A Recent Spate of Exploding Sunroofs: Why It’s Happening and Why You Should Get Yours Checked ASAP

Sunroofs are becoming a pretty popular addition to cars in recent years but with the increase in sunroofs, there is also an increase in sunroof explosions and shatterings. Sound scary, maybe even a little strange? This article will help explain what’s happening, why it is happening, and how potentially to avoid it.  Here at Speers Auto Glass, we can give you sunroof installation at a reasonable price in Oakville. Most sunroof installation can be done at a low reasonable cost and if you are unsure whether to go for a repair or installation, give us a quick call and we can let you know the best course of action for your sunroof.

Are Sunroofs Like Regular Glass?

It may be surprising but the sunroof’s glass shattering is specifically by design, instead of shattering as regular glass does. Sunroofs are made to account for being above unprotected heads and shatter into smaller less sharp pieces to decrease the risk of serious damages and injuries or even death. 

Why Do Sunroofs Explode?

Sunroofs generally explode because of accidental damages, something as small as a pebble in combination with the speed you’re going at can create enough force to make significant damage and shatter it, especially if it was already damaged previously. With a sunroof being literally over your head its condition can go over your head as well, having you completely miss noticing if there is any damage before it’s too late. Another factor is the size of your sunroof, sunroofs are becoming more popular and larger. The larger size is also a larger surface area for a higher chance of pebble attacks. 

Manufacturer Defects Are a Possibility Too

There are many different situations where a manufacturer error could lead to exploding sunroofs from the glass being tempered wrong with a botched cooling process, or simply a flawed car design putting too much pressure on the glass.  The most common reason for a manufacturer defect is contaminated glass which happens during the process of making the glass. This can cause problems with the structural integrity of the glass. Certain models and brands have more issues than others as well. The Kia Sorento 2011, 2012, and 2013 models were investigated and recalled and Hyundai’s Santa Fe Sport 2013 was also investigated in regards to sunroof issues.

What Brands Have a History of Sunroof Issues?

Hyundai has the most reported cases of exploding sunroof incidents while Kia has the second-highest rate. Many companies have decided to start integrating or fully use laminated glass in their models with panoramic roofs to help prevent against the sunroofs shattering but a couple of different bands have not yet taken the initiative.  Hyundai, Kia, BMV, and General Motors are a few of the brands still fully using tempered glass in all their models; which runs the risk of having a defect because of the tempering process and being contaminated as mentioned previously. Brands like Nissan, Subaru, Ford, and Honda have started using laminated glass in some of their panoramic sunroofs. Only a few brands, Tesla, Ferrari, and Volvo, boast about having all their models moved away from the tempered glass on their panoramic sunroofs and on to laminated.  Laminated glass is the same kind of glass that is required for windshields, it is made up of two pieces of glass and a plastic interlayer in between this helps when it shatters or is hit, it will stay together instead of shattering or exploding. 

Sunroof Insurance

Most auto insurance covers the cost of replacing a sunroof shattered from unavoidable consequences like, say, that pebble. You may have to pay a deductible on the claim though. But if you can prove it was a manufacturer error and defect then the full cost could be covered by the manufacturer themselves.

Damaged Sunroof? Get It Fixed Affordably!

It’s the best course of action to get it looked at before you find it exploding while you are driving on the road.  Speers offers free online and on-the-phone quotes and can offer you same-day service for your sunroof. Sunroofs can be very important to your car’s structural integrity so it’s important to make sure they are in good condition.

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