Stone Chip Auto Glass Repairs - Small Stone Chip Repairs may be FREE!

Stone Chip Repairs

The situation is annoying, to say the least; you’ve gotten a small crack or chip in your windshield. Ideally, you should immediately take it to see an auto glass repair professional and have it safely repaired to avoid further damages. However, life is not so forgiving, and you may not be available to immediately bring it in for assessment. So, what do you do? Prevention is always the best medicine, so it goes without saying that you now need to prevent the damage from worsening. Here is the Speers Auto Glass guide on how to react to a small chip or crack in your windshield!
Absolutely NO water or chemicals!

It might be tempting to blast the chip with the hose or a regular glass cleaner to ensure you can still see well around it, but you need to absolutely avoid doing this! Water or chemicals can travel throughout the crack, which could cause the small chip or crack to spread. Moisture is never a good thing when it comes to cracks. This could also stop the resin used in repairs from adhering properly, resulting in the need for a full windshield replacement. If you absolutely need to perform some sort of cleaning on the area, use a dry and chemical free cloth or napkin on the affected area.

Make use of this household object!
While this is not a long term solution in the least, this little trick will help you gain some much needed time before you can bring your windshield in for repairs. Use a piece of tape over the damaged part of the windshield to keep dirt, debris, and moisture out of the chip or crack. Use clear tape, and other types of table can obstruct your view and be dangerously distracting on the road.

Do not procrastinate

Sometimes, there is no choice but to have to wait to take your care into a technician. However, do not willingly put on making the trip. The tape trick will work to prevent moisture and debris from entering the crack and worsening it, but it will NOT stop the crack from spreading naturally. It is vital that you bring you car into a professional to avoid the fallout of needing a full windshield replacement, as it is typically much more costly than a repair.

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Yes, some small stone chip repairs may be provided to you FREE and paid to us by the insurance companies directly depending on the size/shape of the damage. When you call to schedule an appointment please let us know if the stone chip damage seems minor and our technicians will compare with the insurance guideline to always try to get you the repair at no direct cost to you. Just ask!


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