Most Common Causes of Damage to Windshield in S/S

While unfortunate, cracks and chips in the windshield happen to the best of us. It doesn’t matter what season it is, there is always the chance that damage occurs to your auto glass. In the spring and summer, you might find that hail has left a chip in your windshield or a storm has caused debris to fall on your car. When this occurs, the safest thing to do is to get your windshield repaired right away. By leaving it, the damage can become much worse; for example, you might be forced to get an auto glass replacement in Oakville, which is more expensive than a repair. Keep reading to find out the biggest causes of damage to auto glass in the spring and summer.

Leading Causes of Damage to Auto Glass in S/S

The calendar period falling from May through October (aka the spring and summer seasons) is consists of the following:


Hail can not only cause damage, it can make it much worse if there are already cracks in the auto glass. In some cases, hail can even cause the auto glass to shatter completely.

Lightning and Thunderstorms:

These storms can bring high winds, which can cause debris to fall on your vehicle, damaging the glass.

Heavy rain:

Again, like lightning and thunderstorms, heavy rain can bring about high winds that can cause damage to the auto glass on cars. If there is damage to the glass already, rainwater can get in the cracks and cause them to expand.

Tropical storms:

While these don’t often affect us here in Canada, if you plan on traveling down south, there is a chance that you can get caught up in a hurricane, which can most definitely wreak havoc on your car’s auto glass. As mentioned above, all of these potential weather conditions can lead to a cracks or chips in your windshield, both of which make it difficult to see and avoid potential road hazards. A damaged windshield can also increase chances of a fender bender, endangering the lives of you and your loved ones. If freak storms this spring and summer leave your car with a damaged or broken windshield, give the auto glass experts at Speers Auto Glass a call and schedule an auto glass repair or replacement in Hamilton. Our technicians will perform a fast, high-quality windshield replacement either at our shop or we can come to your home if your windshield is too damaged to drive safely. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Book an appointment today! In need of an auto glass replacement in Oakville? Call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 today for fast and cost-effective windshield replacement.