4 Tips You Should Know To Prepare for the Canadian Winter

Although winter in Canada has been delayed this year, it’s important that you’re prepared for for the icy, snowy roads that are soon to come. Of course, teaching a driver to deal with slippery and dangerous winter road conditions cannot be done through words alone, as these skills need to be developed through many hours behind the wheel. However, there are many maintenance you can learn that are almost as important to safety as driving itself. Here’s our list of the 5 most important tips you should know to prepare for harsh winter driving conditions. Remember, though, maintenance and preventative work is only half the work – if you notice anything irregular, like a chipped or cracked windshield, it’s crucial to have it looked at by cracked windshield repair to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Sometimes, It’s Best to Stay Off the Roads Completely

When you are in the middle of a bad weather, it’s sometimes better to stay home, or if you are in the midst of traveling, grab a motel room once conditions become particularly gruesome. At the very least, you should remain where you are until snowplows have cleared the snow to avoid crashes or other accidents that occur easily on snowy roads.

Make Sure Your Have Proper Tires

Experienced drivers know that tires are often make all the difference in difficult road conditions. Before winter starts, it’s important to have a fresh set of rubber on your vehicle as they will allow you to get that extra grip on the road and keep you and your loved ones safe. It’s important to note, that all-season tires usually aren’t sufficient for Canadian winters, especially if you live further north where winters can become particularly bad. Truthfully, all-seasons should be thought of more as three-season tires since they don’t usually provide the amount of grip needed for slippery and snowy roads.

Make Sure You Install Winters for All Four Tires

As we’ve gone over, proper winter tires are extremely important to keep you safe on snowy or icy roads. However, what many people don’t know is that you need to install winter tires for all four wheels. Putting  winter tires only in the front wheel can make it very prone to spinning around and plowing straight off on wet roads, and putting winter tires only in the rear wheels will make the car very difficult to turn in snowy conditions.

Keep Your Vision Clear with Proper Auto Glass Maintenance

While auto glass maintenance is important year-road, it is particularly important in the winter when road conditions become dicey. Here are some general auto glass maintenance tips to follow to keep your vision clear and your vehicle and occupants safe:
  • Make sure to clean your windows from the inside thoroughly
  • Check your windshield washer system is functioning and that it has a full tank of anti-freeze fluids
  • Remove condensation and frost from the interior of the window by running the air conditioner at all possible times
  • If you are driving a truck, it is recommended to check your lights at least once a day, and use a cloth to wipe them clean if they become too opaque from dust or dirt
  • Make sure to get any chips or cracks repaired immediately to avoid any further damage or the need for a full replacement
As we head closer to winter, don’t delay getting your auto glass repaired or replaced. Chips or cracks in your auto glass could lead to various mishaps and put you or your loved ones in danger. Call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 to book an appointment in Oakville today.