3 Tips for Dealing with Damaged Auto Glass

Depending on the wear and tear brought on by years of driving on the road in Oakville, weather conditions, and quality of the auto glass, your car’s windshield may need a repair at some point to keep it in top shape. Repairs are meant to correct smaller damages brought on by debris, weather elements, and minor accidents like stone chips. When any of these damages occur, your best bet is to book an windshield repair service right away. Here’s how you can deal with damaged auto glass in the time between the damage and the repair:

Go to a Professional Auto Glass Shop As Soon As Possible

No matter what is the size of the crack, you should never think about delaying your auto glass repair. The longer you wait, the more the crack will spread, which causes it to split off in different directions, and lead the glass to ultimately shatter. Plus, you really don’t want to be driving when the used-to-be-tiny crack on your windshield suddenly breaks into millions of pieces, causing grave danger. The moment you see a crack, or even a chip, make a note to go to Speers Auto Glass in Oakville to get your auto glass repaired as soon as you can. It’s recommended to not wait longer than a week. You can have your windshield fixed within the day, eliminating stress and delays. If the damage is large enough, mobile auto glass repair services are also available, so you won’t have to drive around with a damaged windshield.

Do What You Can In The Meanwhile

Even if you scheduled time to take your car to Speers Auto Glass in Oakville for repair and fix the windshield crack, it’s important that you inspect it yourself as soon as it occurs. For instance, if you’re driving to work when a pebble from the road suddenly hits the glass, you should stop when you get the chance and take a look at the situation. When inspecting the crack, look out for these few things. How bad is the crack and where is it located on the windshield? If the damage is just a tiny chip, there is no need for you to worry, which means that you can temporarily drive your car until you go to an auto shop within the next few days. However, if the damage is a major crack that’s splitting in many directions, you should probably avoid driving and instead call our mobile auto glass repair professional to come to you. This also holds true if the crack is obstructing your view.

Temporary Solutions That Can Help You for a Day or Two

There are some temporary solutions that you can do from home, like using an auto glass repair kit. Yet, keep in mind that you should still take your car to Speers Auto Glass for a professional auto glass repair. Nevertheless, if the glass has a big crack on it, it is highly recommended that you refrain from using a repair kit. Many things can go out of your way, and if you damage the glass any further, it could possibly cause the roof of your car to collapse, since the windshield plays a major role in supporting the roof.

Next time when you find yourself dealing with an auto glass damage, it’s very important for you to get it repaired immediately with Speers Auto Glass in Oakville. Call us at 905-339-0339 to learn more about our repair services.