Don’t Let a Crack or Chip Become a Major Issue: Avoid Getting to the Replacement Stage!

During the winter, caring for your vehicle becomes difficult as you worry more about getting from A to B than the weather effects on the components of your car. However, your auto glass should not be neglected as the heavy snow and wind conditions are factors that can damage. Over the course of the winter seasons, windshield replacements are very common and we want to ensure that you take all preventative measures so that you are not in that position!


Your windshield is not only a transparent window for you to be able to see when you are driving but it provides assistance in many situations such as airbag deployment and safety in general. When it is damaged, it becomes hazardous for both the driver and any passengers in the vehicle as it no longer provides the safety functions or is capable of the basic performances.


Keep reading to learn about the various factors that can damage your windshield and how you can be proactive to avoid those damages:


Debris and Flying Rocks

Whether you are near a construction site or live near a nature path, debris can be very common. When it comes to construction sites, there are always signs that indicate there may be falling rocks or unstable objects — this is an indicator that you should not be parking your vehicle in those lots and should avoid these areas if possible. If you live near a nature path, the roads may have more debris and small pebbles that can fly up as you’re driving and damage your windshield. Although this is less common, small cracks contribute to bigger issues which results in replacements so it is best to be cautious and drive slower when you are in those areas.


Weather Changes

As we are in the midst of winter, the weather has become a lot windier and snowy as a result of the storms that arise. When there is dangerous weather outside, you should do your best to ensure that you are not driving on the roads unless absolutely necessary.


Winds and storms can pick up additional debris that can damage the auto glass. To avoid getting harmed by this weather, driving slowly and being detail oriented can help you navigate the roads properly to ensure your auto glass is safe.


Bad De-Icing Techniques

During winter months, the cold weather may contribute to the ice that is stuck on your windshield in those freezing mornings. When it comes to de-icing before you drive, there are methods that result in damages to your windshield. For example, if you pour hot water onto a frozen windshield, it may melt it quickly but at the same time, it will create a windshield crack.


In addition to this, do not use any sharp objects to chip away the ice as it can crack or scratch your auto glass. If you are in a hurry, use cold water and a plastic ice scraper instead so that you can safely clear your windshield. At the same time, ensure that you have started your vehicle and the defroster is on. Together, those techniques will ensure you avoid any damages to your windshield and will be time efficient.


General External Factors

When driving, you should be focused on the road, the side mirrors, and what is going on behind you. The external factors going on around are important to note down. If you’re near a park, know that there may be sports going on. If you’re near trails with animal crossings, there may be wildlife that can run out. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings and the different factors that can cause damage to your windshield. Park in safe areas without a lot of movement and drive around any potholes and factors that will cause small issues as they can contribute to large cracks in your windshield.


If you have any signs or minor cracks in your windshield, take it to Speers Auto Glass for a quick quote on a windshield replacement. Do not neglect to get your auto glass fixed as it can put you and your passengers in a hazardous position.

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Winter Edition: Windshield Repairs and Replacements

During the year, debris and rocks can injure your vehicle’s auto glass. Windshields can break due to construction nearby or dangerous weather in the area. Regardless of how your auto glass is damaged, the important note is to understand that it must be fixed immediately. Especially in cold weather during the Winter season, having any damages go unfixed can cause further issues in the vehicle. Those small cracks can become a bigger problem with freezing temperatures and icy chills in the morning.

The debate of getting auto glass repaired during the cold season or waiting for the spring is due to the misconceptions that it can be dangerous to get it fixed during the winter. The bigger the cracks and damages get, the more your vehicle is susceptible to putting you and your passengers at risk. Thus, waiting for the season to end to get your auto glass repaired will be unsafe.

Keep reading to learn more about replacing your auto glass in the winter:

Replacing a Windshield in the Winter

Understanding that replacing a windshield is important, regardless of the season or weather, is the first step. At Speers Auto Glass, strong and efficient products are used to assist with your glass windshield so that it is repaired properly. The cold weather also implies that there are specific products that should be used; whether the company uses year-round products or seasonal products that need to be changed, the repair team should have the appropriate tools and resources to fix your auto glass properly.

Often, vehicle owners will try to attempt a repair outside but with the cold weather and lack of reliability for DIY kits, you need to bring your vehicle into the service shop for the repair. If the repair is done outside of a repair shop, any cold weather, snow, or ice build-up will affect the process. For example, glass expands in the heat and when repaired in the cold, that factor is often not taken into consideration which could result in cracking of the windshield edges, worsening the condition of the auto glass.

The Dangers of Waiting for an Auto Glass Repair

Cold weather may be dangerous to repair your auto glass on your own but as long as you bring it into a service centre, your car will be safe to repair. It may seem like a minor problem to have a crack in the windshield or a small damaged part of your auto glass but it does become a major safety issue very quickly when left unfixed. The following are reasons to protect and repair your auto glass when it is damaged:

Structural Integrity

Your windshield and auto glass encompass your vehicle’s structural build and it does more than act as a transparent window to see the outside world but rather, protects everyone in the vehicle in the case of an accident.

Safety Hazard

In the case of an accident, the resin sheet in the center of the auto glass connects it all together so that it prevents any shards of glass from flying from and into the vehicle. An initial crack will damage your auto glass to an extent and if your vehicle were to have another impact, it would shatter. Thus, large cracks like that need to be fixed as soon as any damages exist so that the windshield and auto glass can continue to act as a safeguard for accidents.

Field of Vision

Since the auto glass of your vehicle acts as the surrounding view while you drive, it is important that you have a clear field of vision. Whether there is a small or a major crack, it needs to be fixed so that you can see all angles and views as you drive.

When it comes to repairing your auto glass, do not hesitate and wait — the cost to repair or replace is much less than the costs to recover from major accidents on the road.

If you are looking for a team of qualified professionals to assist in that process, speak to a technician at Speers Auto Glass for a quick quote. Drop by our location or give us a call and book an appointment today.  



Cracks and Chips: How to Protect your Windshield from Extensive Damage

It can happen in an instant – so fast that you would never be able to see it coming. You’re driving along the highway, heading home after work, listening to your favorite tunes and vibing out and just enjoying the nice everything drive. You get home, then all of a sudden you hear a SMACK, you flinch, look up, and realize you have a small chip in your windshield.


You may think the chip is small enough to dismiss; it won’t distract you from the road and it’s not directly obstructing your view. Although that may be true, it doesn’t mean that the chip won’t grow, ultimately costing you more to get fixed or repaired.


Your best option is going to be going to a professional to have your windshield repaired. Our Mississauga based team has a plethora of experience in fixing cracks and chips. However, if  can’t make it to the shop right away or you are just looking for some tips to avoid any auto glass related issues in the future, here are  some tips you can follow to keep you and your loved ones safe:


Do not do it yourself

No matter how big or small a chip in a windshield is, the repair should be done by professionals and requires specials skills and tools. A mistake during your DIY operation can cause contamination and make the repair more expensive/difficult in the future. Regular maintenance and checkups, however, can be done on your own. Checking your glass every so often and keeping it clean are ways you can help preserve your glass. When it comes to the repairs themselves, however, it is best to leave it to those who can ensure the job is done right with longevity in mind.


Cover it

If you do feel the need to do something proactive about the new chip in your windshield, we suggest you cover it with a clear piece of packaging tape. This will stop anything from entering the crack and will help to reduce expansion. This should only be done temporarily, not as a way to fix the crack for weeks to come. If the crack is in your windshield, clear tape is ideal in order to prevention vision obstruction.


A “band-aid” solution that some often utilize is applying clear nail polish to their broken/cracked windshield. This does not provide a permanent fix for the crack and can lead to further problems down the road. There is the potential for erosion of the glass or simply, forgetting it’s there- two issues that could result in a strenuous repair.


Limit your driving

The best thing to do is not to drive, but we know that nearly impossible. If your daily commute requires driving, it’s best to get that crack repaired as soon as possible. The longer you drive with the damage, the higher the potential for more issues to arise.


Driving causes vibrations throughout the car, which end up in the windshield. The vibrations and the elements of weather are a bad mixture, causing chips to expand. If you do drive, park in a shady spot, avoid all the potholes you see and do not slam your doors closed!

Do not blast the heater

We know, it’s winter and it’s getting cold, but blasting the heater in your car causes a sudden change in temperature, the perfect environment for chips to expand. As temperatures drop, we all want to go ahead and crank that heat up, but the best way to do so is to ease your vehicle into it. When you get into your car, utilize minimal heating. The worst thing you could do for the crack/chip is to have an immense fluctuation of temperature over a short period of time.


The chip may not seem like a crucial problem, however, even the smallest chip in a windshield can lead to a  bigger, more dangerous problem. The chip lets moisture, air, and dirt get between the multiple layers of glass in your windshield. One day the chip can be the size of a penny, the next it can be fully shattered. Do not risk it. The longer you leave a chip uninspected the weaker the glass as a whole will become.


With winter coming, make sure your windshield is in perfect shape. Leaving a chip unattended during these upcoming months will lead to cracks that can not be easily replaced, costing you more to have the entire glass replaced.

Come see us at Speers auto glass, we’ll look to repair your windshield and save you every dollar we can. If we can’t repair it, we promise to replace it fully at a very reasonable price. Contact us today and get a free quote!


Repair VS. Replacement

Sometimes bringing your car for a checkup may result in you finding out there are problems with the vehicle, such as a crack on the side window you did not see or internal issues. On the other hand, sometimes you’re driving and a piece of debris hits your windshield, resulting in a huge crack across the front of the auto glass.

When you find out at a maintenance appointment, it may be due to a minor incident prior but the latter incident may result in you being in a panic. What are your next steps? Is this something that an average driver can fix or do you bring it to a mechanic? Most of all, is it a windshield/auto glass repair or replacement? Don’t be blindsided or feel confused, keep reading to find out the answers to these questions:

Repair or Replacement?

The first step when you notice a crack or dent in the windshield is whether or not it can be repaired, or if it has to go to more extreme cases of a replacement. Using a magnifying glass, you can identify which category it falls under. Below are the qualifications for repair and replacement:

Your auto glass can be repaired if:

  • The crack is shorter than the length of a $5 bill
  • The chip is smaller than the diameter of a quarter
  • The damage is small and circular
  • The damage is fresh

Your auto glass should be replaced if:

  • The crack is longer than the length of a $5 bill
  • The chip is larger than the diameter of a quarter
  • The damage is directly in the driver’s line of sight
  • There are multiple cracks
  • The damage is deep, penetrating the inner layer of safety glass
  • The damage is directly over a heating element or radio antenna
  • The crack reaches into the windshield’s edges

A rule of thumb is that if it’s a crack or chip that is perpendicular to the surface of the glass, or at a shallow angle, it can most likely be repaired. As long as no large pieces of glass have flown off, it can be fixed. Notice that because long cracks are not capable of being repaired, small chips and cracks need to be fixed immediately before it becomes bigger.

How to Keep it from Growing

Damage has been done by the time you notice there is a dent or crack in your windshield or auto glass but to prevent it from becoming a bigger crack, there are a couple options.

First off, you can protect the damaged area. Until you are able to get it fixed, you can seal it with clear tape or nail polish so that it is sealed and protected from external dirt and debris. In addition, you can avoid extreme temperature. If you see that it is going to be a hot day, do not blast the air conditioning as the crack will get bigger with the heat on one side and coldness on the other. If you have to wash it or clear debris off of it, do not press against the glass too hard or else the whole piece of auto glass will break. Lastly, if you know there is a crack and you have to drive to a location to get it fixed, do not drive aggressively because it will out unnecessary stress onto the glass.

Repair Options

You can pick from two options: either do it yourself or leave it to the pros. If you chose to repair your windshield on your own, there are repair kits out there to help you do this. They come with all the elements you need to repair the crack or chips. If you choose to get it done by an auto glass technician, they will take care of it. Replacements will have to be done through a technician but what’s great is that they are trained to carefully repair or replace your auto glass so that you can be stress-free.


Depending on the reasoning behind the repair or replacement, most insurance companies will cover the costs. If you have comprehensive coverage, then you wouldn’t have to pay a deductible for repairs! Another bonus to getting your windshield fixed as soon as possible.  


When it comes to auto glass, it is no joke. Take care of the windshield as much as the rest of the car because it is an important component of your car. If you are looking for a new windshield or auto glass repair or replacement, contact our team and we’ll set up a quick appointment for you!

Everything You Need To Know About Auto Glass Replacement

In the battle of rubble versus your auto glass, it might look like the glass has prevailed over, but the victory is not without its share of pinches. Those cracks that don’t look so prominent in the starting may soon begin to slither their way up to the entire windshield. And that’s something which all car enthusiasts would never want to face. Let alone the aesthetic appeal, these chips and cracks can cause the entire windshield shatter even in a fender bender or while going over a pothole. The windshield supports the car roof and helps in proper deployment of airbags in case of a collision. And when it breaks down, the roof is likely to collapse too, obstructing the proper positioning of the inflated airbags that are there to protect you and passengers.

So, it’s better to go for auto glass replacement than waiting for the unforeseen to happen, as soon as you notice these minor cracks on your auto glass.

Go for auto glass replacement when it’s beyond repair!

How to ascertain if the cracks can be mended by a simple repair or the auto glass will need replacement? It can save you a good deal of money if you know the right step to take the moment the crack happens. So, enrich your knowledge arsenal with relevant information and tips that can make it easier for you to tackle the situation:

  • It depends on the size and location of the crack. Typically if the crack is smaller than 3 inches, it can be easily patched up. Modern technological inroads have also made it possible to fix a maximum of 12 inches. Considering the location of the crack is of the essence because it will determine how long it may take the glass to deteriorate. The cracks on edges will definitely spread quickly to other areas, causing the windshield to shatter sooner than usual.
  • If the crack happens to hinder your line of sight when driving, the auto glass should be replaced instantly. In case of even an ounce of skepticism on whether or not the glass needs replacement, it’s always good to consult the professionals at the earliest.
  • If yours is a commercial vehicle, the glass will need to be inspected with extreme care by experts who will then find an adequate replacement windshield as per the specifications.  

How does the auto glass replacement work?

A credible auto replacement shop such as Speers Auto Glass will have a stock full of auto glass for most car makes, so you can get the glass replaced without any delay. You may have to wait for a few hours before you can drive the vehicle away to ensure the adhesive gets sufficient bonding time. When the adhesive is not properly dry and cured, it can lead to water getting under the top and loosening the seal, or cracking the auto glass when it freezes and expands in winter.

Beware of dodgy shops

Do not fall prey to those unreliable auto glass replacement shops who warrant a quick replacement without any consideration to the fact that the adhesive needs some time to set before the vehicle can be driven away. Subpar adhesives require a minimum of 8 hours in optimal conditions, and better quality ones need at least 3 hours. A professional installer who knows what he’s doing wouldn’t allow you to drive the vehicle prior to that.

In order to get your auto glass replaced reliably, make sure:

  • You hire an auto glass shop recommended by people you trust.
  • Inquire how long the agency has been in this business and steer clear of new operations.
  • Ask how long you’re required to wait before driving the vehicle, and avoid using anyone who tells you less than three hours after the final installment.

Avail mobile auto glass replacement

When time is a constraint, take advantage of a mobile auto glass replacement wherein an experienced technician will visit your place and perform the job. There are plentiful auto shops that proffer mobile services 24/7, so make sure you obtain quotes from multiple places and then make a decision based on the reputation, experience, and availability of the required glass.

Need auto glass replacement near Hamilton in an emergency?

Speers Auto Glass is the place you can trust for your beloved car’s glass replacement in a reliable and professional manner. Our service is available on 24/7 basis, so feel free to contact us the moment you alight upon the glass damage, and we will be on our way to help you out!

Amazing Benefits of Auto Glass Tinting in Oakville

Summer is the time of year when everyone loves to whoosh down the road with their car windows down, at least when the temperature allows them to do so. However, when it’s too hot outside, with temperature slightly exceeding the bearable limits, you’d want to roll up the windows and have them tinted to prevent excessive sun glare and harmful UV rays penetration.

Prior to moving ahead with auto glass tinting, it’s crucial to learn about pertinent Ontario laws. As per the government regulations, in all cars built after January 1, 2017, the left and right windows of the driver must not block over 30% of light. The tinting of the windshield has been prohibited completely, and the failure to comply can result in a fine. As far as the rear windows are concerned, there are no such limits, but obviously, you should be able to see through them. Every auto glass tinting agency in Oakville is aware of these laws, so you don’t have to stress about whether or not you’re following these rules.

Advantages of Auto Glass Tinting

UV Rays Blockage: Do know that window tinting can stop up to 99% of the harmful UV rays? Ultraviolet rays are the culprits for speeding up the ageing process and causing various skin related issues. A research on skin cancer reveals that a significant percentage of people who suffered from skin cancer had it on the left side of their body, which clearly correlates with the driver’s seat of the car. Especially if you drive for an extended time period, window tinting will provide a valuable line of defense against this risk.

Enhanced Privacy and Security: Rear window tinting will assuredly keep the prying eyes from the valuables inside your vehicle, reducing the likelihoods of smash-and-grab attacks. You don’t have to constantly try to hide your important belongings whenever you park the car so that a thief won’t be tempted to break the glass. Moreover, since tinting is an additional layer on the glass, this will make it more difficult for thieves to smash the windows. Not only will this ensure a safer ride for you and other car occupants, but also mean added peace-of-mind in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe, especially when parked unattended.

Reduced Cracking and Fading: Heat and harsh ultraviolet rays can lead your car upholstery to fade and crack, including discoloured leather and vinyl, and faded dashboards. Acting as a sunscreen for your car, auto glass tinting protects the vehicle’s interior from warping so that your car stays looking like new for longer. All in all, having auto glass tinted professionally will help you protect your investment.

Keeping Cool in Scorching Summers: Many drivers battle with the dilemma of adjusting the appropriate level of air conditioning for the fellow passengers. Based on the grade chosen, auto tinting can obstruct anywhere from 35 to 65% of the heat built up in the vehicle. Not only you’re able to balance comfort and climate for everyone, but also slash the fuel consumption due to the air conditioning overuse. This also means you won’t have to stress about looking for a parking spot in the shades.

Accidents Protection: In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the adhesive in tinting will help hold the shattered glass together, for the most part, thereby shielding the driver and other occupants of the car. The flying glass shards may easily get into the eyes, so tinting windows is worth considering for all car owners.

Moreover, tinting windows is an excellent way to make your vehicle look more stylish and sleeker, thus increasing its appeal and value in the long run.

Various Tint levels

Tinting films for car windows are measured in VLTs (visible light transmission) that are represented through a specific percentage of the visible light that can be transmitted through the windows. Based on how darker the tint should be, there are various tinting methods that you can choose, with careful consideration to certain factors such as the reason for tinting, and permissible VLT levels as per the state laws. Some common levels of tinting are factory tint, OEM tint and film tint.

Looking for a reliable auto glass tinting service in Oakville? Contact or visit Speers Auto Glass to discuss your requirements.

Auto glass mississauga

Make Sure Your Car’s Sunroof is in Tip Top Condition for Summer

Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm summer air seeping through above your head while you drive, and it sure lets in some natural cool air that cannot be compared to the air conditioning. Many newer cars come equipped with a sunroof to impart a luxurious feel and a style of its own. Although, many car owners who own a car with a sunroof don’t maintain it properly. Well, if you are one of those car owners, it’s probably time to do so this summer. With our harsh winters in Canada, we tend to forget that leaving the sunroof inoperative is a bad idea. It could lead to issues that can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair, and finding affordable quotes from mechanics can be a hassle, which can result in weeks or maybe months until you get your sunroof fixed. There are many ways which can prevent you from making that costly trip to your mechanic.

Then, there are those who do own a vehicle with a sunroof, but don’t even care to use it. There are a lot of ways that a sunroof can benefit you, sunroof repair services in Mississauga can make sure your sunroof is in tip top shape this summer so you can experience those benefits.

If you enjoy driving with the windows down, but it’s just too noisy to bear and your hair goes flying everywhere (this applies to both men and women), that is where your sunroof can come in handy. You can continue conversing with your fellow passengers and listen to music peacefully by cracking open your sunroof. Even on a gloomy day, some light beaming through overtop can make your day feel brighter. Some fresh air circulation from the sunroof also creates a natural form of ventilation for your lungs to enjoy. Let’s be honest, the air conditioning cannot make us feel the most comfortable sometimes. On top of all that, if you consider selling your car later down the road, it will add a little more value to your car compared to vehicles that don’t have a sunroof. Overall, having this accessory can be enjoyable during the nice spring and summer months.  

Of course, just like everything else, having a sunroof in your car comes with some strings attached. Running into potential problems is common with vehicles that come with it. Being the most popular automotive accessory to possess, there are three main issues you have the possibility of running into. The power of the sunroof can glitch, especially when it comes with the option of tilting the glass or completely opening it. Secondly, your sunroof can experience some electrical problems with the switches that can possibly burn out. Moreover, your sunroof can develop a water leak or drafts, letting in some unpleasant noises from the wind while you’re driving. If you do have a water leak, that is one of the issues you need to fix as soon as possible before it leads to a bigger issue.

There are certainly ways in which you can maintain this luxurious accessory. Finding ways to prevent problems from occurring can go a long way. If weather is dry, open and close the sunroof at least once a month, even in the winter. Also, make sure that you are regularly cleaning the excessive dirt build-up and grime when you have it open, or when it is time for a car wash – of course, don’t wash it when it’s open! Always look for cracks or jagged edges along the sunroof seal, examine the area around the seal for any pooling of water or mold. If you do experience any sort of issue with your sunroof, take it in to your auto glass experts, they will advise you on the suitable methods to repair the damage. Additionally, if you are unable to clean your sunroof on your own, Speers Auto glass in Mississauga can do so for you. Some of the maintenance services, such as cleaning or various repairs, can be done on-site the same day. Performing regular maintenance is important in preserving its appearance and operational longevity. 

Ensure your sunroof is in immaculate condition for upcoming warm season. Contact our team in Mississauga today to book appointment with one of our specialists.

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How to Protect Your Car’s Windshield Against Bad Weather

In Canada, where the weather is as unpredictable as the stock market, you need to be extra cautious as a driver to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. The very first step in this regard would be to safeguard the windshield or to get it repaired instantly in case it is already cracked or chipped. The importance of having an undamaged windshield cannot be stressed enough, as failure to do so can pose serious safety risks, particularly upon impact with another vehicle.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider auto glass repair in Oakville if your windshield happens to become damaged:

Safety Issues: You probably have come across drivers who insist on driving their vehicle even with chipped glass because the damage is supposedly not so severe. What they fail to realize is that a cracked windshield may shatter or pop out easily in the event of an unexpected collision, putting the lives of people inside the vehicle in grave danger, especially the driver. Therefore, no matter the extent of damage, one should always ensure the windshield is in perfect condition and strive to get it fixed the moment it becomes damaged.

Hindered visibility: Cracks in a windshield can inhibit your vision while driving, leading to an increased risk of collision. Even when you think the cracked glass is not impacting your view, things can change in no time when it reflects the glare of sun during the day.                     

For the reasons aforementioned, it is important to take necessary precautions to protect the windshield, thereby reducing safety related hazards:

Use specialized ice scrapers

Use ice scrapers that have been exclusively built for the purpose of removing ice from the windshield. Scrape the ice horizontally along the glass surface. Do not use a knife or shovel, as you might hit the glass surface underneath accidentally, thus damaging the windshield.

Do not expose the cars glass surface to sudden temperature change

When you are trying to warm up your vehicle, do it slowly, rather than exposing the glass surface to extremely hot temperature too quickly. When you hit a frozen glass surface with hot air, it may crack due to the sudden change in temperature. When you switch on the vehicle’s heating system, direct the vents to the floor or passengers, but not on the windshield directly. Give it some time so that the glass surface warms up gradually.

Monitor windshield washer tank regularly

A clean windshield glass makes it easy for the drivers to spot any cracks that require repair, so keep an eye on the washer tank to ensure it is filled with fluid. This is important mainly in winter season when you will be using it more frequently than usual. In addition, you’ll also want to be assured that the wiper blades are robust enough to wipe away ice and snow smoothly.

Find the best auto glass repair service

Research indicates that when the temperature goes below -100 Celsius or lower, the chips on windshield are likely to spread 80% of the time. And even when the temperature remains at zero, the chips on glass spread 60% of the time and turn into more severe cracks. So, don’t wait and call a reputable auto glass repair service in Oakville to aid you when extreme weather conditions damage your car’s windshield.

Conquer the Canada weather, not the other way around! If you are looking to repair your windshield or auto glass, contact our team in Oakville today!

How Tinted Windows can Benefit you Healthwise

Who doesn’t love a little bit of sun, that warm feeling beaming down on your skin can feel unimaginably amazing. However, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause great harm to the skin when exposed for too long. You don’t necessarily have to be outside for sun exposure, any window that allows light to come in can be subject to allowing UV rays indoors. One of which are the windows of your car. A way to protect yourself while driving is having tinted windows. Your auto glass specialists at Speers Auto glass are experienced in car window tinting in Oakville for many years. We offer window tinting services at affordable prices and our qualified professionals here have done thousands of window tinting jobs. Thus, ensuring that your window tints will come out perfect. Stay safe, make sure you are getting a healthy amount of sun exposure. Find out how window tints are the better option.

Why are Ultraviolet Rays Threatening

Ultraviolet rays, otherwise known as UV rays, are dangerous when exposed for quite some time due to the fact that the rays go deep into the skin. It can cause damage that you can’t immediately see. They break down the supportive structures formed by collagen fibers that keep the skin stable. UV ray damage is cumulative, it is more evident later in life and shows up as wrinkles, sagging, brown spots, broken capillaries and gives the skin unappealing leathery texture. Ultimately, in the worst case scenario, these rays can cause immense harm that unfortunately leads to the development of skin cancer. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays are always present during daylight hours.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tints can provide more privacy and protects your valuables, but has previously mentioned, that tinted filter can also reduce exposure to UV light. Moreover, there are other components in which tinted windows can help besides the protection from UV rays. It can decrease the eye strain, when there is a large portion of light coming in you might not be able to see due to a glare. Tinted windows can help your eyes by blocking or reflecting the light away from your eyes. This will protect you from any eye damage occurring after consistent bright exposure to the eyes.

Besides the health concerns regarding the skin or eyes, there are other ways in which window tinting can benefit you from other hazardous elements. Tinted windows have the ability to reduce heat during the summer months. Too much heat filtering through can cause discomfort, heat stroke or even dehydration due to sweating.

Window tinting can also increase safety, when it is installed an adhesive film is attached to the window. This results in making the window glass stronger and compact if it were to get shattered. Furthermore, tinted windows reduce injuries due to broken glass, because the shattered pieces are held together on the adhesive film.

Professional Installation is the Best Installation

There are various types of window tints you can choose from when you consider your budget and preference with the tint level. You can install window tints on your own, but it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to get the job done because it’s simply not worth the trouble. At Speers Auto Glass, our qualified experts are trained to heat form auto tint to conform to the curved glass and they also know how to protect the electronics that might be concealed behind panels. Don’t risk the dangers of non-tinted windows, get your vehicle’s windows tinted today by our professionals at Speers Auto glass. And don’t forget, tints can also give a luxurious touch to your car!

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