Need a Windshield Replacement? Here’s What You Need to Know Beforehand!

We can’t sugar coat it – any damage to your vehicle, minor or major is incredibly stressful. Figuring out how to fix the issue, where to fix it, the time it takes to fix, and the overall cost add up to a less than ideal situation. Whether a motor vehicle accident or an unfavourable parking spot, windshields are susceptible to damage considering where they are placed and their strength when compared to the outer steel/metal frames of vehicles. While small chips and cracks only require a minor repair, some damage requires a full windshield replacement.


Prior to getting your windshield replaced, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get exactly what you require. Our Mississauga auto shop knows all too well about the considerations prior to getting your windshield replaced. So what exactly do you need to know?


Do you actually need a full replacement?


The need for a replacement depends on the state of your windshield at the time. Some individuals obtain minor damage to their windshield and inquire about a full replacement. Minor damage can often be repaired; a service significantly cheaper and less time-consuming than a full windshield replacement. The mechanic will determine whether or not a full replacement is required based on the state of the windshield as a whole. 


The mechanic may recommend a full replacement if;


  • The damage exceeds what they are able to just repair
  • The auto glass is scratched enough to obstruct the view of the driver
  • A large portion of the auto glass is shattered or missing
  • The auto glass is warped, causing a disoriented perception for the driver
  • The auto glass has thinned or is worn out


Does my insurance cover the cost of my windshield replacement?


Let’s face it, no one LIKES paying for repairs to their vehicle. Sure, we want our vehicles in pristine condition, but forking over the money to have it that way is a task in and of itself. Fortunately, auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario and many policies do have some type of auto glass coverage. If the damage was a result of a motor vehicle damage, your insurance may also cover the cost either under a no-fault or at-fault claim. It’s important to check with your insurance policy prior to going in for a windshield replacement to see if you have sufficient or any coverage in terms of the cost. 


Can I drive right away after the replacement if complete?

It all comes down to the materials used, more specifically, the adhesive. This takes time to dry and it’s not recommended to drive away when the adhesive is not fully dry. Doing so could cause the new auto glass to come off the frame. Typically, the drying process resides at around an hour, however, some can take 24 hours to drive. However, most can drop off their car and receive it back, good as new, the same day. 


What can I do to prevent a full windshield replacement?


While some instances are inevitable, there are things you can do to decrease the likelihood of having to do a full windshield replacement, including;


  • Being aware of what you utilize to clean your windshield. Some cleaners can actually pose damage. Overwashing can also be detrimental, so only wash when necessary. 
  • Parking – parking under trees, in construction zones, high traffic areas, for example, can be hazardous to your vehicle. Debris can hit the windshield causing damage.
  • Reducing the time your vehicle stays outside in extreme weather. Frequent sun exposure can warp the glass, damaging it over time. On the other hand, snow and ice can also pose damage, and cleaning it off could cause chips or cracks if you aren’t careful.
  • Getting minor damage dealt with right away. Driving around with minor damage is never a good idea. Even if the damage poses no threat to your vision, it’s better to get it dealt with before it becomes a big issue.


Prior to getting your windshield replaced, it’s important to ask about the entire process as well as information about the auto shop including; who will be doing the service, the certifications of the shop/individual, and what should happen in the event the service does not comply with standards. It’s also important to ask about after care to ensure you keep your fresh, new windshield well kept.


Does your windshield require a full replacement? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Contact us today for your FREE quote!


Smart Windshield: The Tech Worlds Hopeful Leap Into A Safer Commute

It’s hard to go a day without hearing the word smart interjected in front of an item. From smartphones to smart homes, it seems as if every entity is becoming, well, smart! Vehicles are certainly no outlier in this smart world. Nowadays, vehicles are equipt with hoards of technology; infotainment systems, auto brake, park assist, assisted lane change, and the list goes on. What’s under the hood is also going smart, with some automakers adapting smart drive train technology to keep drivers safe in any condition. What other parts of a vehicle can possibly go “smart”?


Smart windshields. Not many people would think that a vehicles auto glass could go “smart”, but tech and auto companies are merging together to make this concept a feature used by the everyday driver. While not something out Burlington auto glass shop currently carries, should it make its way around the industry, we will surely grab a piece of smart glass technology!


What are smart windshields and what do they do?


Smart windshields display information that would normally be displayed on your infotainment system and beyond. They work to transform your driving experience and outline things such as; road signs, upcoming closures/traffic, the potential for collision, navigational arrows, etc. They can take over commands that your infotainment system or dashboard would typically display including;


  • Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Incoming texts/calls
  • Bluetooth commands
  • Audio
  • Warnings/maintenance requirements


There are a few automakers and third-party product creators that have created small devices that would project such information onto your windshield. These typically reside on the dash behind the steering wheel in plain sight for the driver. However, these devices and the ones implemented in some vehicles currently take up only a small portion of the windshield and work as a projection.


How can smart windshields make a vehicle safer?


It’s no secret that a majority of us utilize some type of tech within our vehicle while driving (it’s important to note texting and driving is illegal and should never be done). Some actions we do may seem harmless, albeit any distraction is a distraction. Changing the song on your infotainment system, glancing sideways over at the map, looking at whose calling prior to answering – these are all seemingly harmless actions that could have detrimental consequences. Although smart windshields are just another piece of tech, it all comes down to the placement. When it comes to infotainment systems or any other device, we are left looking away from the road when checking them, making adjustments, or doing just about any action. Even looking at our speedometer keeps our eyes off the road for a split second. While some tech devices in vehicles are set in place to rid the temptation to utilize one’s phone, their placement can still pose a distraction.


Smart windshields aim to place any necessary or even potentially distraction information in front of the driver as opposed to around them. The displays sit behind the steering wheel at eye-level so the driver can view such information without having to look down or to the side. Tech companies hope that this will aid drivers in driving safer simply because it allows them to do what they do while keeping their eyes locked on the road. No more glancing down at your phone or tilting your head to view your infotainment system!


What are the downsides of smart windshields?


A distraction is a distraction, no matter what. While the placement of the information you want or need is such that it doesn’t cause you to look away from the road, it can still act as a distraction when not utilized correctly. For example, displaying texts, changing songs, viewing maps – while your eyes may still be on the road, they are still not 100% fixated on it. Drivers may get distracted by what’s in front of them which could still be grounds for detrimental consequences. 


Another factor tech companies and automakers worry about is the potential for hackers. As tech advances and more features become implemented, there is more room for hackers to get their way. How can hackers pose a threat to a smart windshield? They can hack into the system and display overwhelming information and potentially compromise the view of the driver. However, this concern is not as prevalent as the distraction component – tech companies tend to have very secured networks and when it comes to safety, they will most likely double down.


Would a smart windshield be compromised if the physical windshield itself is damaged?


While still in the early phases, tech companies and automakers are working out all the kinks when it comes to optimizing smart windshields prior to releasing them to the public. While a chipped, cracked, or warped windshield won’t impact the technology itself, it can impact the safety of the driver. In relevance to smart windshields, any damage could warp information displayed causing it to be poorly placed and hazardous. Any damage to a windshield should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage as well as avoid any dangerous situations for the driver.


As the world evolves and becomes more tech-centric, items most wouldn’t deem “techable” such as auto glass are breaking norms. Tech moguls are finding new and innovative ways to make the world a little smarter every day. When it comes to smart windshields, there are positives and negatives, however, over time, these tech companies and automakers aim to make driving as safe as possible for drivers and those around them.


Before making the move to smart, make sure your windshield is in tip-top shape! Contact us today for a free repair or replacement quote!


Common Sunroof Issues You Need to Be On the Lookout For!

After months of uncertainty, the hot weather is finally upon us. Many of us are itching to get out and into the sun as its rays beam down in full effect. For motorists, they are enthralled by the ability to finally roll down the windows and open the sunroof; taking in the warm summer air. Sunroofs across the country have been out of service for quite some time due to the cold weather and influx of snow, rain, and hail over the past several months. With that being said, it’s important to make sure your sunroof is in full working order before taking full advantage of it. Notice anything wrong with your sunroof? Our Mississauga based shop offers sunroof repair to help enjoy the wide open air in no time!


What are some common issues to look out for when it comes to your sunroof?


Leaky roof


When rain comes down, motorists are often grateful at the fact that they have full protection from the torrential downpour. With windows and the sunroof up and closed, it’s easy to feel invincible against wet conditions. However, your sunroof could cause some of that rainfall to come into your vehicle. Your sunroof contains a well that collects water. The water then navigates through drains and onto the ground, allowing water to only hit the surface of your vehicle and not slip through any cracks. However, this drains can become clogged and when that does happen, there is no way for the water to exit the well of the sunroof.


Although this may not cause an issue after a light rainfall, heavy rain conditions or constant rainy days can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior. The water build up will enter your vehicle as it has no way to disperse to the ground. Typically, this accumulation of water will sit atop your vehicle and disperse into the front of the cabin, potentially leaving you in a very wet situation. It’s important to ensure all drains are free from any build up or clogs.


Broken glass


Hail and ice were prevalent for quite some time over the past several months. These tiny, but fierce elements can cause some serious damage to a vehicle’s sunroof. Depending on the size and force of the pellets, some can cause cracks, scratches, and chips to a sunroof. If not dealt with, these small issues could turn into something much larger. Small fragments of glass can also get lodged into mechanical portions of the sunroof causing it to not function properly.


Minor damage can easily be repaired but should be done so as soon as possible to avoid a costly replacement or any potential safety hazard. Before cracking open the sunroof this summer, give it a quick inspection and ensure it is free of any chips, cracks, or scratches.


Mechanical Issues


Sometimes sunroof malfunctions are beyond what we can control. Dead motors, broken switches, damaged wires, or blown fuses could be grounds for sunroofs not functioning properly. In these instances, the sunroof may only open half way or not open/respond at all. If these issues do arise, the fix can be a little more complex as it comes down to the interior well-being of your vehicle. If your sunroof fails to function, even in the slightest bit, it’s important to get it looked at by a certified mechanic who can identify the issue and help you resolve it in a timely manner.


Sticky roofs


Sometimes sunroofs are rendered inoperable due to exterior issues. If your sunroof isn’t fully functioning and any internal issues have been ruled out, it may come down to the tracks the sunroof lays on. These tracks are what push the sunroof up and prop it back down. If these tracks become sticky, it can cause compromised function of your sunroof. If this is determined to be the issue, silicone grease is typically utilized to lubricate the tracks and bring the apparatus back to normal working order.


Tips for maintaining your sunroof


Even in the months when your sunroof is deemed out of order, it is important to keep check of it, like any other part of your vehicle. This can help you pinpoint any defects and get help asap if required.


Doing the following can help increase the longevity of your sunroof and avoid larger issues down the road;


  • Doing a simple external look – check to make sure your sunroof is free of any cracks, chips, or scratches
  • Regular car washes – car washes can help get rid of any build up that may be residing in the cavities of your sunroof
  • Opening the sunroof from time to time – even in the colder months, operate your sunroof from time to time to ensure it is properly functioning
  • If you notice any damage, bring your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible


Need to get your sunroof in tip-top shape for the summer? Contact us today for sunroof repairs or replacements!


Where You Park Can Have an Impact On Your Auto Glass!

We often hear the phrase privilege, not a right. The ability to obtain a drivers license is based on one’s ability to, well, drive! From new drivers to experienced drivers, we all like to take caution when it comes to the way we drive. Whether on the highway or on a congested downtown street, we practice safe driving every chance we get. Safe driving not only aids in keeping you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers safe, it helps maintain the overall well-being of your vehicle as well.


One particular practice that contributes to damaged auto glass that we often do not think about is parking. Parking is seemingly the safest practice when it comes to driving and with your vehicle being out of motion, many ask, “how can parking actually cause damage?”


It doesn’t necessarily come down to the parking abilities of the individual, but rather, the surroundings of where they choose to park. If your auto glass has been damaged in any way due to parking hazards, our Burlington shop can help you get it back to tip-top shape. With that being said, what are some parking hazards that could cause damage to your vehicles auto glass?


Trees, leaves, and branches


Often times, we park under trees to avoid damage from weather elements such as snow, hail, and sun. Ironically enough, trees can actually cause significant damage to your auto glass as well. In harsh winds, for example, branches can be torn off of trees and land directly on your windshield. Even small branches can cause scratches and chips that, if not dealt with right away, could grow into larger damage. While trees can provide shade from the sun, preventing your vehicle from overheating, they can pose damage on days where the weather isn’t so favourable.


How to avoid damage when parking under trees: Avoid parking under or around trees when the weather is less favourable. For example, high winds, lightning, hail, or any other weather condition that can cause the structure of a tree and it’s attached branches to become compromised.


Construction sites


Parking near construction sites is not a good idea, however, in congested cities or places where parking is limited, it may be your only option some days. Construction sites are home to a plethora of debris, heavy objects, and tools. Although the workers on site are equipt with protective gear, your vehicle isn’t, ergo should anything from the construction site come into contact with your auto glass, it could cause damage. Falling heavy objects from construction sites is rare, although it is a concern. The most common concern when it comes to parking around a construction site is the amount of debris. Unlike tools, machinery, objects, and materials, debris isn’t controlled, ergo, it’s easier for it to fall outside of the construction site premises. Debris can come in the form of small rocks, sand, and leftover bits of materials which, when in contact with auto glass, can cause scratches and chips. Often times, people will utilize their wipers to remove debris, however, doing so can cause the debris to move and scratch across the surface. If possible, it’s best to avoid parking near any construction sites.


How to avoid damage when parking around construction sites: When parking around construction sites, try to keep your car as far away as possible. If you cannot do so, consider investing in an external windshield cover as the windshield typically sees the majority of the damage when it comes to construction sites.


Extreme heat and beaming sun rays


The summer months are upon us and while we are free from the snow, hail, and ice, for now, there are some elements of summer that can actually cause harm to auto glass as well. Extremely hot days where the sun is at its peak can wreak havoc on vehicles parked outdoors within its path. How so? The suns powerful rays can warp glass over time. If your vehicle is consistently parked outdoors, exposed to the sun, the glass can begin to warp and weaken which may require a full replacement down the road. In more extreme cases, the suns reaction with objects inside the vehicle can also be damaging to the glass. Aerosol cans (paint cans, spray deodorant, etc), when exposed to extreme heat, can explode and fragments of the can may chip, scratch, or shatter your auto glass. Although not as harsh as the winter elements, the sun can pose a threat to your auto glass.


How to avoid damage when parking in extreme heat: Consider parking indoors/underground if you have the option. If not, limit the time your vehicle sits outside in the blazing sun. Parking around tall buildings that provide shade is a great option if you cannot park indoors or underground. It’s also important to ensure any aerosol cans or similar items are out of view of the sun. These items should be stored in the trunk to avoid overheating.


While we like to take precaution while our vehicle is in motion, it’s also important to note measurements taken when our vehicle is simply parked. Where you park and what surrounds you can have an impact on the wellbeing of your auto glass. Next time you park your vehicle, take a quick look around. If the parking area seems hazardous, it’s best to find another parking space.


Has your vehicle’s auto glass suffered damage even when it wasn’t in motion? Not to worry, we can help! Contact us today for a FREE quote!


Are You Doing More Harm than Good to Your Auto Glass?

Owning a vehicle requires a high level of commitment and care. From keeping it clean year-round to ensuring it meets the necessary safety requirements for each season we face here in Canada, a lot goes into owning a car and expanding its longevity. Of course, we want to ensure our vehicles can stand the test of time and last us for years on end, ergo, it’s important to care for EVERY aspect. Auto glass plays an integral role in the overall safety of our vehicle, thus, we want to ensure we take good care of it. While most of us do follow the required procedures for maintaining a vehicles auto glass, some may be doing more harm than good.


Here are a few ways car owners may be damaging their own auto glass and how to avoid doing so in order to avoid a simple repair turning into a full auto glass or windshield replacement.


Letting small manners slip through the cracks


Small pebbles or debris can cause minor damage to a vehicles auto glass, specifically the windshield which sees the brunt of the damage compared to any other portion of glass. These factors can cause cracks or chips that many people brush off. Over time, however, other factors, such as heat, cold air, or other debris hitting the glass can cause the initial damage to grow. What once started as a small issue, requiring a simple repair could potentially turn into a costly full replacement. If there is any damage to your auto glass, big or small, it’s imperative that you take it in to get repaired right away to avoid larger damage down the road.


Using the wrong cleaning products


Cleaning your auto glass seems like a harmless and albeit, necessary thing to do in regards to maintenance. Dirt can easily accumulate on the glass and can limit or hinder one’s view, which in turn, can be dangerous. If your auto glass regularly accumulates dirt, you will most likely opt to just clean it on its own as opposed to taking frequent trips to the car wash. It’s important to take note of WHAT products you are using. Some products can cause more harm than good. In fact, some glass cleaning products can actually ruin the coating causing the glass to weaken over time.


To avoid the weakening and clouding of your auto glass, make sure you purchase products that work to prevent this from happening. If possible, also avoid frequently cleaning your auto glass. Even with the proper products being utilized, over cleaning can also lead to damage.


Aerosol cans and hot weather


While not many of us are consistently leaving aerosol cans in our vehicles, it can happen. Cleaners, hairspray, deodorant, spray paint, etc are all examples of aerosol products that could potentially cause damage to your vehicles auto glass. When exposed to high levels of heat over a period of time, these cans can explode and fragments can hit the auto glass, causing extensive damage. Cans that can explode when exposed to high temperatures come with a warning on the label, ergo, ensure you pay close attention to that. If you must keep these items in your vehicle, ensure they are kept in a space that sees minimal light, such as the trunk. This will allow you to keep the item in close proximity whilst simultaneously avoiding the repercussions that could arise should the product be in the path of direct sunlight.


Worn out wiper blades


This only impacts the windshield, not other surrounding portions of glass, however, the windshield plays one of the most integral roles in overall safety. Wiper blades are commonly used to wipe away debris, clean your windshield, and in weather that can impair the vision of a driver. Needless to say, most people utilize their wipers frequently. Over time, the surface of wiper blades wears away and as the protective layer thins, the hard material underneath becomes exposed. The friction between a hard material, such as plastic, and glass can cause scratches and cracks to your windshield.


Although your wiper blades may be in working condition, it is important to change them every few months to ensure no hard material comes into contact with your windshield.


We weary of where you park


Most of us don’t consider the damage to a vehicle when parking which is understandable. Ultimately, most of us go for the most convenient parking space or in some cases, whatever space is left that we can snag. If you have wiggle room when it comes to where you park, avoid the following;


  • Parking directly under trees. Leaves, branches/twigs, or potentially fruit/nuts can fall from the trees onto your vehicle, potentially causing damage.
  • Places with prevalent bird presence. Bird droppings are high in uric acid which can damage your auto glass over time.
  • Construction zones. Avoid areas that are grounds for potential dirt and debris falling.


When it comes to maintaining our auto glass, it’s important to know only know what to do, but also know what NOT to do. This can help you increase the lifespan of your auto glass and avoid the need for replacements down the road.


Don’t let small damage turn into something larger. If you see any damage to your auto glass, contact our Hamilton professionals today and we can help you out!


Don’t Let A Small Chip Cost You an Arm and A Leg Down the Road!

The days of snow and sleet are behind us (at least, we hope they are) and with that warmer weather is on its way. This means it’s time to get your car summer ready. Beyond the aesthetic aspects of this, there are a few functionality and safety aspects to take care of. Although the harsh winter elements are a thing of the past, for now, they may have left behind some damage to your vehicle that requires repairs.


A vehicles windshield sees the brunt of the action. Everything from hail to large portions of ice wreaks havoc on your windshield throughout the winter months. For those who live in areas where these elements are minute or simply those who don’t drive frequently, the elements of winter may not have had a large impact on them. For those who have been in the eye of some harsh winter weather and those who drive often, however, they may not be so lucky. If your vehicle’s windshield has suffered damage, whether a small chip or a large crack, it’s important to take it in for a windshield repair to avoid any further issues down the road!


Why should I get my windshield repaired if the damage is small?


Maintaining a vehicle can be pricey, hence why some people will avoid repairs to any minor damage for a period of time. For minor repairs that don’t impact safety and functionality such as a small dent on the hood or a chip in the paint, driving around for months thereafter most likely won’t cause any issues. When it comes to your windshield, however, a small chip can turn into something more significant.


The windshield plays an integral role in the overall safety of the vehicle. It protects the driver and passengers from dust and debris, creating a barrier between the two. On the topic of barriers, the windshield protects from more than just dust and debris. The windshield protects those in the vehicle from being the first point of content should anything hit the vehicle or come into its path. A well-maintained windshield can withstand a significant amount of impact, however, the strength of the glass may become compromised if there is any damage to it. Because the glass is weak where the area of the chip or crack resides, it’s more susceptible to breaking.


Another factor that could turn a small chip into a larger issue is the sun. The heat waves that radiate from the sun can actually do a number on a damaged windshield. If you leave your car outdoors for long periods of time during the hotter months, the sun can actually morph the glass. If the glass is damaged, it could further enlargen said damage.


All in all, there are plenty of factors that can take your windshields damage from a small chip, requiring a simple repair, to an unfixable crack, requiring a full windshield replacement. It’s important to note that even if the damage is small, it could worsen if left untreated and doing so can cost more money in the long run. If you notice any damage to your windshield, bring it into the shop right away!


Have you noticed any damage to your vehicles auto glass? We can help! Visit or call our Mississauga shop for all your repair needs at a great price!


Windshield Replacement Need to Knows


As a driver on the road, understanding the implications of getting any accidents or injuries to your vehicle fixed is important. There are many routines that need to be completed, everything from replacing your season-based tires to changing the oil. When accidents happen, getting a crack in your windshield is a common issue. Thus, understanding the process and pricing of a windshield replacement will be helpful.


The warmer months are approach and although there are usually less potential injuries on the road, there are still chances for the auto glass of your vehicle to require a replacement or repair. Whether this is small cracks when passing by a hectic construction site or heavy rain weather affecting the durability of the glass, taking care of it is vital to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


Learn more about windshield replacements, why they are important, and the process behind it.


Why are windshield replacements important?


Ensuring that your vehicle has top quality auto glass and windshield replacements is crucial to ensure that you are safe when driving your vehicle. Your auto glass is never supposed to have any cracks, whether big or small. Smaller tears can expand quickly, resulting in bigger problems trickling out afterward.


These cracks not only create unorthodox direct air flow but it also results in increased danger for passengers and yourself as the auto glass in your car also doubles as a safety net for your airbags to safely deploy. In case that your vehicle does get into an accident, if there are broken pieces of auto glass, they may not activate properly or the glass could pierce the airbag as it is deploying. As these are important pieces of ensuring that the accident is less dangerous, not having a stable windshield will contribute to making it a worse situation. It also doubles as a function of the structural strength in your car. When accidents happen, the windshield doubles as a reinforcement for the roof so that it does not collapse while ensuring that you do not get thrown from the vehicle.


Beyond that, windshield cracks simply obstruct the view of the driver. Whether it be a small or big crack, it can compromise your seeing which is a danger to you and others on the road. Lastly, it is a traffic violation which implies that you can be cited and potentially charged if caught driving without getting it fixed.


How long should I wait to get my windshield replaced?


If you notice that there is damage to your windshield, you should not wait or hesitate to get it replaced. Ensure that once you notice any damages or cracks, that you head over to an auto glass shop for them to replace or repair. If the damage is significant and completely obstructs your view, it is important that you call the auto glass shop to ask them for advice and/or get your car towed to a shop instead of driving there yourself. Place your safety as a priority and take the most efficient steps to get it fixed.


What is the replacement process?


Once you bring your vehicle into an auto glass shop, they assess it for factors such as how intense the crack is, the significance of it, how widespread, etc. Once they are able to determine the spread of the issue, they will let you know whether you require a repair or a replacement. Since auto glass, and specifically your windshield, is one piece, any major damages that cannot be repaired will require the whole glass frame to be replaced. Knowing this ahead of time will prepare you for how extensive and long the duration will be.


How much does it cost to repair or replace a car windshield?


Pending on whether it is a repair or a replacement that you require, the prices will fluctuate. At Speers Mississauga, free quotes are available so that you are able to estimate and predict prior to going to the auto glass shop. Due to the history of Speers’ and the multiple locations associated, the best prices are offered. Windshield replacement and repair prices start as low as $175 including all labour, clean-up, seals, and lifetime warranty on all of their work. This guarantees that you get quality service for your money and warranty so that any issues can be fixed of charge.


How long should I wait to drive my car after a windshield replacement?


On average, an hour after your windshield replacement is enough for your vehicle to be safe for you to drive. For side windows or general repairs, you are usually able to drive your car immediately. If your car requires special attention or a longer duration of a wait, your auto glass technician will let you know.


Auto glass of a vehicle does more than act as a window which is why there is heavy importance on protecting your vehicle and getting it repaired, should there be any problems.

If you are someone who is in these situations and requires an auto glass technician to do any repairs or replacements, contact our Mississauga team so that we can get you a quick and affordable quote today!


Window Tinting: More Than Just A Cool Upgrade!

More and more people are opting for window tinting when it comes to their vehicles auto glass. Next time you take a drive, look around and see how many people have their windows tinted. Whilst some may think that window tinting is purely an aesthetic feature geared towards making one’s vehicle look “cool”, it actually poses a ton of benefits to your vehicle and those inside it. Our Oakville shop sees many people inquiring about window tinting and for good reason.


Curious to see how window tinting can benefit you? Read on!


Reduce Internalized Heating


Have you ever sat in your car on a hot summers day assuming it’s just as hot outside, only to get out and realize there is a crisp, cool feeling in the air?  Our vehicles are a magnet for sun rays and because of this, they can reach temperatures beyond those outdoors. Tinted windows can significantly reduce the access heat being admitted from the sun. This can aid in overall vehicle temperature control and contribute to the comfort of you and your passengers.


This can also aid in the reduction of consumption of your vehicles air conditioning system. Because tinted windows block out a significant amount of heat from the sun, the inside remains at a modest temperature. This can help you cut back on the use of your A/C in the long run and can help resolve those dilemmas of finding JUST the right amount of A/C.


Block out those strong UV Rays


On the topic of blocking things out, tinted windows can also block up to 99% of UV rays emitted from the sun. These rays can be detrimental to the skin if you are exposed to them consistently over a period of time. In fact, a slightly larger portion of lasting effects caused by UV rays are seen on the left side of the body – the side the driver is most exposed to the sun. Window tinting does a great job at vastly decreasing one’s exposure to these harmful rays. If you do copious amounts of driving, it’s important to consider factors, such as your skin, that most people skim right over.


The sun vs. your vehicle’s interior


We don’t want to call out the sun too much. As much as we love and need it, it can wreak havoc on our vehicles. If you do a lot of driving or if you park your car outside for extended periods of time throughout the day, the sun can slowly be doing damage to your vehicle’s interior. Harsh sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of interior upholstery and cracking of fabrics such as vinyl or leather. Because window tinting blocks out a majority of the suns rays, it can help prologue the interior of your vehicle and help you keep the illusion of a brand new car years down the road.

Security and Privacy


This is the most prominent reasoning behind why a majority of people get their windows tinting. Tinted windows obstruct the view of passing motorists or pedestrians, which is a plus for the security of your belonging. For example, if you park your car in a busy lot and potential thieves so happen to be there, they will not be able to fully see into your vehicle, ergo, they will not know if you have anything of value in it. Because of this, they are more than likely to leave your vehicle alone and your belongings remain safe.


Tinted windows also give off a sense of privacy. If you aren’t a fan of people peering into your vehicle, you have every right to change that. Tinted windows can help you combat nosy neighbours who want to sneak a peak in your ride!


Let’s talk legality. Is window tinting ACTUALLY legal?


A major stipulation people have with window tinting revolves around the legality. A lot of people assume tinting is illegal, when in fact, it is 100% legal to tint your windows, provided you are following the correct guidelines. In Ontario, there are a few rules you must adhere to when it comes to window tinting to ensure you are doing so legally.


  • Windshields are not permitted for tinting
  • No limit for tinting in rear window
  • Tinting the side windows is permitted as long as no more than 30% of light is blocked


Albeit, there are instances where tinting grades can be lower. Limos, for example, have a grade of 5%, meaning only 5% of light is allowed into the vehicle. The 30% put in place for side windows is to ensure maximum safety for everyday drivers.


It’s also important to note that coloured tints and/or anything that obstructs the driver’s views in any necessary plain of sight is NOT permitted. Prior to making a choice on your tint grade, it is important to view samples to ensure the grade you get is suitable for your individual needs.


All in all, window tinting provides copious benefits, beyond just aesthetic appeal. From blocking out harmful UV rays to keeping the belongings in your vehicle out of sight, window tinting can help put your mind at ease.


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Windshields 101: How to Protect Yours from Mother Nature!

During the cold winter season, it is common to have accidents or damages from weather that results in needing a windshield repair which can become costly. Your vehicle’s auto glass is important, not only because its part of the frame of the car, but it also provides a level of protection and safety for drivers and passengers. Thus, when the auto glass is damaged, it is hazardous to those in the vehicle.


Going into the warmer months, we want to ensure that you take all preventive measures so that you are not in that position to require a replacement or repair. As you begin to get your tires changes and your summer vehicle essentials added on, ensure that you get your auto glass checked as well so that you are able to drive safely in the spring season.


Keep reading to learn more about how you can avoid needing a windshield repair:  


Debris and Flying Rocks


Construction sites and nature paths are common sources of debris. There is constantly work being done in construction sites, resulting in potential falling debris or unstable objects. With nature paths, there are many pebbles and rocks that can fly up to your windshield when driving by. By not parking your vehicle in those areas, you are taking precautionary measures to protect your auto glass. Even small cracks from these issues can contribute to bigger problems, resulting in potential repairs to be done. Thus, being cautious around those areas will be beneficial to


Weather Changes


As we are still in the winter season, the weather will still remain windy which implies that additional debris will be picked up that can damage the auto glass. If there are extreme weather warnings near the end of the season, ensure that you do your best to not be driving on the roads as that can pose additional concerns.


Once the spring season is among us, weather conditions go from cold and stormy to brisk and rainy. Heavy rain may occur which can become quite harmful to your vehicle’s auto glass if it becomes severe. Thus, these extreme weather conditions should be avoided as well.


General External Factors


When you are driving, ensure that your focus is on the road, your side mirrors, and the cars around you as these factors are imperative for your safety.. Pending on where you park and where you are driving, you may be driving into hazardous areas for your auto glass. For example, many trails include animal crossings which means that there is potential wildlife that will run out. In history, many cars have unexpectedly run into wildlife, harming their livelihood and damaging windshields. Another factor is where you decide to park because certain areas are safer than others. If there are potholes, they may cause small issues as debris can fly out, contributing to large cracks in your windshield.


Why is it Important to Protect your Windshield?


As mentioned earlier, your vehicle’s auto glass and windshield go beyond just being a glass barrier for the car but acts as a secure base for safety purposes. The structural integrity of your vehicle’s structural build is important which means that the windshield and auto glass cannot have any cracks or issues.


The auto glass also contains a resin sheet that stabilizes the entire piece of glass so that if the windshield is damaged, the shards of glass would not go flying. A small crack can damage your windshield to a certain extent and any additional impacts would shatter the glass. Thus, any sized cracks need to be repaired as soon as possible.


Lastly, it acts as a field of vision for your vehicle and any type of damages would create an obstruction to view certain angles. This is important as you need to be able to see in order to drive carefully, which is why repairing is crucial.  



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Sunroof Season is Fast Approaching and Installation is a Breeze!

The winter weather is veering its end and as the seasons’ change and the weather begins to warm up, many are thinking about the summer embellishments they wish to add to their vehicle. The switch from winter tires back to all-seasons is a key indicator that warm weather and clear roads are near, and thus, many consider other changes to their vehicle. One thing that many people look forward to come the spring/summer months is the ability to open their sunroof and coast away with the natural breeze upon them. Although sunroofs provide an aesthetic appeal to a vehicle, they boast many benefits as well. Many new vehicles come with a sunroof, however, if your current vehicle does not have one, the installation of a sunroof can easily be done.


What is the purpose of a sunroof in cars?


Sunroofs come with a multitude of benefits; from aesthetic appeal to functionality. In regards to aesthetics, sunroofs give off the illusion of a bigger interior – the more natural light entering the vehicle, the most you can see. If you or your passengers feel cramped from time to time in your vehicle, the sunroof can aid in creating an illusive interior. A sunroof can also give the vehicle in its entirety an enhanced look – not just on the inside!


In regards to functionality, sunroofs bring in a good amount of natural air into your vehicle. When coasting down the road, the natural air creates a cooling effect. Many people utilize their sunroof in replacement of their vehicles air conditioning; preserving the battery and fuel economy of the vehicle.


How much does it cost to install a sunroof?


The cost of installation depends on the year, make, and model of a vehicle. Some vehicles require extra effort when installing sunroofs due to their design, whilst others are quite simple. Installing a sunroof can run you anywhere from $500-$2,00, respectively, depending on your vehicle and the intricacy needed for installation. The type of roof you would like will also determine the final cost. Many people are choosing moonroofs which are typically larger and require a different installation process. Due to the potential increase in size and variation of installation, these will run you a bit more; $1,000-$2,000, respectively.


It’s also important to note that installing a sunroof can actually aid in increasing your vehicles overall value should you choose to sell it down the road. A sunroof is considered a luxury feature for a vehicle, thus, people will spend more on a vehicle already possessing one.


What is the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof?

Prior to making your decision to have a sunroof installed in your vehicle, it is important to research which type you would like. A moonroof is a type of sunroof, however, it boasts different characteristics than a standard sunroof.


A standard sunroof is typically a smaller, body-coloured panel that can be manually or automatically adjusted. The panel can also be removed if desired.


A moonroof possesses a sliding, tinted glass panel that can be adjusted manually or automatically, but not removed completely.


A panoramic moonroof is made the same way a typical moonroof is but covers a larger portion of the vehicles interior cabin. The panel over the front two seats will slide open, however, the rear stays fixed.


How long does it take to install a sunroof?


Similar to pricing, the duration of the installation process depends on the vehicle. The more intricate a vehicle’s roof is, the longer the process. The type of sunroof is also a factor in determining the time spent on installation. Panoramic moonroofs tend to take longer than standard sunroofs, for example. Typically, the standard installation process falls between 60-90 minutes.


How much does it cost to replace sunroof glass?


If your car already has a sunroof but there is damage to it, it’s imperative you get it repaired. A damaged sunroof can be a safety hazard and functions may be limited. The cost of repair depends on the extent of the damage to the glass. If the damage is no more than a small chip, a simple repair would be done, typically priced around $100-$200, respectively. If the damage is significant, however, the entire glass panel may need to be replaced. A replacement typically costs $300-$1,000, respectively. A final cost cannot be determined until the damage is looked at, ergo, it’s important to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible if you notice any damage to your sunroof so we can price it accordingly and repair/replace it!


With the warmer weather fast approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to get a sunroof installed in your ride so you can enjoy the nice, warm breeze the hot months have to offer. Contact us today for your sunroof needs!