Amazing Benefits of Auto Glass Tinting in Oakville

Summer is the time of year when everyone loves to whoosh down the road with their car windows down, at least when the temperature allows them to do so. However, when it’s too hot outside, with temperature slightly exceeding the bearable limits, you’d want to roll up the windows and have them tinted to prevent excessive sun glare and harmful UV rays penetration. Prior to moving ahead with auto glass tinting, it’s crucial to learn about pertinent Ontario laws. As per the government regulations, in all cars built after January 1, 2017, the left and right windows of the driver must not block over 30% of light. The tinting of the windshield has been prohibited completely, and the failure to comply can result in a fine. As far as the rear windows are concerned, there are no such limits, but obviously, you should be able to see through them. Every auto glass tinting agency in Oakville is aware of these laws, so you don’t have to stress about whether or not you’re following these rules.

Advantages of Auto Glass Tinting

UV Rays Blockage:

Do know that window tinting can stop up to 99% of the harmful UV rays? Ultraviolet rays are the culprits for speeding up the ageing process and causing various skin related issues. A research on skin cancer reveals that a significant percentage of people who suffered from skin cancer had it on the left side of their body, which clearly correlates with the driver’s seat of the car. Especially if you drive for an extended time period, window tinting will provide a valuable line of defense against this risk.

Enhanced Privacy and Security:

Rear window tinting will assuredly keep the prying eyes from the valuables inside your vehicle, reducing the likelihoods of smash-and-grab attacks. You don’t have to constantly try to hide your important belongings whenever you park the car so that a thief won’t be tempted to break the glass. Moreover, since tinting is an additional layer on the glass, this will make it more difficult for thieves to smash the windows. Not only will this ensure a safer ride for you and other car occupants, but also mean added peace-of-mind in the knowledge that your vehicle is safe, especially when parked unattended.

Reduced Cracking and Fading:

Heat and harsh ultraviolet rays can lead your car upholstery to fade and crack, including discoloured leather and vinyl, and faded dashboards. Acting as a sunscreen for your car, auto glass tinting protects the vehicle’s interior from warping so that your car stays looking like new for longer. All in all, having auto glass tinted professionally will help you protect your investment.

Keeping Cool in Scorching Summers:

Many drivers battle with the dilemma of adjusting the appropriate level of air conditioning for the fellow passengers. Based on the grade chosen, auto tinting can obstruct anywhere from 35 to 65% of the heat built up in the vehicle. Not only you’re able to balance comfort and climate for everyone, but also slash the fuel consumption due to the air conditioning overuse. This also means you won’t have to stress about looking for a parking spot in the shades.

Accidents Protection:

In the event of a collision with another vehicle, the adhesive in tinting will help hold the shattered glass together, for the most part, thereby shielding the driver and other occupants of the car. The flying glass shards may easily get into the eyes, so tinting windows is worth considering for all car owners. Moreover, tinting windows is an excellent way to make your vehicle look more stylish and sleeker, thus increasing its appeal and value in the long run.

Various Tint levels

Tinting films for car windows are measured in VLTs (visible light transmission) that are represented through a specific percentage of the visible light that can be transmitted through the windows. Based on how darker the tint should be, there are various tinting methods that you can choose, with careful consideration to certain factors such as the reason for tinting, and permissible VLT levels as per the state laws. Some common levels of tinting are factory tint, OEM tint and film tint. Looking for a reliable auto glass tinting service in Oakville? Contact or visit Speers Auto Glass to discuss your requirements. Tags: