Common Windshield Mistakes in Winter

In the Winter, you need to take extra care of your vulnerable windshield. There are some (sadly) common habits that vehicle owners perform in the Winter that can jeopardize the safety of you and your windshield. Now that we are in the chilly month of January, it is the perfect time to practice auto glass-friendly behaviors on your windshield and sunroof. Learn all the tips and tricks from the windshield repair shops in Oakville.

Do Not Pour Hot Water on Frozen Auto Glass!

If your windshield is frozen solid, you might assume that pouring a hot liquid will help quickly defrost your auto glass. While it might work to melt the ice, it may also crack your windshield! The temperature shift from the cold ice to the hot water can cause tension in the auto glass and create a breakage in a weak point of the windshield. The hot water will then leak into the crack, and expand the damage even more! Instead, make sure to use an ice scraper on a frozen windshield. While it may be time consuming, it is much healthier for the longevity of your windshield and your overall safety.

Remember to Change your Wipers

It can be easy to forget to change your windshield wipers in the Winter time, but is can be extremely dangerous to not do so. Have you noticed that your wipers are leaving behind more streaks than before? This means your windshield wipers need to be changed ASAP. Your safety on the road is crucial, and your visibility of the road is incredibly important to making sure you’re safe.

Leaving Car Idle While Warming it Up

It’s completely fine to leave your car to warm up in the morning. For a little while. Your car is not designed to stand idle for long periods of time, and keeping it on to warm it up can cause some serious issues. Your spark plugs might be negatively affected by this behavior. Your engine can also potentially become less efficient with gas, causing you to spend much more money on gas every time! Did your windshield become damaged this Winter? Give Speers a call at 905-339-0039 today!