Cracked Windshields in Winter

A chipped or cracked windshield is always a danger, but did you know that it is especially dangerous during the cold Winter months? During Winter, the cold, hail, sleet, and snow can negatively impact your already compromised windshield. It is crucial to have any and all cracks or chips repaired in a speedy manner, but what happens in the Winter seasons? What risks are further associated with cracks and chips in the windshield during the colder months? Read below to find out!

Why Is Winter Dangerous For Cracked Windshields?

Your windshield serves a simple, yet vastl important role: it protects you from harm and damage. Your car’s structural strength relies on your windshield. Not only that, your windshield also performs some other crucial tasks, such as:

  1. Ensuring your airbag deploys in an emergency
  2. Stop the driver from being thrown out of a rolling car
  3. Stop wind from hurting passengers

As such, any damage to the windshield should be treated very seriously. But why is winter any different from the rest of the year?

At freezing temperatures, your seemingly small chip or crack has a much, much higher chance of spreading. The lower the temperature gets, the higher your chances for a chip to spread.

Not only that, but cold or freezing temperatures also put your windshield through some tremendous stress. The constant temperature changes from hot to cold can, in itself, lead to damage to your windshield. Factoring in a crack or chip leaves you with quite the risk.

Why Repair Your Windshield Before Winter?

If your small crack or chip spreads, you have two things to worry about. One, your safety could be put into jeopardy. You put yourself at risk of your windshield breaking completely while you are driving! Second, you also make the chances of a full break mroe likely, which would warrant a full windshield replacement. A repair is peanuts compared to a replacement. Prevent the need for a replacement service this Winter, by having all of your windshield bumps and nicks repaired!