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Speers Auto Glass offers the lowest prices for windshield replacement, $40 windshield repairs and mostly 20% or better lower quotes compared to other auto glass shops.

Windshield Insurance 101: What You MUST Know to Not Pay Out of Pocket

A small crack or flake on your car’s windshield is as important as a damaged window. There is a constant risk for your windshield to get damaged by abrupt incidents such as when there’s a storm, a flying bird hits your windshield or it’s the basketball of your neighbour’s kid. Several occasions put your windshield in danger causing severe damages.  

All you need is the right insurance to cover your auto damage expenses. 


1. What is windshield insurance?

Windshield insurance covers the expenses to repair an impaired windshield. This type of coverage is generally combined under comprehensive insurance coverage. It is a beneficial safeguard that covers the cost of repair or replacement of your windshield. 

If you are looking for windshield replacement in Mississauga, Speers Auto Glass can offer you the most affordable and trusted windshield repair /replacement service on the same day. 


2. Is a cracked windshield covered under insurance?

Well, this is one of the common questions for people with a flawed windshield. However, the first step is to determine if your flubbed windshield can be repaired or a complete replacement is required! 

Check out these conditions to know if your windshield is eligible for repairing:

  • The crack on your windshield is shorter than the length of a $5 banknote  
  • The scrap on the area is lesser than the diameter of a quarter
  • The damaged part is very tiny and circular
  • It’s a very recent damage

Your windshield needs replacement when –

  • The crack on your windshield is longer than the length of a $5 bill
  • The scarp is longer than the diameter of a quarter
  • The windshield area has more than one crack.
  • The damage is wide and leaves a mark on the safety glass in the inner layer.
  • The crack spreads through the corners of the windshield.


3. How to identify windshield damage?

When you have a cracked windshield, it’s a vital part to identify the type of damage your windshield is carrying. But, how to find out the nature of damage? Here are some of the major types of windshield cracks for your reference-

  • If it looks like a small hole in the centre of a scattered crack, then it’s a star crack. 
  • Bulls-eye cracks are the ones that having round rock chips at the centre of a crack.
  • The cracks that look like incomplete circles are called half-moon cracks.
  • Combination cracks are the blend of bulls-eye and the star cracks. 


4. How to prevent small cracks from turning bigger?

Once you have the windshield damaged, there’s no point in worrying about it but start taking measures against a small crack transforming into huge damage.

Protect the crack:

Stop further damage of the windshield crack by cleaning the damaged area with a dry piece of cloth and then cover the crack with clear tape or nail paint to seal the hole.

Clean carefully:

While cleaning the damaged windshield area, avoid using too much force when you’re clearing up the snow from the windshield.

Drive slow:

If you are driving around the town with a cracked windshield, drive slow and avoid putting unnecessary stress on the damaged part. 


5. Should you repair the damaged windshield by yourself or leave it to the professionals?

Well, if your windshield is in a repairable condition, you can take a chance on repairing the minor damages on your windshield with an advanced repair kit. But, even if it’s a minute crack, it’s risk-free to get it repaired by a professional. Moreover, if you go to an auto glass technician, it’s just a matter of an hour or two and you are back on the road with a polished windshield on your vehicle. 

We at Speers Auto Glass, provide trusted and same day windshield and auto glass repair services with a reliable lifetime warranty. Besides, you have the option of paying for your repair by insurance directly. 

You can avail windshield replacement price as low as $177 and auto glass repair starting from only $40.

Don’t sit back, contact us today for a free quote!

A Recent Spate of Exploding Sunroofs: Why It’s Happening and Why You Should Get Yours Checked ASAP

Sunroofs are becoming a pretty popular addition to cars in recent years but with the increase in sunroofs, there is also an increase in sunroof explosions and shatterings. Sound scary, maybe even a little strange? This article will help explain what’s happening, why it is happening, and how potentially to avoid it. 

Here at Speers Auto Glass, we can give you sunroof installation at a reasonable price in Burlington. Most sunroof installation can be done at a low reasonable cost and if you are unsure whether to go for a repair or installation, give us a quick call and we can let you know the best course of action for your sunroof.


Are Sunroofs Like Regular Glass?

It may be surprising but the sunroof’s glass shattering is specifically by design, instead of shattering as regular glass does. Sunroofs are made to account for being above unprotected heads and shatter into smaller less sharp pieces to decrease the risk of serious damages and injuries or even death. 


Why Do Sunroofs Explode?

Sunroofs generally explode because of accidental damages, something as small as a pebble in combination with the speed you’re going at can create enough force to make significant damage and shatter it, especially if it was already damaged previously. With a sunroof being literally over your head its condition can go over your head as well, having you completely miss noticing if there is any damage before it’s too late. Another factor is the size of your sunroof, sunroofs are becoming more popular and larger. The larger size is also a larger surface area for a higher chance of pebble attacks. 


Manufacturer Defects Are a Possibility Too

There are many different situations where a manufacturer error could lead to exploding sunroofs from the glass being tempered wrong with a botched cooling process, or simply a flawed car design putting too much pressure on the glass. 

The most common reason for a manufacturer defect is contaminated glass which happens during the process of making the glass. This can cause problems with the structural integrity of the glass.

Certain models and brands have more issues than others as well. The Kia Sorento 2011, 2012, and 2013 models were investigated and recalled and Hyundai’s Santa Fe Sport 2013 was also investigated in regards to sunroof issues.


What Brands Have a History of Sunroof Issues?

Hyundai has the most reported cases of exploding sunroof incidents while Kia has the second-highest rate. Many companies have decided to start integrating or fully use laminated glass in their models with panoramic roofs to help prevent against the sunroofs shattering but a couple of different bands have not yet taken the initiative. 

Hyundai, Kia, BMV, and General Motors are a few of the brands still fully using tempered glass in all their models; which runs the risk of having a defect because of the tempering process and being contaminated as mentioned previously.

Brands like Nissan, Subaru, Ford, and Honda have started using laminated glass in some of their panoramic sunroofs. Only a few brands, Tesla, Ferrari, and Volvo, boast about having all their models moved away from the tempered glass on their panoramic sunroofs and on to laminated. 

Laminated glass is the same kind of glass that is required for windshields, it is made up of two pieces of glass and a plastic interlayer in between this helps when it shatters or is hit, it will stay together instead of shattering or exploding. 


Sunroof Insurance

Most auto insurance covers the cost of replacing a sunroof shattered from unavoidable consequences like, say, that pebble. You may have to pay a deductible on the claim though. But if you can prove it was a manufacturer error and defect then the full cost could be covered by the manufacturer themselves.


Damaged Sunroof? Get It Fixed Affordably!

It’s the best course of action to get it looked at before you find it exploding while you are driving on the road. 

Speers offers free online and on-the-phone quotes and can offer you same-day service for your sunroof. Sunroofs can be very important to your car’s structural integrity so it’s important to make sure they are in good condition.

Contact us today for a great quote. 

Windshield Winter Maintenance 101: How to Handle Cracks, Chips, and Scratches

Many people drive around with little cracks or chips in their glass and think nothing of it but did you know that those tiny chips can get up to 60% worse during this cold season? It’s time to stop them in their tracks before they get worse and we are here to help. Here at Speers Auto Glass Repair & Replacement, we specialize in sunroof repair in Oakville, windshield replacement, and windshield repair for as low as $40!


To repair or replace, that is the question

Sometimes the damage goes past what you can repair so it’s important to know the conditions and catch the damages before they get worse and need to be fully replaced. With a crack longer than 14 inches or a chip with a bullseye larger than 3 inches it can be past the point of repair and need to be replaced. If the inner layer of glass is damaged a full replacement is better as well. Damages near the corner of the windshield can also warrant a replacement because they are more susceptible to growing larger and getting worse fast. 


Is repair the best option?

It’s best to get to your windshield and repair it before it needs to be replaced. Repair is much faster than a replacement, quickly stopping the damage in their tracks. Most insurance companies prefer a repair over a replacement as well, covering more repair cases so it’s in your best interest to act fast if you see cracks or chips forming. 


But don’t fret if your glass is past the point of no return!

A replacement comes with its own benefits. A replacement will completely restore the structural integrity and give you the highest level of visibility for driving. A replacement will also fully seal your vehicle making sure no brisk winter winds get inside and all the heat stays inside which is a must-have for Canadian winters.


Is winter really that bad for my windshield?

The cold can worsen chips and cracks in winter up to 60% and the glass is susceptible to new causes of damages too. A bad scraper can scrape off ice and scrape at the glass as well, make sure to use a manufacturer-approved scraper to avoid any threat. Even running your windshield wipers can hurt the glass if it’s not properly cleaned, dragging the ice and snow back and forth over the glass. Certain defrosting solutions are actually a problem instead, using hot water to defrost can shock the glass with the sudden temperature change causing it to crack.


But why go through the trouble?

Windshields are an integral part of the vehicle and its structural integrity, making up approximately 30% of a car’s structural integrity specifically bolstering the roof of a vehicle. If your windshield is too damaged it can severely reduce driver visibility which will be a danger to you and those around you. A windshield’s condition is extremely important to the point where you can get fined in Ontario and many other provinces for driving with the damages. If an accident happens the windshield wouldn’t be able to provide as much protection as it should, so many provinces have these laws to discourage negligence and encourage safety.


What to do after

After you get a repair or replacement don’t forget to keep in mind some preventative measures and aftercare to help. Taking steps to make sure your car is out of the elements, so using indoor parking or garages, to make sure the cold doesn’t start doing some damage to your car again. If you can, avoid leaving your car outside for long periods of time.


Are you still unsure? Don’t worry, you can stop by or call to schedule an appointment any time so don’t wait, we will stop windshield damages in their tracks! Repairing or restoring lets you rest assured that your car’s structural integrity is back and you are a bit safer.

We have got the best windshield replacement prices for you now – Auto Glass Speers

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We serve areas like Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, St. Catherines, and Peel region.




Is Your Windshield Winter-Ready? Here Are Some EASY Tips to Stay Prepared!

‘Tis the season to make sure your windshield is in tip-top shape, folks! Even the most seemingly inoffensive chips and cracks could spell disaster for your car when the snowstorms hit. Did that make you shudder? Don’t put yourself in hot water this winter. 


But how do you go about administering some basic windshield care before you call in the experts? Well, that’s just what this article is for! 


In case you find that your windshield is unsalvageable and needs more than a stone chip repair, Speers Auto Glass provides trusted auto glass replacement services in Oakville. We deliver to your doorstep and handle your insurance company.


Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore some winter-care windshield tips to keep the elements out of your car and your windshield in the pink of health.


Chip the Ice NOT the Glass  

This one seems like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people get careless when chipping ice off their windshield to the point of damaging it. Here’s how to carry out this task with caution;


  • Use a manufacturer-approved scraper when taking the ice off your windshield
  • Broken or improvised scrapers will damage the glass
  • When applying the scraper, tilt it at an angle and approach the ice and snow from the corner/sides
  • Refrain from using hot water to defrost the windshield; it could shock your glass and cause it to shatter
  • Don’t clear just a swab of the glass before you start driving; make sure the entire windshield is ice-free
  • Make sure the wipers can function well without being hampered by the ice, else they will scratch the glass as they drag the ice across it


Chips and Cracks Worsen in Colder Weather

Unfortunately, a truer sentence was never spoken. Changes in temperature affect the glass, causing it to expand or contract. If it gets aggressively cold outside, as it’s known to do in Canada, the car’s windshield gets concave, putting extra stress on already existing chips and cracks. Of course, the weight of the snow on the glass doesn’t help any! This phenomenon causes chips to then spread horizontally, worsening the situation. 


We’re not making this up; windshield cracks can worsen by as much as 60% during the winter. If you let the problem go unaddressed, you will have to spend a small fortune in replacing the glass when it could have so easily been salvaged in the first place. 


Our advice? Use the fall to the fullest. Now is a great time to inspect your windshield for chips and cracks and get them repaired ASAP. Such types of minor fixes are often free! 


In fact, Speers’ contractors will be happy to fix minor stone chips at no cost. Just say the word!


Watch Out for Those Wipers

Sure, they’re great at getting the elements off your windshield and giving you an uninterrupted view of the road ahead. However, even wipers come with caveats. 


Make sure these are in the out and up position when the car is parked. It’s VERY important that you not use your wipers to clear the windshield of ice and frost. ALWAYS remove ice, snow and frost manually with a scraper (using those handy-dandy scraper tips we shared before). If you use your wipers, these elements will wreak havoc on them, not to mention on the glass itself. 


Schedule a Maintenance Check (Just to be Sure)

Don’t administer any repairs on your own. DIY repairs are a huge no-no. It never hurts to call in a professional for a proactive maintenance check, right? Right! A licensed auto glass repair shop like Speers has the know-how to not only administer timely repairs but also anticipate possible future issues. 


Your windshield keeps you safe. Don’t skimp out when it comes to showing it a little TLC. 


Speers Auto Glass has over 25 years of experience in the industry – there’s no job too big for us to handle. We offer super affordable same-day repairs for all auto glass including windshields, sunroofs, mirrors and the likes. 


We’ll drop by for an inspection and look for pits, cracks, improper installation and other potential issues that could jeopardize your safety. 


Now is a Great Time to Get That Windshield Looked At!

What you DON’T want to do? Wait until the winter hits before you decide that your windshield probably needs repairs. 

Speers Auto Glass is a trusted windshield repair and replacement shop in Oakville. We stock auto glass for all major makes and models so that you never have to be put out.

Help us help you. 


Contact us to keep your windshield in phenomenal shape this winter!

Auto Glass Windshield Repair & Replacement Promotions Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Halton Area

Auto Glass Windshield Repair & Replacement Promotions Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Halton Area, Milton, St. Catherines, Milton.

Summer is almost over but we have hot deals for you on all our in stock and standard glass from as low as $227 including glass, installation, inspection, lifetime warranty. If you have a cracked or broken windshield, now is the time to replace your windshield at the lowest possible cost to you.

Do you have insurance? we will pay up to 100% your insurance deductibles and can deal directly with most insurance firms, just let us know.



YOU Might Be Ready for Fall, But is Your Car?

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves will begin falling, pumpkin spice will riddle every storefront. It’s almost that time of year – fall. As the weather changes, we have to make lots of adjustments and prepare for the inevitable return of winter. Aside from changing up your wardrobe and perhaps making the switch from cold brews to hot cider, your vehicle requires some changes too. Our auto glass shop in Hamilton knows all too well the importance of preparing your vehicle for fall and just what can happen when you aren’t prepared.


To avoid running into any less than ideal situations this fall, here are a few ways you can prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season!


Do a windshield check


We’ve said it a million times and we will say it again, your windshield is a vital contributor to the safety of your vehicle which is why you want to ensure it’s in pristine condition. A smaller chip or crack may not seem like much, especially in the hot months of summer when conditions don’t significantly add to the damage, however, when fall comes along, that small chip or crack can become a larger problem. 


Falling leaves, rain, heavy gusts of wind, branches and twigs flying about – there are a lot of factors that can impact your windshield in the fall season. If you notice a crack or chip, it’s better to get it repaired asap. It’s better to get it fixed before these conditions creep up on it!


While you’re at it, check up on all your auto glass


Your surrounding auto glass is JUST as important, ergo, do a quick check of surrounding glass as well. This includes:


  • Driver side window
  • Passenger side window
  • Back windows
  • Blindspot windows
  • Rearview mirror
  • Side mirror
  • Sunroof/moonroof


Do a check of all of these and ensure they are free from any cracks, chips, or heavy damage that can impact their performance and function. Beyond the externals, it’s important to check the functionality of these areas. For example, if you have power windows and/or a power sunroof/moonroof, test to make sure they are working properly. The last thing you want is an inoperable sunroof that won’t close and a car full of leaves!


Do a fluid check


A vehicle requires A LOT of fluid to keep it going as well as to perform necessary tasks. Prior to the fall season, do a full fluid check to ensure you have just enough, there are no leaks, no damaged parts, no corrosion, or other forms of damage. 


What fluids do you need to check?


  • Oil levels
  • Coolant
  • Windshield washer fluids
  • Transmission fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Power steering fluids


All of these fluids contribute to your vehicle’s ability to, well, drive! Most fluids can be topped up at home, however, if you notice any issues surrounding the areas where the fluid resides, take your vehicle to your local mechanic right away. Any further delay can cause heavier ramifications. 


Check your power


There is nothing worse than going to start your car in the morning only to hear the sad attempts at your engine trying to rev up on 0 power. You then have to find a way to jumpstart your battery and unless you have cables and a second vehicle or another outlet available, it can be tricky. Check your vehicle’s charge and be vigilant of any corrosion. If you experience issues starting your vehicle or notice damage surrounding your battery, take it in to get it looked at asap. Without a properly working battery, your car can’t start!


Put those all-weather mats in


With fall comes a lot of mess – mud, water, grime, endless leaves. You don’t want to track all of this into your vehicle. Cleaning carpets is significantly harder than cleaning rubber mats! Consider putting in all-weather mats as fall comes around the corner in order to protect your carpets.


Checking on your vehicle as the seasons’ change is important. You want to ensure your vehicle is ready to take on a shift in weather and the elements it throws at you. If you notice any damage, don’t delay – doing so can lead to worsening of the initial issue and can end up costing you a lot more. Take your vehicle to your local auto shop if anything seems off about your vehicle and ride into fall safely!


Need to get your auto glass repaired or replaced before fall veers it’s way around the corner? Get your FREE quote today!


Windshields: The Ins, Outs, and In Betweens

Discovering damage to your vehicle, big or small, is never a good feeling. You start to think about the costs of repair, whether it’s worth it to repair it, how it will impact the look of your ride. It’s never a fun situation to be in, but when it comes to any damage to your vehicle, it’s important to know what to do. 


The windshield typically takes the brunt of the damage, ergo repairs and replacements are quite common. If you have damage to your windshield, it’s critical to understand what precautions to take next. Our Mississauga shop deals specialized in <windshield replacement and repairs>, and can help you get your car back on the road, looking good as new!


First of all, is repairment an option?


In some cases, it’s obvious that a full replacement is necessary. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and your entire windshield blew out, the only option is replacement. However, if you have a minor chip or crack, determining what route to take, repair or replacement, is a little trickier. 


If the crack is shorter than the length of a bill and localized, it’s repairable. In terms of a chip, if the chip is smaller than the circumference of a quarter and localized, it too can be repaired. However if the damage is larger than the aforementioned criteria, not localized, in the driver’s line of sight, goes straight through every layer of the glass, and/or is above a heating element, replacement is recommended. 


Understand your insurance policy


While windshield replacement/repair is typically on the lower side of the cost-scale when it comes to vehicle fixes, it’s still not something anyone REALLY wants to pay for. It’s one of those, I don’t want to but I have to, type of expenditures. Before you go forking over your hard-earned cash, review your insurance policy. Most auto insurance companies will cover a portion of or the full cost of a repair/replacement. Of course, this all depends on the type of coverage you have. If your auto insurance doesn’t cover it, speak to an agent and see what options are available in terms of changing your policy to avoid having to pay for such fixes out of pocket.


Speak to a professional in the matter


One thing is for sure, you don’t want to delay when it comes to repairing or replacement. It’s important to speak to a professional asap. Keyword: professional. Some people want to skip out on the labour costs and install their new auto glass or attempt to repair it themselves. If you know how to do this process with no issues, then all the power to you! However, if you don’t have any experience in doing so, it’s best to get it done by a trained professional. An improperly installed windshield can compromise the safety of the overall vehicle and the occupants in it. If you install the windshield glass wrong, you will more than likely have to take it to a professional and the entire process actually becomes more costly in terms of time and money. It’s best not to attempt to DIY when it comes to something as significant as windshield repair or replacement!


Consider aftercare of your vehicle


You just got your damaged windshield fixed – what a great feeling. You drive out of the shop and let out a sigh of relief. Your ride looks so much better! However, it’s important to not dismiss any aftercare when it comes to your vehicle. A windshield repair/replacement typically doesn’t require a set of rules laid out after the process. In fact, once the repair/replacement is done and everything has dried, you can drive your vehicle right out of the shop.


Aftercare post windshield repair/replacement simply means doing your due diligence. After all, you probably DON’T want to go through the process again. There are a few things you can do to maximize the longevity of your windshield and minimize the chances of damage, including:


  • Being mindful of where you park. Construction zones, under trees, high-traffic areas are all areas you need to be cautious about due to the surrounding elements.
  • Don’t overwash your windshield. You may want to protect your new auto glass and keep it looking new, but there is no need to wash it so often. Doing so can eat away at the glass and weaken it over time.
  • Understand how weather elements impact your cars auto glass. The sun’s powerful rays can warp auto glass whereas extreme cold/ice can make it more susceptible to damage. If possible, avoid leaving your car outdoors for long periods of time in extreme heat or cold.


The windshield plays a crucial role when it comes to your vehicle and it should be treated as such. If any damage occurs, delaying the fix could lead to larger ramifications down the road. It’s also important to understand key components such as insurances’ role in the matter and ways to be mindful in order to reduce the chances of damage. 

Looking for a repair or perhaps a replacement? We can help you asap! Get your free quote here!


The Hottest Windshield Myths…DEBUNKED!

Every part of your vehicle plays an integral role in its overall safety, functionality, and comfort. From the engine, being the driving force for the entire vehicle to the auto glass, keeping your vehicle safe and protected, no part goes without function. Auto glass plays a huge role in a vehicle’s safety. Think about it – imagine driving a car with NO auto glass? The contents inside wouldn’t be fully secure and let’s not even get started on how that would pan out in the colder months!


Damage to a vehicle’s windshield, big or small can have a huge impact on the safety of those within. Our Hamilton shop has done windshield repairs for everything from minor chips to full replacements. Regardless of what the issue is, having a structural sound and sturdy windshield is not something to skimp on!


There are, like most things, myths commonly associated with all things windshields. Knowing the difference between fact and fiction is important and can help you make your decision when it comes to your windshield.


Here are a few windshield myths:


Driving with a cracked windshield – totally fine!


Oh, we are about to burst your bubble! When people get small cracks or chips in their windshields, most pay no mind to it. If a crack is the size of a dime, how could it possibly impact my ENTIRE windshield?


Small chips and cracks can turn into significant damage. Every time you hit the road, go for a car wash,  or even park, your vehicle is at risk of getting damaged. For example, you park your car on a side street, under a nice shady tree. A small branch falls from that tree and hits your windshield RIGHT where that small crack is. Because this portion of the windshield is already weakened, the branch may make the small crack even larger. 


Driving with a small crack or chip is never a good idea and can compromise the safety of your and your occupants as well as the lifespan of your windshield. It’s best to get any damage repaired asap before you get stuck having to go in for a full repair!


TL;DR – any damage to your windshield should be repaired ASAP!


“It’s not THAT hard, I can do it myself”


There are some things you can do yourself when it comes to your vehicle. Changing tires, oil change, charging the battery, etc. Windshield repair or replacement, however, is best left to the experts. Although it may seem simple, there are a lot of risks if it isn’t done correctly. Improperly installed auto glass can be a safety hazard, for one. If the glass comes loose while driving, well, you can imagine how that would go about. 


Taking your vehicle to a professional will cost you money in terms of labour, but you know the job is done right. Attempting to do the job on your own may end up costing you more if you end up doing it wrong.


TL;DR – no, please don’t. Go to the professionals!


“Won’t replacing or repairing my windshield cause my insurance rates to go up?”


This is a grey and complex area, but allow us to explain. Insurance rates do go up when you make a claim. Claims are made after motor vehicle accidents or most repairs made to a vehicle. Luckily, windshield replacement/repair doesn’t qualify as a claim that would increase your insurance rates. In fact, most auto insurance companies will cover the cost of a portion or all of your windshield repair/replacement. The amount of coverage you receive depends on your policy. While making a claim regarding your windshield won’t cause your insurance rates to go up, it’s still recommended to review your policy and see what you qualify for in terms of coverage. 


TL;DR – no skyrocketing insurance rates to see here!


Only large objects are a threat to your windshield


When people think of damaged windshields, they often think of windshields disintegrated in accidents or windshields destroyed by large falling boulders (for some reason). However, it actually doesn’t take much to damage a windshield. For example, if you are driving through a construction site and a small piece of gravel hits your windshield, depending on the force and speed of the object and your vehicle, it can be enough to put a chip in your glass. 

Be wary of your surroundings, always. If you are parking your vehicle, consider what is around that parking spot. Are there trees with branches and twigs that could call off? Is it near a construction zone? If you are driving, be wary of your speed. If you pass a construction zone, proceed with caution, don’t barrel through it. Sometimes the smallest of items can cause damage.


TL;DR – literally anything could cause damage. Be aware of your surroundings always!


When it comes to windshield repair, replacement, and overall maintenance, it’s important to understand what is valid and what has been debunked. Knowing the difference can save you time and money and keep those who enter your vehicle safe!


Looking to get your windshield repaired asap? Contact us today for a FREE quote!