Cracks and Chips: How to Protect your Windshield from Extensive Damage

It can happen in an instant – so fast that you would never be able to see it coming. You’re driving along the highway, heading home after work, listening to your favorite tunes and vibing out and just enjoying the nice everything drive. You get home, then all of a sudden you hear a SMACK, you flinch, look up, and realize you have a small chip in your windshield. You may think the chip is small enough to dismiss; it won’t distract you from the road and it’s not directly obstructing your view. Although that may be true, it doesn’t mean that the chip won’t grow, ultimately costing you more to get fixed or repaired. Your best option is going to be going to a professional to have your windshield repairs near me. Our Mississauga based team has a plethora of experience in fixing cracks and chips. However, if  can’t make it to the shop right away or you are just looking for some tips to avoid any auto glass related issues in the future, here are  some tips you can follow to keep you and your loved ones safe:

Do not do it yourself

No matter how big or small a chip in a windshield is, the repair should be done by professionals and requires specials skills and tools. A mistake during your DIY operation can cause contamination and make the repair more expensive/difficult in the future. Regular maintenance and checkups, however, can be done on your own. Checking your glass every so often and keeping it clean are ways you can help preserve your glass. When it comes to the repairs themselves, however, it is best to leave it to those who can ensure the job is done right with longevity in mind.

Cover it

If you do feel the need to do something proactive about the new chip in your windshield, we suggest you cover it with a clear piece of packaging tape. This will stop anything from entering the crack and will help to reduce expansion. This should only be done temporarily, not as a way to fix the crack for weeks to come. If the crack is in your windshield, clear tape is ideal in order to prevention vision obstruction. A “band-aid” solution that some often utilize is applying clear nail polish to their broken/cracked windshield. This does not provide a permanent fix for the crack and can lead to further problems down the road. There is the potential for erosion of the glass or simply, forgetting it’s there- two issues that could result in a strenuous repair.

Limit your driving

The best thing to do is not to drive, but we know that nearly impossible. If your daily commute requires driving, it’s best to get that crack repaired as soon as possible. The longer you drive with the damage, the higher the potential for more issues to arise. Driving causes vibrations throughout the car, which end up in the windshield. The vibrations and the elements of weather are a bad mixture, causing chips to expand. If you do drive, park in a shady spot, avoid all the potholes you see and do not slam your doors closed!

Do not blast the heater

We know, it’s winter and it’s getting cold, but blasting the heater in your car causes a sudden change in temperature, the perfect environment for chips to expand. As temperatures drop, we all want to go ahead and crank that heat up, but the best way to do so is to ease your vehicle into it. When you get into your car, utilize minimal heating. The worst thing you could do for the crack/chip is to have an immense fluctuation of temperature over a short period of time. The chip may not seem like a crucial problem, however, even the smallest chip in a windshield can lead to a  bigger, more dangerous problem. The chip lets moisture, air, and dirt get between the multiple layers of glass in your windshield. One day the chip can be the size of a penny, the next it can be fully shattered. Do not risk it. The longer you leave a chip uninspected the weaker the glass as a whole will become. With winter coming, make sure your windshield is in perfect shape. Leaving a chip unattended during these upcoming months will lead to cracks that can not be easily replaced, costing you more to have the entire glass replaced. Come see us at Speers Auto Glass, we’ll look to repair your windshield and save you every dollar we can. If we can’t repair it, we promise to replace it fully at a very reasonable price. Contact us today and get a free quote!