Why Should You Care About Damaged Windshields

The auto glass of your car is important as it is more than a way for you to see the road. It acts as an overlay of protection for you and your passengers which is why it is important to get Oakville windshield repair or replacements done even for small incidents. When there are large-scale accidents, the auto glass of your car may be shattered to a point where you know you have to get it fixed. For smaller auto glass chips and cracks, however, drivers often neglect to have it looked like since it appears less serious. Minor cracks in your windshield may seem like a small problem but it is extremely dangerous and, depending on the case, could be illegal too. Keep reading to understand why damaged windshields and auto glass are risky to continue driving with.

Car Ejection

When accidents happen, seat-belts often hold drivers and the passengers back from being ejected from the car. Windshields and auto glass are a secondary precaution — they act as an added buffer. When the auto glass is cracked, accidents will magnify the damage. Without a secure windshield, that buffer no long exists and passengers are at risk to be ejected out of the vehicle.

Structural Integrity

Without any cracks, a windshield is able to transfer the force of a front-end impact to the rest of the frame of the car. Front-end accidents are usually high impact cases and as a result. The windshield’s ability to transfer that force helps to reduce the shock inside the car and to the passengers. Just like car ejection, if the windshield is cracked, a front-end incident will put everyone at higher risk of sustaining injuries. Beyond spreading the force to the framework, the windshield also adds structural support to the car. It prevents the roof from caving in during extreme incidents, such as vehicle flips. Thus, a crack in the glass will not only weaken the windshield for front-end cases but can be detrimental in severe accidents where the roof will collapse.

Airbag Malfunction

During a collision, the airbags in a car are inflated towards the passengers. The windshield is a point of contact for the airbag — from there it forces the airbag in the direction of the passenger. With cracks or damages in the auto glass, the force of the airbag will have the ability to damage that safety precaution and the airbag will inflate out of the shattered glass — rather than at the passenger. This leaves the passengers at risk since they would not have protection. Windshields are an integral part of a car and the framework depends on the stability and strength of the windshield. It also provides protection to you as a driver and to your passengers — which is why minor damages are concerning and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

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