Common Windshield Repair Mistakes To Avoid

Have you noticed a small crack, chip or divot on your windshield recently? Believe it not, when car owners see minor damages as such, many resort to trying to fix the problem on their own in efforts to save some money. Unfortunately though, when done improperly, do-it-yourself repairs can be dangerous and more expensive to fix down the road. As a result, you’ll want to steer clear of potential complications by avoiding these 3 common windshield repair mistakes we shared. At Speers, our team of windshield repair specialists in Oakville value the safety of you and your passengers. From simple stone chips and cracks to more complex repairs, our team has the knowledge and experience to help. To discover how you can avoid further damage to your vehicle’s windshield, keep reading:

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Kits

One of the most common windshield repair mistakes car owners make is trying to fix their damages on their own. While it may be tempting to purchase a cheap, do-it-yourself, at home repair kit from your local hardware store to remedy a small crack or chip, our highly trained technicians at Speers highly recommend against it. From creating new damages to complicating old ones, your DIY “solution” could cost you more down the road–especially so if you have little to no knowledge of windshields. Not only can the improper measures make your vehicle more susceptible to damage, you could also render your windshield unusable should you amplify the damages.

Avoid Watching or Following a Repair Tutorial

Ever heard of the saying “easier said than done”? Well, this saying proves true when it comes to windshield repairs and replacements. Although watching a video tutorial of an experienced technician repair a windshield may seem easy enough as it is, the reality is that windshield repairs are complicated and should be handled with the utmost diligence. As one of the most delicate processes in auto glass, our team at Speers believes that windshield repairs should only be performed by trusted, qualified personnel with the proper credentials.

Avoid Delaying Your Repairs

Unfortunately, many victims of windshield damages will opt to repair their windshield at a later date. However, it should be noted that windshield damages in any capacity should never be taken lightly. While a small crack may appear as just that, you should know that overtime, the crack can spread and cause your windshield to shatter or give in completely. Spare yourself from the safety hazards of driving with a damaged/broken windshield, as well as a hefty repair and replacement bill, by taking your vehicle to a professional at the first sign of damages.

How Speers Auto Glass Can Help

Have you made one or more of these common windshield repair mistakes already? Don’t fret! Our team of highly-skilled technicians at Speers have the knowledge and experience to help. Offering the lowest prices in the GTA guaranteed, we’ll ensure that you get back on the roads as quickly and safely as possible, without breaking the bank. In fact, we’ll even pay up to 100% on insurance deductibles!

In need of a windshield repair or replacement in Oakville? Don’t sit on it. Contact Speers Auto Glass today at 905-339-0339 to schedule an appointment.