4 Auto Safety Tips to Learn Before Travelling this Winter

Winter is in full swing, and the cold isn’t leaving down anytime soon. We have already experienced a little bit of snow and some below zero-degree temperatures. At Speers Auto Glass, we understand that the Canadian winter can sometimes result in emergency situations when traveling, especially if your line of sight is obstructed because of the stone chip repair you’ve been putting off. To ensure all of your safety in an emergency when you are stuck in your vehicle, we have a few easy ways to help you get through winter.

Have the Basic Materials

Having a winter kit on hand for when you are travelling is a necessity in case of emergency. Items that should be readily accessible include: a shovel, windshield scraper, flashlight, battery powered radio, water, snack food, extra clothes, blankets, and a cell phone charger that can be plugged into your car. Just a few proactive tools such as these can allow you to leave any location safely, and ensure a safe drive in the dark during the coldest nights.

Learn How to Contact Emergency Personnel

In the event that you’re stranded on the side of the road, it’s important to know where you are, and to be prepared to call Canada’s emergency phone line, 911, if necessary. If you are making the call, keeping a few things in mind ahead of time can help you stay calm during the conversation. Being able to provide your location, the current condition of yourself and whoever is in the car, as well as the dilemma you are dealing with, are crucial details to communicate clearly. Follow the instructions of the emergency operator, and stay where you are until help arrives.

Prepare for Survival

Make backup plans for your trip ahead of time. There are a few things you should definitely do before going on a trip, including checking to see if you have at least a half tank of gas, and letting someone know the route of your trip before you go. If you happen to get stuck, signal your emergency hazard reflectors so any passersby can see you and possibly aid your situation. Keeping your dome light on is also recommended so rescue crews can see a small glow from a distance, signaling to them that you require roadside assistance. At this point, staying in your vehicle is best to shelter yourself from any unpredictable storms that may come your way.

Get a Stone Chip Repair As Soon As Possible

If your vehicle’s windshield has one or more stone chips, it’s only a matter of time before they spread and further restrict your sight line. Having your stone chips repaired by our auto technicians is an absolutely necessary procedure that takes very little of your time, and will make your driving that much safer. In addition to improving visibility, repairing chips can prevent leakage from heavy precipitation. Taking care of your car’s condition should always be the first precaution taken before following other safety measures, as a functioning car, makes for a much safer drive. Taking these tips into account before heading out for your trip this holiday season can help ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. It’s time to have the stone chip on your windshield repaired, to avoid larger damage and unsafe driving conditions. Our technicians put your safety first by providing thorough yet quick service. Give us a call at 905 339 0339.