Do I Need To Fix Small Damages on my Windshield?

All too often do people believe that small cracks and chips in their windshield are normal, safe, and do not need to be addressed by a skilled professional. Small damages are more than just aesthetic issues, they can cause serious issues in the long run to not only your vehicles, but also to you and others on the road. Make sure you are safe on the road by reading our windshield repair blog below!

Damage Spreading

While you small rock chin looks harmless, it can spread across your whole windshield. Cracks are specifically likely to spread eventually. This could turn your simple windshield repair into a full blown windshield replacement, which is costly and takes a lot more time. Save yourself the stress and the danger of having a fully broken windshield by simply repairing your minor damages quickly!

Insurance Coverage

Having a small ding repaired is a low-cost venture, but what’s even better than paying very little for an auto glass service? Paying nothing, of course! Most insurance companies will cover windshield repairs in your deductible. However, some insurance companies do not cover the costs of windshield replacements, so make sure to have your damage assessed before it spreads.

Aesthetic Issues

Considering the fact that most people’s vehicles are one of their biggest and most costly purchases, it should be obvious that keeping it in good and aesthetically pleasing condition is important. A windshield that is covered in kicks and cracks will make your vehicle appear much older than it is, especially since repair costs are very low!

Selling Value

A car that is free of small damage will sell much easier and for a higher price than one that is damaged. This is easily the quickest way to heighten the resale value of your car for a small amount of cash. Have your chips and cracks repaired and see the difference it can make on the resale value of your car! Get your small damages repaired for less today! Contact Speers Auto Glass today at 905-339-0339!