Why You Should Hold Off On the A/C With a Cracked Windshield

Spring is passing us by quickly and summer will be here before we know it. As the temperature quickly rises, most of us have a tendency to flip on the air conditioning in their car to keep cool from the scorching heat. While this might make the ride home in rush hour more enjoyable, it can turn into a nightmare if you have a crack in your windshield. You may or may not have heard that the contrasting temperatures inside and outside of a car can increase the spread crack. By cranking up the A/C, the opposing air force can further stress the damage on your auto glass. This can make even the tiniest of cracks grow, eventually making what would have been a windshield repair a replacement instead. How can you stop this and still enjoy your A/C during a heatwave? Easy – bring your car to Speers Auto Glass! Here you can get an efficient windshield repair at an affordable price in Oakville. During the time before your appointment, use the following tips to keep your windshield protected from further damage.

Don’t Wait

The best and most efficient way to ensure your those tiny cracks and chips in your windshield don’t turn into giant cracks is to get your windshield repaired as soon as you can. Speers Auto Glass offers convenient same day appointments and can finish your repair in about 30 minutes. Can’t take time off to come see us? With our mobile services, we can come to you, making it even easier to get your windshield repaired quickly.

Keep the A/C Turned Off

We know it’s not fun riding in a hot car during the summer, but if you’re travelling in a vehicle with a damaged windshield, turning the A/C can make the damage get worse a lot faster than you might think. Roll down the windows down instead until the repair can be done.

Avoid Sunlight

Parking in direct sunlight can with the windows sealed can cause pressure in the vehicle, further damaging it. Try and avoid parking in direct sunlight until the repair can be done, such as a parking garage or in the shade. If you can avoid parking in the sun, keep your windows cracked a bit to let out some of the pressure.

Be Gentle with the Doors

Slamming a car door can also cause a force that can also make a crack spread. Make sure to close your doors gently to reduce the chances of the crack growing.

Wait to Wash Your Vehicle

Just like how turning on the A/C can cause cracks and chips to grow, spraying ice cold water on a hot, cracked windshield can also increase the chances of the damage getting worse. Either wait until the repair has been done, or wait until the evening when it cools down to give your car a quick wash. Even though the crack in your windshield may appear small, there are many ways it can grow until your windshield can no longer be safely repaired and must be replaced instead. Call Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 today for fast and cost-effective windshield crack repair.