Checking the windshield of a used car – before you buy tips

Although we are here to talk about what we know best which is auto glass, we went on asking the mechanics we work with for quick tips to go along with our auto glass suggestions to  give you a broad prospective of what to look for when buying a used car. We are not car mechanics and therefore suggest that you take any car to a professional shop for diagnostics, but do read some of the ideas we came up with on top of what you may already know and what the shop advised you. Buying a used car is an exciting and exhilarating time. Because your adrenaline might be pumping from the new-car high, you may overlook simple yet important things you need to do for your new ride. Today, Speers will give you a comprehensive and solid list of the four things you need to do when you purchase a used vehicle. Make sure you have completed this list and safe travels! Start from the outside Рlook at the car for visible damages and repairs. First thing we look at are the windows, front windshield, back window and in some models the sunroof. Are they cracked? small stone chip damages? scratch marks on glass? need an estimate for a repair or replacement? Here are some other ideas, again this list may be used as a casual advise for a professional one and before making a decision consult a professional shop.

Licence, registration, and insurance

This might seem obvious, but it is one of the most important steps when you get yourself a new (or old?) vehicle. Make sure you get licensed, registered and insured.

Have a mechanic take a look

While this would optimally be done before you purchase the vehicle, right after purchase is your next best bet. Some used cars will come with a few hiccups and bumps in the road. Have it assessed and get the small stuff fixed before you start using the car heavily; this will reduce the likelihood of small problems becoming big problems.

Change those filters!

This step is particularly important, and will help your used car feel as new as possible! Make sure to change the air, fuel, transmission,and oil filters. Some of these might still be in acceptable condition, but if you’re going to be doing some restoration, you might as well get the job out of the way and have your car perform as optimally as possible.

Perform some spring cleaning

This used car is now yours, so it is time to make sure the mess in it is solely yours! Having the interior of your car thoroughly washed and disinfected will give you some peace of mind, especially if you are particular about mess and bacteria! The exterior can be cleaned as well, but the interior should be the main focus.