Common Sunroof Issues You Need to Be On the Lookout For!

After months of uncertainty, the hot weather is finally upon us. Many of us are itching to get out and into the sun as its rays beam down in full effect. For motorists, they are enthralled by the ability to finally roll down the windows and open the sunroof; taking in the warm summer air. Sunroofs across the country have been out of service for quite some time due to the cold weather and influx of snow, rain, and hail over the past several months. With that being said, it’s important to make sure your sunroof is in full working order before taking full advantage of it. Notice anything wrong with your sunroof? Our Oakville based shop offers sunroof repair to help enjoy the wide open air in no time!

What are some common issues to look out for when it comes to your sunroof?

1. Leaky roof

When rain comes down, motorists are often grateful at the fact that they have full protection from the torrential downpour. With windows and the sunroof up and closed, it’s easy to feel invincible against wet conditions. However, your sunroof could cause some of that rainfall to come into your vehicle. Your sunroof contains a well that collects water. The water then navigates through drains and onto the ground, allowing water to only hit the surface of your vehicle and not slip through any cracks. However, this drains can become clogged and when that does happen, there is no way for the water to exit the well of the sunroof. Although this may not cause an issue after a light rainfall, heavy rain conditions or constant rainy days can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior. The water build up will enter your vehicle as it has no way to disperse to the ground. Typically, this accumulation of water will sit atop your vehicle and disperse into the front of the cabin, potentially leaving you in a very wet situation. It’s important to ensure all drains are free from any build up or clogs.2. Broken glass Hail and ice were prevalent for quite some time over the past several months. These tiny, but fierce elements can cause some serious damage to a vehicle’s sunroof. Depending on the size and force of the pellets, some can cause cracks, scratches, and chips to a sunroof. If not dealt with, these small issues could turn into something much larger. Small fragments of glass can also get lodged into mechanical portions of the sunroof causing it to not function properly. Minor damage can easily be repaired but should be done so as soon as possible to avoid a costly replacement or any potential safety hazard. Before cracking open the sunroof this summer, give it a quick inspection and ensure it is free of any chips, cracks, or scratches.

3. Mechanical Issues

Sometimes sunroof malfunctions are beyond what we can control. Dead motors, broken switches, damaged wires, or blown fuses could be grounds for sunroofs not functioning properly. In these instances, the sunroof may only open half way or not open/respond at all. If these issues do arise, the fix can be a little more complex as it comes down to the interior well-being of your vehicle. If your sunroof fails to function, even in the slightest bit, it’s important to get it looked at by a certified mechanic who can identify the issue and help you resolve it in a timely manner.

4. Sticky roofs

Sometimes sunroofs are rendered inoperable due to exterior issues. If your sunroof isn’t fully functioning and any internal issues have been ruled out, it may come down to the tracks the sunroof lays on. These tracks are what push the sunroof up and prop it back down. If these tracks become sticky, it can cause compromised function of your sunroof. If this is determined to be the issue, silicone grease is typically utilized to lubricate the tracks and bring the apparatus back to normal working order.

5. Tips for maintaining your sunroof

Even in the months when your sunroof is deemed out of order, it is important to keep check of it, like any other part of your vehicle. This can help you pinpoint any defects and get help asap if required. Doing the following can help increase the longevity of your sunroof and avoid larger issues down the road:
  • Doing a simple external look – check to make sure your sunroof is free of any cracks, chips, or scratches
  • Regular car washes – car washes can help get rid of any build up that may be residing in the cavities of your sunroof
  • Opening the sunroof from time to time – even in the colder months, operate your sunroof from time to time to ensure it is properly functioning
  • If you notice any damage, bring your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible
Need to get your sunroof in tip-top shape for the summer? Contact us today for sunroof repairs or replacements!