Check your windshield for small repairable damages before going on a trip!

It doesn’t take much time or money to repair those small car glass damages like stone chips, but neglecting them can “damage” your fun summer vacation. Inspect your car glass first, repair it with us, some minor stone chip repairs are FREE to you and paid to us by the insurance directly. Call now 905-339-0339 in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Mississauga West. It’s summer time, meaning you might be getting geared up for this years cross-country road trip! Before you pack up your car, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is in the right condition for such a long voyage. Conducting a thorough inspection of your vehicle is not only responsible, but it could also save you from an unwanted bump in the road of your trip. Don’t get stranded in the middle of no where, simply follow the Speers guide for your road-trip vehicle inspection. Safe-travels! Make sure to check some of the more often overlooked components of your car.
  1. Check your tires, tire pressure, and your tread. Make sure all of these are performing at their highest level, as you will be on the road and driving for much longer than you normally would. Even the slightest bit of wear on any of these levels could prove to be disastrous later in the trip.
  2. Check your brakes, hoses and belts! All of these are such vital and important parts to ensuring your are driving carefully and safely. You are going to put all of these components into overdrive during your trip, so you need to ensure that they are in the right condition for the voyage.
  3. Check your air filters, wipers, exterior, and interior lighting. A mishap with any one of these will set your trip back and could be potentially dangerous.
  4. Make sure your fluid levels are at a safe amount. You should check all fluid levels, meaning your engine oil, windshield washer solvent, and your antifreeze or coolant.

A pre-trip inspection is key!

Have your car inspected by a trusted and reliable technician before departure. This could make a huge impact on your trip. If something is wrong with the car, you will have it fixed immediately and have a safe trip. If you do not, however, there is a chance that you will have a broken down vehicle in the middle of your road-trip, which will be much more costly and is likely to ruin your road trip plans.