The Do’s and Don’ts of Post Auto Glass Replacement

After an auto glass repair, you’re likely eager to keep your windshield looking spotless. At Speers, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed, and that includes ensuring you’re aware of the control you have over your auto glass, as the driver of your vehicle. There are the do and don’t you can follow to be sure you’re not causing any early damage to your new auto glass, such as:

Do: Preserve Your Glass Where You Can

Take a logical approach to preserving your windshield. Taking your car through a car wash soon after your replacement may not be the best idea. This immense water exposure could cause slight leaking if the adhesive is not 100% dry.

Don’t: Avoid Rainfall

Restricting yourself from driving your car while it’s raining is not necessary in order to maintain your new auto glass. There is a difference between light natural drizzle and the pressure that a car wash puts on your windshield. A comfortable amount of moisture can actually help speed up the sealing process of the adhesive on your auto glass.

Do: Abide By The Recommended Wait Times

There’s often a short wait time provided by your technician that informs you when it’s safe to drive your vehicle. This usually doesn’t take more than an hour, but confirming your time is always a good idea. Some vehicles can take up to 24 hours to have completely dry auto glass.

Don’t: Ignore Your Auto Glass Condition

Keep an eye on your auto glass after it’s replaced. If you happen to get a minor chip, it’s best to get this repaired quickly to avoid a potentially full replacement. Small marks on your windshield tend to always lead to bigger problems, so preventative care should always be on your mind.

Do: Reflect on Your Daily Commute

If you often have issues with your auto glass and seem to get stone chips a lot, think about the route you drive regularly or on a daily basis. If you take a particularly bumpy road with “under construction” areas, it may be best to find a new route temporarily. Keeping your vehicle parked in a safe area is also a great precaution to take to ensure that other people are not the cause of your auto glass damage. Speers Auto Glass makes sure your transition to a new, pristine windshield is as successful as possible. We do our part to offer you efficient service, but we also recognize the role we play in keeping our customers just as involved in their repair or replacement process. This is the best approach to assuring our auto glass services provide the longest lifespan possible. Does your auto glass need replacing? Keep your windshield in pristine condition after the job gets done with Speers. Give us a call today at 905-339-0339 for auto glass service in Oakville.