. From blocking out harmful UV rays to keeping the belongings in your vehicle out of sight, window tinting can help put your mind at ease.


Looking to add some tint to your windows? Contact us today for a free quote!


Windshields 101: How to Protect Yours from Mother Nature!

During the cold winter season, it is common to have accidents or damages from weather that results in needing a windshield repair which can become costly. Your vehicle’s auto glass is important, not only because its part of the frame of the car, but it also provides a level of protection and safety for drivers and passengers. Thus, when the auto glass is damaged, it is hazardous to those in the vehicle.


Going into the warmer months, we want to ensure that you take all preventive measures so that you are not in that position to require a replacement or repair. As you begin to get your tires changes and your summer vehicle essentials added on, ensure that you get your auto glass checked as well so that you are able to drive safely in the spring season.


Keep reading to learn more about how you can avoid needing a windshield repair:  


Debris and Flying Rocks


Construction sites and nature paths are common sources of debris. There is constantly work being done in construction sites, resulting in potential falling debris or unstable objects. With nature paths, there are many pebbles and rocks that can fly up to your windshield when driving by. By not parking your vehicle in those areas, you are taking precautionary measures to protect your auto glass. Even small cracks from these issues can contribute to bigger problems, resulting in potential repairs to be done. Thus, being cautious around those areas will be beneficial to


Weather Changes


As we are still in the winter season, the weather will still remain windy which implies that additional debris will be picked up that can damage the auto glass. If there are extreme weather warnings near the end of the season, ensure that you do your best to not be driving on the roads as that can pose additional concerns.


Once the spring season is among us, weather conditions go from cold and stormy to brisk and rainy. Heavy rain may occur which can become quite harmful to your vehicle’s auto glass if it becomes severe. Thus, these extreme weather conditions should be avoided as well.


General External Factors


When you are driving, ensure that your focus is on the road, your side mirrors, and the cars around you as these factors are imperative for your safety.. Pending on where you park and where you are driving, you may be driving into hazardous areas for your auto glass. For example, many trails include animal crossings which means that there is potential wildlife that will run out. In history, many cars have unexpectedly run into wildlife, harming their livelihood and damaging windshields. Another factor is where you decide to park because certain areas are safer than others. If there are potholes, they may cause small issues as debris can fly out, contributing to large cracks in your windshield.


Why is it Important to Protect your Windshield?


As mentioned earlier, your vehicle’s auto glass and windshield go beyond just being a glass barrier for the car but acts as a secure base for safety purposes. The structural integrity of your vehicle’s structural build is important which means that the windshield and auto glass cannot have any cracks or issues.


The auto glass also contains a resin sheet that stabilizes the entire piece of glass so that if the windshield is damaged, the shards of glass would not go flying. A small crack can damage your windshield to a certain extent and any additional impacts would shatter the glass. Thus, any sized cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible.


Lastly, it acts as a field of vision for your vehicle and any type of damages would create an obstruction to view certain angles. This is important as you need to be able to see in order to drive carefully, which is why repairing is crucial.  



If you are looking for a windshield repair or replacement, it is important not to delay that. Get a free quote from our Mississauga team today to get started on that process.



Sunroof Season is Fast Approaching and Installation is a Breeze!

The winter weather is veering its end and as the seasons’ change and the weather begins to warm up, many are thinking about the summer embellishments they wish to add to their vehicle. The switch from winter tires back to all-seasons is a key indicator that warm weather and clear roads are near, and thus, many consider other changes to their vehicle. One thing that many people look forward to come the spring/summer months is the ability to open their sunroof and coast away with the natural breeze upon them. Although sunroofs provide an aesthetic appeal to a vehicle, they boast many benefits as well. Many new vehicles come with a sunroof, however, if your current vehicle does not have one, the installation of a sunroof can easily be done.


What is the purpose of a sunroof in cars?


Sunroofs come with a multitude of benefits; from aesthetic appeal to functionality. In regards to aesthetics, sunroofs give off the illusion of a bigger interior – the more natural light entering the vehicle, the most you can see. If you or your passengers feel cramped from time to time in your vehicle, the sunroof can aid in creating an illusive interior. A sunroof can also give the vehicle in its entirety an enhanced look – not just on the inside!


In regards to functionality, sunroofs bring in a good amount of natural air into your vehicle. When coasting down the road, the natural air creates a cooling effect. Many people utilize their sunroof in replacement of their vehicles air conditioning; preserving the battery and fuel economy of the vehicle.


How much does it cost to install a sunroof?


The cost of installation depends on the year, make, and model of a vehicle. Some vehicles require extra effort when installing sunroofs due to their design, whilst others are quite simple. Installing a sunroof can run you anywhere from $500-$2,00, respectively, depending on your vehicle and the intricacy needed for installation. The type of roof you would like will also determine the final cost. Many people are choosing moonroofs which are typically larger and require a different installation process. Due to the potential increase in size and variation of installation, these will run you a bit more; $1,000-$2,000, respectively.


It’s also important to note that installing a sunroof can actually aid in increasing your vehicles overall value should you choose to sell it down the road. A sunroof is considered a luxury feature for a vehicle, thus, people will spend more on a vehicle already possessing one.


What is the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof?

Prior to making your decision to have a sunroof installed in your vehicle, it is important to research which type you would like. A moonroof is a type of sunroof, however, it boasts different characteristics than a standard sunroof.


A standard sunroof is typically a smaller, body-coloured panel that can be manually or automatically adjusted. The panel can also be removed if desired.


A moonroof possesses a sliding, tinted glass panel that can be adjusted manually or automatically, but not removed completely.


A panoramic moonroof is made the same way a typical moonroof is but covers a larger portion of the vehicles interior cabin. The panel over the front two seats will slide open, however, the rear stays fixed.


How long does it take to install a sunroof?


Similar to pricing, the duration of the installation process depends on the vehicle. The more intricate a vehicle’s roof is, the longer the process. The type of sunroof is also a factor in determining the time spent on installation. Panoramic moonroofs tend to take longer than standard sunroofs, for example. Typically, the standard installation process falls between 60-90 minutes.


How much does it cost to replace sunroof glass?


If your car already has a sunroof but there is damage to it, it’s imperative you get it repaired. A damaged sunroof can be a safety hazard and functions may be limited. The cost of repair depends on the extent of the damage to the glass. If the damage is no more than a small chip, a simple repair would be done, typically priced around $100-$200, respectively. If the damage is significant, however, the entire glass panel may need to be replaced. A replacement typically costs $300-$1,000, respectively. A final cost cannot be determined until the damage is looked at, ergo, it’s important to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible if you notice any damage to your sunroof so we can price it accordingly and repair/replace it!


With the warmer weather fast approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to get a sunroof installed in your ride so you can enjoy the nice, warm breeze the hot months have to offer. Contact us today for your sunroof needs!



From Winter to Spring: Why A Change of Season is Ideal for a Change in Your Auto Glass

After endless days facing arctic conditions on the road, spring may seem like a breath of fresh air. While the season’s change and the snow melts, it is easy to forget that your car windshield suffered rough abuse from the winter weather. In fact, you may even need a windshield replacement. Maintaining your vehicle’s windshield to transition from winter to spring is imperative and has several benefits.


Drivers often make the mistake of only preparing their cars for the winter, and ignore the fact that the changeover to spring from winter is just as important. If you are coming out of a harsh winter in Burlington, and are possibly considering replacing your windshield, look no further.


Here are five reasons why replacing your windshield in between winter and spring is a good idea:


Repair the Effects of Winter


Although salt and sand on icy roads may help traction, they are a horror story for your windshield. Your windshield spent an entire winter protecting you from the severe elements and may be incredibly worn down. While driving on winter roads, bits of rocks and minerals flying at your windshield glass create huge impacts and often cause or worsen windshield damage. Coupled with cold weather, winter roads are catalysts to auto glass chips and cracks. If your windshield bears battle scars, it is crucial that you replace your windshield for the spring.


Increase your Safety


Avoiding replacing or repairing your windshield after the winter can cause a minor problem to evolve into a major problem. Ignoring chips and cracks in your windshield can ultimately:


  • Limit the performance of your car’s airbags
  • Impede the effectiveness of your car’s seat belts
  • Impact your car’s stability and structure
  • Threaten your personal safety


In the event of a car accident, a damaged windshield weakens the car structure and allows the car to be easily crushed. As well, a secure windshield shapes the way your car’s airbags deploy; with an impaired windshield, airbag protection can be turned into a hazard. Without a safe windshield installment in your car, minor accidents transform into fatal crashes.


Avoid Extensive Damage


Between winter and spring, there are always frequent temperature jumps and drops. The glass in your windshield will contract in the cold, and expand as it warms. Even with no previous chips or cracks, or with incredibly inconsequential marks, the rapid temperature fluctuations affect your already battered windshield glass. Consequently, this can lead to your windshield shattering! As spring approaches and the weather warms up, added pressure and stress is placed on your windshield, leaving it at a vulnerable state. Instead of worrying about the fragility of your auto glass, avoid the risk and consider replacing your windshield.


Protect Against March Winds and April Showers


Yes, winter weather is scary, but spring also has some conflicting changes in the weather. Spring’s infamous rainstorms and wind can create ample moisture in the outside environment. Unfortunately, humidity has quick impacts on any windshield impairments. Oftentimes, moisture in chips and cracks can make it more difficult to repair auto glass. In these cases, it is safer to replace your windshield in order to dodge the effects of moisture in the atmosphere.


Look Ahead: Prepare for Future Weather


Another upside to replacing your windshield is insurance towards weather in the future. After replacing your auto glass, it will be secure and strong, which means it will likely be able to protect you for a long time. After replacing your windshield, it is improbable that you will need another replacement anytime soon, and will, therefore, be able to last you many seasons. Replacing your car’s windshield is in your best interest, as it provides safety, and limits the need for extensive hassle.


The conversion between winter and spring is difficult for your windshield. It is essential for your safety to replace your windshield, and protect it from the effects of winter and spring. Contact Speers Auto Glass now to inquire about replacing your windshield!


Don’t Let a Crack or Chip Become a Major Issue: Avoid Getting to the Replacement Stage!

During the winter, caring for your vehicle becomes difficult as you worry more about getting from A to B than the weather effects on the components of your car. However, your auto glass should not be neglected as the heavy snow and wind conditions are factors that can damage. Over the course of the winter seasons, windshield replacements are very common and we want to ensure that you take all preventative measures so that you are not in that position!


Your windshield is not only a transparent window for you to be able to see when you are driving but it provides assistance in many situations such as airbag deployment and safety in general. When it is damaged, it becomes hazardous for both the driver and any passengers in the vehicle as it no longer provides the safety functions or is capable of the basic performances.


Keep reading to learn about the various factors that can damage your windshield and how you can be proactive to avoid those damages:


Debris and Flying Rocks

Whether you are near a construction site or live near a nature path, debris can be very common. When it comes to construction sites, there are always signs that indicate there may be falling rocks or unstable objects — this is an indicator that you should not be parking your vehicle in those lots and should avoid these areas if possible. If you live near a nature path, the roads may have more debris and small pebbles that can fly up as you’re driving and damage your windshield. Although this is less common, small cracks contribute to bigger issues which results in replacements so it is best to be cautious and drive slower when you are in those areas.


Weather Changes

As we are in the midst of winter, the weather has become a lot windier and snowy as a result of the storms that arise. When there is dangerous weather outside, you should do your best to ensure that you are not driving on the roads unless absolutely necessary.


Winds and storms can pick up additional debris that can damage the auto glass. To avoid getting harmed by this weather, driving slowly and being detail oriented can help you navigate the roads properly to ensure your auto glass is safe.


Bad De-Icing Techniques

During winter months, the cold weather may contribute to the ice that is stuck on your windshield in those freezing mornings. When it comes to de-icing before you drive, there are methods that result in damages to your windshield. For example, if you pour hot water onto a frozen windshield, it may melt it quickly but at the same time, it will create a windshield crack.


In addition to this, do not use any sharp objects to chip away the ice as it can crack or scratch your auto glass. If you are in a hurry, use cold water and a plastic ice scraper instead so that you can safely clear your windshield. At the same time, ensure that you have started your vehicle and the defroster is on. Together, those techniques will ensure you avoid any damages to your windshield and will be time efficient.


General External Factors

When driving, you should be focused on the road, the side mirrors, and what is going on behind you. The external factors going on around are important to note down. If you’re near a park, know that there may be sports going on. If you’re near trails with animal crossings, there may be wildlife that can run out. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings and the different factors that can cause damage to your windshield. Park in safe areas without a lot of movement and drive around any potholes and factors that will cause small issues as they can contribute to large cracks in your windshield.


If you have any signs or minor cracks in your windshield, take it to Speers Auto Glass for a quick quote on a windshield replacement. Do not neglect to get your auto glass fixed as it can put you and your passengers in a hazardous position.

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Winter Edition: Windshield Repairs and Replacements

During the year, debris and rocks can injure your vehicle’s auto glass. Windshields can break due to construction nearby or dangerous weather in the area. Regardless of how your auto glass is damaged, the important note is to understand that it must be fixed immediately. Especially in cold weather during the Winter season, having any damages go unfixed can cause further issues in the vehicle. Those small cracks can become a bigger problem with freezing temperatures and icy chills in the morning.

The debate of getting auto glass repaired during the cold season or waiting for the spring is due to the misconceptions that it can be dangerous to get it fixed during the winter. The bigger the cracks and damages get, the more your vehicle is susceptible to putting you and your passengers at risk. Thus, waiting for the season to end to get your auto glass repaired will be unsafe.

Keep reading to learn more about replacing your auto glass in the winter:

Replacing a Windshield in the Winter

Understanding that replacing a windshield is important, regardless of the season or weather, is the first step. At Speers Auto Glass, strong and efficient products are used to assist with your glass windshield so that it is repaired properly. The cold weather also implies that there are specific products that should be used; whether the company uses year-round products or seasonal products that need to be changed, the repair team should have the appropriate tools and resources to fix your auto glass properly.

Often, vehicle owners will try to attempt a repair outside but with the cold weather and lack of reliability for DIY kits, you need to bring your vehicle into the service shop for the repair. If the repair is done outside of a repair shop, any cold weather, snow, or ice build-up will affect the process. For example, glass expands in the heat and when repaired in the cold, that factor is often not taken into consideration which could result in cracking of the windshield edges, worsening the condition of the auto glass.

The Dangers of Waiting for an Auto Glass Repair

Cold weather may be dangerous to repair your auto glass on your own but as long as you bring it into a service centre, your car will be safe to repair. It may seem like a minor problem to have a crack in the windshield or a small damaged part of your auto glass but it does become a major safety issue very quickly when left unfixed. The following are reasons to protect and repair your auto glass when it is damaged:

Structural Integrity

Your windshield and auto glass encompass your vehicle’s structural build and it does more than act as a transparent window to see the outside world but rather, protects everyone in the vehicle in the case of an accident.

Safety Hazard

In the case of an accident, the resin sheet in the center of the auto glass connects it all together so that it prevents any shards of glass from flying from and into the vehicle. An initial crack will damage your auto glass to an extent and if your vehicle were to have another impact, it would shatter. Thus, large cracks like that need to be fixed as soon as any damages exist so that the windshield and auto glass can continue to act as a safeguard for accidents.

Field of Vision

Since the auto glass of your vehicle acts as the surrounding view while you drive, it is important that you have a clear field of vision. Whether there is a small or a major crack, it needs to be fixed so that you can see all angles and views as you drive.

When it comes to repairing your auto glass, do not hesitate and wait — the cost to repair or replace is much less than the costs to recover from major accidents on the road.

If you are looking for a team of qualified professionals to assist in that process, speak to a technician at Speers Auto Glass for a quick quote. Drop by our location or give us a call and book an appointment today.  



Cracks and Chips: How to Protect your Windshield from Extensive Damage

It can happen in an instant – so fast that you would never be able to see it coming. You’re driving along the highway, heading home after work, listening to your favorite tunes and vibing out and just enjoying the nice everything drive. You get home, then all of a sudden you hear a SMACK, you flinch, look up, and realize you have a small chip in your windshield.


You may think the chip is small enough to dismiss; it won’t distract you from the road and it’s not directly obstructing your view. Although that may be true, it doesn’t mean that the chip won’t grow, ultimately costing you more to get fixed or repaired.


Your best option is going to be going to a professional to have your windshield repaired. Our Mississauga based team has a plethora of experience in fixing cracks and chips. However, if  can’t make it to the shop right away or you are just looking for some tips to avoid any auto glass related issues in the future, here are  some tips you can follow to keep you and your loved ones safe:


Do not do it yourself

No matter how big or small a chip in a windshield is, the repair should be done by professionals and requires specials skills and tools. A mistake during your DIY operation can cause contamination and make the repair more expensive/difficult in the future. Regular maintenance and checkups, however, can be done on your own. Checking your glass every so often and keeping it clean are ways you can help preserve your glass. When it comes to the repairs themselves, however, it is best to leave it to those who can ensure the job is done right with longevity in mind.


Cover it

If you do feel the need to do something proactive about the new chip in your windshield, we suggest you cover it with a clear piece of packaging tape. This will stop anything from entering the crack and will help to reduce expansion. This should only be done temporarily, not as a way to fix the crack for weeks to come. If the crack is in your windshield, clear tape is ideal in order to prevention vision obstruction.


A “band-aid” solution that some often utilize is applying clear nail polish to their broken/cracked windshield. This does not provide a permanent fix for the crack and can lead to further problems down the road. There is the potential for erosion of the glass or simply, forgetting it’s there- two issues that could result in a strenuous repair.


Limit your driving

The best thing to do is not to drive, but we know that nearly impossible. If your daily commute requires driving, it’s best to get that crack repaired as soon as possible. The longer you drive with the damage, the higher the potential for more issues to arise.


Driving causes vibrations throughout the car, which end up in the windshield. The vibrations and the elements of weather are a bad mixture, causing chips to expand. If you do drive, park in a shady spot, avoid all the potholes you see and do not slam your doors closed!

Do not blast the heater

We know, it’s winter and it’s getting cold, but blasting the heater in your car causes a sudden change in temperature, the perfect environment for chips to expand. As temperatures drop, we all want to go ahead and crank that heat up, but the best way to do so is to ease your vehicle into it. When you get into your car, utilize minimal heating. The worst thing you could do for the crack/chip is to have an immense fluctuation of temperature over a short period of time.


The chip may not seem like a crucial problem, however, even the smallest chip in a windshield can lead to a  bigger, more dangerous problem. The chip lets moisture, air, and dirt get between the multiple layers of glass in your windshield. One day the chip can be the size of a penny, the next it can be fully shattered. Do not risk it. The longer you leave a chip uninspected the weaker the glass as a whole will become.


With winter coming, make sure your windshield is in perfect shape. Leaving a chip unattended during these upcoming months will lead to cracks that can not be easily replaced, costing you more to have the entire glass replaced.

Come see us at Speers auto glass, we’ll look to repair your windshield and save you every dollar we can. If we can’t repair it, we promise to replace it fully at a very reasonable price. Contact us today and get a free quote!