4 Common Misconceptions about Windshield Repairs

The chances of your windshield being fully repairable after being struck by a projectile, such as a rock, in Burlington are quite high. This is important to know because so many drivers in Burlington get their windshields replaced unnecessarily, when they could be repaired for a much less expensive price. Insurance companies also favour repairs over replacements because it ensures that you are not driving around with a cracked windshield that can easily spread and cause more severe damage to the vehicle. Avoid the up-sale tactic of pressuring you into buying a brand new windshield for safety reasons, when you don’t need one. At Speers Auto Glass in Oakville, we offer chip repairs at competitive prices, and we even offer mobile repair services, so our expert technicians can come to you! Here are 4 common misconceptions regarding windshield repair and replacements:

1. Manufacturer vs Aftermarket

A common misconception when getting your windshield repaired in Oakville is that manufacturer windshields are better than aftermarket windshields. In reality, aftermarket windshields are just as good as the manufacturer ones, and in some cases even better; this is because the aftermarket ones look to fix issues that the manufacturer windshields have. Plus, aftermarket windshields don’t have big, brands names attached to them, so they tend to be less expensive.

2. You could get your windshield replaced anywhere

Most automobile owners in Oakville think that it is mandatory to take the vehicle to the insurance company’s auto glass shop. This is not necessarily true. As the legal owner of the vehicle, you can get your windshield repaired or replaced where you feel comfortable. Just be advised that the insurance company may not provide coverage if you don’t take your vehicle elsewhere. This will depend on the insurance provider and many are reasonable and will allow you to take your vehicle wherever you see fit.

3. Windshields are a part of the vehicle’s safety equipment

Consumers in Oakville often disregard the role of the windshield in the overall safety of the vehicle. The windshield’s role in accidents can’t be overstated. In case of emergencies, the windshield acts as a barrier between projectiles outside and you, and it can also keep you inside the vehicle during an accident. In the event of a rollover, the windshield also helps to protect the passengers from being sandwiched under the roof. So getting your windshield repaired in Oakville is important for the overall safety of your vehicle.

4. Don’t drive right after a replacement

Many people looking to get their windshields repaired or replaced in Oakville are unaware that they cannot drive their vehicle immediately after a replacement. The replacement windshield is secured by a powerful adhesive that could take in excess of 24 hours to fully dry. The mold can move or shift side-to-side, leaving the windshield unsecured and misplaced until it dries. This often leads to leaks which could result in electrical failures or poor weather control.

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