Driving Tips For Avoiding Windshield Replacement

Spring is here! The weather will be starting to get warmer soon (hopefully!). This means you’re going to start planning roads trips, vacations; that’s a lot more driving than the winter months. This also means that your car’s windshield is more likely to get damaged Try as we might, sometimes those pesky cracks and chips are just unavoidable. If you need a windshield replacement, give Speers Auto Glass a call. We have years of experience, competitive prices, and include lifetime warranties with all our services. The simplest way to avoid a windshield replacement, is to just not get your windshield damaged. Easier said than done. While damage to our windshields is not always avoidable on the roads, there are a couple of simple things that you can do while driving to avoid cracks and chips from rocks that might get thrown at your car. Keep reading for our driving tips on how to avoid damage to your windshield.

Driving Tips

1. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are found usually on larger vehicles; they are used to protect the vehicle, and the cars around and behind it, from mud, dirt, rocks, debris, etc. that might fly off the tires of the larger vehicle. The larger tires won’t necessarily throw more rocks, but they will throw them farther. If the flaps are ripped, then they are not much help against rocks that could fly up at your windshield. Also, even though larger trucks are supposed to have mud flaps, not all of them do; make sure you take note of larger vehicles and stay a safe distance from them to avoid damage to your windshield.

2. Distance

This a really easy tip that most people seem to forget. Drive a safe distance back from other cars. If you are following too closely to other cars, aka tailgating, you are much more likely to get hit by rocks and other debris. We all do it from time to time, but try and remember the three second rule; this rule states that you should maintain a speed that puts you three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. Choose a marker that the car in front of you passes, and count how long it takes you to drive past it. If it’s less than three seconds, slow down speedy.

3. Parking

If you have the option to park in covered parking, such as a parking garage, take it. You vehicle will be less exposed to the elements, and less likely to get accidental damage.

4. Wheels

Remember, if two back wheels can throw rocks at your windshield, vehicles with four back tires will do it twice as much. If you get behind a vehicle with four back tires, try and move if you can do so safely. If not, slow down and put more space between you and the larger vehicle. It may take longer to get to your destination, but at least you’ll get there in one piece.

5. Weather

Check the weather regularly for bad snow, rain and hailstorms, when you windshield will be more likely to get damaged. If you can avoid going out in this weather than stay inside. If you can’t, drive carefully and take extra notice of what’s around you.

6. Gravel Roads

If you are driving down a gravel or dirt road take extra care, since you are way more likely to get rocks thrown at your windshield. If you see cars pulling off a gravel road, slow down and give them extra space in case any rocks get thrown while they are pulling onto the new road.

7. Repair

If you do happen to get cracks or chips in your windshield, take your car to Speers Auto Glass right away and get it repaired before the damage gets worse. Remember, a windshield repair costs much less than a windshield replacement. Do you have bad cracks in your windshield? Call Speers Auto Glass at (905) 339-0339 for a windshield replacement today.