4 Easy Hacks for Fall Preventative Windshield Care

Keeping your windshield in top shape can be quite the challenge as the colder months continue to bring more potential damage to your windshield. As temperatures drop, your wipers have more to endure, and it becomes harder for you to anticipate windshield hazards. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take toward maintaining the condition of your windshield in addition to proper auto glass repair. Once you’re aware of these maintenance tips, caring for your windshield becomes a lot easier, and you can enter winter ready for whatever the season may bring.

1. Avoid Chemical-Heavy Cleaners

Cleaning your windshield and wipers with heavily acidic cleaning supplies can strip the glass of its tint. If you just got your windshield repaired or replaced, this will already begin to damage the finish. You want to avoid products with chemical like ammonia that can cause damage. Instead, there are a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products that are made for auto glass and won’t damage your newly repaired windshield.

2. Stop Slamming Doors

Every time you slam a door a little too hard, auto glass tends to vibrate, and over time can cause small cracks in your windshield you don’t even see are there. Small cracks can turn into bigger cracks if left un-repaired. Limiting hard slamming will help your auto glass repair last even longer.

3. Keep a Following Distance

This is not only a safe driving rule, but it also allows for less impact from unknown flying objects from other vehicles. Something like a stone-chip calls for immediate windshield repair. If chips and cracks are left to accumulate, you will need to get a full auto glass replacement. You want your windshield to last you as long as possible, so make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

4. Limit Temperature Extremes

Getting into your car and immediately cranking the heat creates a pressure against your auto glass as it adapts from the freezing air outside. You can make temperature extremes less necessary by trying your best to park in locations that have a chance for temperature control, like garages and other indoor parking. It’s always useful to know what you can do to maintain your windshield, but it’s also important to get your auto glass repaired when necessary. Whether you need a window tint, an auto glass repair or a full windshield replacement, we can accommodate with 24/h service.  We can also come to you with our mobile service anywhere in your Oakville area. Keep your windshield protected, and get your auto glass repaired today. Is your windshield in safe condition? Schedule an auto glass repair or replacement with our 24 hour same day service. Contact us today at 905-339-0339.