4 Insurance Questions to Consider Before Your Next Auto Glass Service

There are many benefits to be had from your car insurance, yet not enough people take advantage of the coverage that can make daily driving a lot smoother. Windshield coverage, for example, is a very useful aspect of insurance that can either lower or cover the cost of your next mobile auto glass replacement, depending on your policy. The type of windshield damage you may have determines the services you need to fix your auto glass, and the amount of coverage you’ll likely have. So, taking a look at your insurance policy before heading into our repair shop prepares you for whatever repair or replacement service you need. Read on to see which services offer opportunities for insurance claims, so you can save money and drive safer as soon as possible.

1. Are You Repairing or Replacing?

In many cases, it may be unclear whether the glass should be repaired or replaced. Our technicians can inspect your windshield to see which service is more fitting for its current condition. A repair ensures the chip will not spread into a full fledged crack that can quickly become dangerous. Filling in a chip is a lot less costly than replacing your full windshield, as most insurance companies waive your deductible if you are only repairing. However, if a replacement is necessary, you may still qualify for partial coverage.

2. Looking for OEM Glass?

If you are looking for a complete glass replacement, you will certainly need a brand new piece of glass. Whether or not the replacement glass is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) often depends on your coverage policy. Most insurance companies tend to provide coverage for aftermarket parts, since they are produced by companies other than your manufacturer and cost less to acquire. Not only are they much cheaper, they are also very similar to OEM parts due to the strict restrictions and standards applied to aftermarket parts. If all insurance companies covered OEM parts, no one would be able to afford car insurance. So, aftermarket glass is the best option for the highest amount of coverage possible.

3. What If My Replacement Windshield Leaks?

It is a very common concern for many people that the new glass will cause leaking at the seams. Our auto glass replacements are always secure without any chance of leakage. However, if you happen to drive your car through an area of high water pressure, like a car wash, before the recommended drying wait time, there is always a chance you will need to have it touched up. Make sure to get a guarantee on your glass ahead of time, and follow your technician’s recommendations, and you won’t experience any leaking.

4. Can I Still Make a Claim With Mobile Auto Glass Services?

Replacing your windshield should be done when you have the time, so we make our auto glass service one of the most convenient claims to manage. Replacements can be done efficiently and quickly as we can come straight to your home with our mobile replacement services. It’s completely your decision whether or not you want to leave your house, and sometimes may be safer to let us come to you. Our mobile services don’t affect your coverage, so book your repair or replacement, today. Looking to replace your auto glass? Find out what auto services you’re covered for, and call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 to book your next auto glass replacement.