Windshield Repair or Replacement - FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions About Windshield Repair - Answered


Well, it happens to the best of us – driving down the highway, the sun is shining, the music is blaring, and then all of a sudden, a rock hits your windshield, causing an instant chip or crack. Once the initial panic wanes, you’re left with so many questions.

Here, we have attempted to answer some of most common questions on windshield repair that riddle drivers when faced with such situations:

1. Can repair make my windshield look like new again, with no blemishes?
It really depends on the expertise of repair technician you’re consulting for the job. Windshield repair often involves the injection of a clear structural adhesive into the outer layer of damaged area of windshield. When it is completely filled, the technician cures the resin by exposing it to special ultraviolet light. The entire procedure can take 10-15 minutes and you can drive off the car immediately afterwards. If the repair is properly done by a professional technician, it can restore the original strength and clarity of windshield permanently, without any visual distortion.

2. Will a small windshield chip always lead to a big crack?
If not repaired immediately after the glass chips, there are high chances that the windshield will crack sooner or later. There are also instances where even after the repair work, the chip continued to extend to the outer edge of glass, compromising the overall structural integrity of windshield, because the repair work was not done properly. So, it’s extremely important to look for professional windshield repair professionals who have built up a reputation for providing good results and are recommended by those who have used their services in the past.

3. What are common types of windshield damages to look out for?
It’s good to learn about different types of windshield cracks so that you can take the correct measure while assessing the extent of damage.
* Chips: They are small grooves or notches in the glass. Usually they don’t continue through the glass completely.
* Cracks: These are straight or curved lines that spread across the windshield. Cracks can exist on just one side of the windshield.
* Bulls Eyes: As the name suggests, they are circular fractures or cracks, giving an appearance of concentric circles.
* Star Breaks: These kinds of cracks extend beyond the central point of damage. In appearance, they feature a center point with small radiating cracks.

4. How dangerous it is to drive a car with cracked windshield?
Windshield is your first line of protection in case of collision, and when it happens to be damaged even slightly, it is less likely to hold in the event of collision, putting the life of driver and passengers in grave risk.  That’s why many inspection facilities don’t pass vehicles having a windshield with cracks over a particular size or area. This is important to ensure the correct visibility and improve drivers’ safety.

5. When should I go for windshield replacement instead of repair work?
If it’s a tiny crack, repair would make more economical sense, however if it’s too large to be repaired, it’s better to take the vehicle to an auto glass replacement agency and get the windshield replaced.

You can go for repair if:
* The crack is fresh.
* The chip is small and circular.
* The chip is shorter in length than a $5 bill, and smaller in diameter than a quarter.

You should go for windshield replacement when:
* The length and diameter of crack exceeds the limits mentioned above.
* The chip comes directly in the driver’s sightline.
* The glass has multiple cracks, most of them penetrating the inner layer.
* The crack is over a radio antenna or heating element.
* The cracks extend to the edges of windshield.

6. Will the cost of repairing a windshield be covered under the insurance?
In case you have a comprehensive auto insurance that includes glass related claims, you are most likely covered. Your auto glass repair company can help you with filing a claim and assist you throughout the entire process.

7. Can I get my windshield repaired on site?
Yes, there are many auto glass repair and replacement agencies such as Speers Auto Glass that facilitate their customers with a unique mobile service – expert technicians will come to your location and fix the glass or replace it, if needed, on site. This is an amazing benefit that most car owners would want to avail due to time and money being saved, not to mention the comfort factor.
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