Classic Car Windshield Replacement

If you’re a fan of older car models and makes, it is probably no surprise to your how frustrating repairs and alterations might be. The reason for this frustration is usually due to the fact that having the right parts, and even repair professionals that are knowledgeable about these parts, might be very difficult to find. Because these cars have not been manufactured in a long while, their parts are scarce and hard to find. Even if you do come across a part you need, the price might be a little too high. So what happens when you need auto glass and windshield repair or replacement on your classic car? Speers is here to answer this, plus more, in our Classic Car Windshield Guide!

Where to Find Replacement Windshields for Classic Cars

You might be out of look in terms of searching through mainstream and chain stores for your auto glass replacement for your classic car, but that does not mean there is no hope. If you’re car was first made over 40 years ago, your best bet probably won’t be mainstream retailers. Instead, start scourging junk yards, lawn sales, and car clubs. Better yet, visit a auto glass repair professional at Speers who can help you through figuring out a solution to your classic car woes. The perfect windshield for your classic car might be on hand, so contact a technician today.
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Custom Made Windshields

As previously mentioned, the auto glass experts at Speers might be able to help you with replacing your windshield. Custom made windshields are a very convenient solution for cars that are no longer manufactured.
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New vs. Old

You might be debating between finding a replacement windshield for your classic car from the junkyard and such, and while this is a very viable solution, it might not be right for everyone. The costs between buying an older windshield and having a custom made windshield can grow to be enormous. Some older windshields might be classified as antiques, making them costly.  Plus, it is a time consuming process, and a custom made windshield might save you not only money, but also time.
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