Can You Drive Safely With A Windshield Crack?

Windshield cracks are a nuisance in any driver’s day to day life. Cracked windshield also pose a plethora of safety issues for you and any passengers you have in your vehicle. Some drivers think it is safe to drive for as long as possible with a crack on their windshield, putting off the inevitable repair they will need. Our goal here at Speers is to keep you and your passengers safe, along with everyone else on the road. Can you safely drive with a crack in your windshield? Read below to find out!

Can I Drive With A Windshield Crack?

The best and safest option, of course, is to fix the crack right away. Even the smallest of cracks or chips have the potential to grow and spread, and this can happen while you are on the road. This chance is heightened if weather conditions are anything less than ideal. Even some small pebbles and other typical road debris could cause a spread of your crack. Driving with a crack in your windshield, as such, is a very dangerous and scary practice. You will need to take into account the following questions:

Is the crack or chip very severe?

A minor chip might be able to get away with some procrastination from repair. While this is not advisable, either, it is true that a chip is less severe than a crack. If you find yourself in a position where you have a very minor chip or crack and have no means of having it repaired, make sure to take extra caution on the road and get a repair as soon as you can. A more severe crack or chip will need immediate attention.

Where is the chip or crack located?

If your crack or chip obstructs your view in any ways, it would be advisable not to drive until it has been repaired. While you might assume that a crack that is an inch in size will not obstruct your view, in reality, it can be very distracting to even the most attentive of drivers. If the crack or chip is very minor and not in your field of vision, you will have more leeway time in terms of having it repaired.

Is Windshield Repair Costly?

We at Speers do everything in our power to offer affordable rates on windshield repair. If budget is an issue, than you will most definitely need to have your crack repaired right away. Besides safety, a crack that spread will warrant a full windshield replacement, which is much more costly.