How To Fix A Leaky Sunroof

A wet and mouldy car can be a very troublesome problem to deal with. A broken sunroof can cause irreversible damage on the interior of your car; having it repaired is crucial and will save you money in the long run. If you want to try fixing your leaky sunroof on your own, read about our methods on how to fix and maintain a sunroof. Would you rather have a professional take a look at your auto glass problem? Let Speers Auto Glass handle your windshield repair near me. Our same day service and affordable prices will definitely leave you satisfied.


Usually the problem is a clogged drain tube, and the water ends up overflowing into the cabin. The first method involves vacuuming the sunroof’s drain tube to get rid of the debris inside it. Open your sunroof and find drain holes in the front corners of your vehicle. Although using compressed air or any wire sounds like a good idea, you may end up poking through the tubing, or you might disconnect the tubing entirely. This will result an even bigger problem of removing the entire headliner! The best way to do this is by using a shop vacuum and a vinyl tubing with a small diameter.

Flexible Wire

The second method involves sticking a flexible metal wire in your drain hole. A flexible wire is likely to take the shape of the tubing and won’t ruin the tubing. You can test if this has worked by pouring water over the sunroof and seeing if your roof is still leaking water.


If your problem still haven’t been solved, you should look for cracks or jagged edges along the seal. You should also take note of any pooling water or mold around the seal where the seal may be damaged. You can try sealing your roof temporarily by resealing your roof with liquid electrical tape and pouring water over it. If your roof is still leaking, you might have to take it to a professional to fix.

Ways to maintain your sunroof

  1. You can use a gas cleaner that doesn’t have ammonia or vinegar in it.
  2. Be sure to clean the rubber gaskets with a mild detergent with a lint free cloth.
  3. Lubricate gaskets with a silicone-based lubricant.
  4. Remove wax from the frame around the sunroof with a toothbrush and mild detergent.
  5. Clean the tracks of your sliding sunroof.
  6. To keep a smooth gliding sunroof, lubricate the sliding rails.
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