Auto Glass Replacement Options to Consider

Getting an cracked windshield replacement is an investment in how your car looks and your safety on the road as you make your way across Oakville. Auto glass replacements can largely affect your budget and schedule, and determine your safety in the future. To make the most out of this investment, you will want to know what it entails, as well as how you can get the best use from it over time. To be a careful car owner, it helps to get to know the process in an auto glass replacement, the options you should consider, and common problems that arise during an auto glass replacement that could compromise the service you get. Considering an auto glass replacement? You can trust Speers for top quality auto glass. Call us at 905-339-0339 today for a free quote and fast replacement in Oakville!

Auto Glass Replacement Options

Dealer-Manufactured Auto Glass

Dealer-manufactured auto glass is the top option for auto glass replacement, and it comes at quite the price for good reason. This type of auto glass replacement uses glass especially produced by your car’s manufacturer, crafted according to the exact specifications of your car’s make and model. Because of this, dealer replacement glass has the best quality and fit for your car, including allotments for accessories. It comes with set pins for exact placement, as well as attachments for heating grids, rain sensor brackets, camera mounts and mirror brackets, all crafted according to your car’s exact model. All these help guarantee the best view of the road from your windshield and your safety in Oakville.

Aftermarket Glass from Original Equipment Manufacturer

Aftermarket auto glass replacement parts suitably fit your car’s make and model, but these are not necessarily produced by your car’s manufacturer, unlike dealer replacement auto glass. However, these still meet quality standards of manufacturers, and are supplied to auto glass repair and replacement companies as a budget-friendlier alternative to dealer parts. Many aftermarket auto glass replacements also include attachment pins and mounting options for accessories, just without the dealer trademark. Aftermarket auto glass replacements are also reliable matches for the tint or color of the rest of your car’s glass, as well as border markings. When getting an aftermarket replacement, just watch out for the attachment hardware, as this is where dealer and aftermarket replacements mainly differ. Attachments in aftermarket auto glass replacements may or may not be dealer parts, but this does not usually pose problems because replacement parts are subject to stringent quality control checks to make sure they fit each car’s make and model. Overall, if you’re looking for a smart way to get top quality auto glass replacement in Burlington without the expensive dealer trademark for attachments and accessories, aftermarket auto glass is definitely worth considering.

Generic Glass

Generic glass is the cheapest type of auto glass replacement, but it a sacrifices quality. Since these are generic options, these are not measured to the exact specifications of a car’s make and model, and are likely to be a poor fit. Many car owners who opted for this cheaper route found themselves shelling out larger costs to fix the damage caused by generic auto glass replacements. They encountered problems such as inconsistent coloration, distortion, poor handling that resulted in scratches, chipped edges and broken attachments – all indicators of low quality auto glass replacement. Inconsistent auto glass colors affect how a car looks and reflects poor quality of service. Distortions of view from a car’s windshield are dangerous, as these affect a driver’s field of vision. Generic auto glass replacements that arrive with scratches, chipped edges and broken attachments reflect poor quality and handling, an undesirable consequence of choosing the cheapest option. These have led to leaks, weakness, vibrations, noise and safety issues that cost more to repair and correct in the long run just to stay safe in Oakville. Choose an auto glass shop in Oakville that uses only dealer or aftermarket replacements. Call Speers at 905-339-0339 today for a free quote and fast, quality auto glass replacement!