Finding the Best Windshield Repair Price in Oakville

Choosing the cheapest option for a windshield repair is never the right course of action. Although cheaper prices for repairs may be more tempting to go for, it is very important to keep in mind that if the windshield repair is poorly done, it may end up causing more harm than improvement, not to mention cost you more in the end. Speers Auto Glass guides you with four easy steps to follow when looking for an affordable and high quality windshield repair company. If you need a windshield repair quote in Oakville, call into Speers Auto Glass for a free quote! (905) 339-0339.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies often offer full coverage on minor windshield damages such as rock chips. Call into your insurance company before bringing your car into a repair shop and ask if they offer full coverage. Having the insurance coverage can get the quality windshield repair you need without having to pay a cent out of your own pocket.The repair company gets paid by the insurance company rather than you paying, if the windshield damage is small enough.

Call and Compare

It’s important that you go to a reputable windshield repair shop to ensure that you are getting the best quality repair. Do some online research and find recommendations of auto glass repair shops before calling in and inquiring about their repair prices. Doing a proper comparison can help you determine which repair company offers the best option for you, incorporating quality and price.

Check Whether Your Windshield is Repairable

You should establish whether your windshield is in need of a repair or a full replacement. Many not reputable companies will offer a repair although your windshield is in need of a full replacement as it is quick and simple. Your windshield can only be repaired if it has less than 4 minor chips, that are smaller than a dime. Cracks over a certain length may also require a complete replacement of the windshield instead of a quick repair.

Types of Windshield Damages That Cannot Usually Be Repaired

To ease your search, the following windshield damages would require a full replacement:
  1. Damages on the interior of the windshield
  2. damage that reaches 300mm into the driver’s primary viewing area
  3. Cracks and chips on the edges
  4. Multiple damages that are larger than the size of a dime
  • Did you know? The windshield contributes up to 30% of the the overall support of your car! A poorly installed windshield will not have the strength to fully support the roof of your car and provide the safety barrier around you and your passengers. That’s why we emphasize choosing a company you can trust!
Beating the competitors’ prices, Speers Auto Glass can warrant you the most cost-efficient and quality windshield repair price in Oakville! Call in today at (905) 339-0339 for a free quote!