Bus Safety for Your Child

If your child rides a bus to school every day it’s important to discuss bus safety with them. When it comes to getting off and on the bus children need to be aware of their surroundings. If there are multiple kids who wait at a bus stop it’s best to form a line to get onto the bus. The line should begin 10-15 feet from the curb and go directly back rather than lining up horizontally. When the bus has come to a complete stop and the door opens it’s okay to get onto the bus. Make sure you child knows not to run or push to get a special seat on the bus. If the bus has seat-belts your child should buckle up as soon as they sit down. It’s important to stay seated with your legs facing forward in the event of an accident. Remind your child to refrain from throwing toys, backpacks, or food around on the bus as this could distract the driver. Follow all of the rules that the bus driver lays out. These will include no eating or drinking, no yelling, and no standing. All of these rules are put in place to keep your child safe while travelling to and from school every day. Once your child has gotten to school remind them to always walk in front of the bus if necessary rather than behind it. This will ensure the driver can see you at all times. By talking with your child about bus safety they will have a better understanding of why it’s important to be careful while riding the bus. Check our auto glass services page at https://www.speersautoglass.ca/auto-glass-services/