How to Protect Your Car’s Windshield Against Bad Weather

In Canada, where the weather is as unpredictable as the stock market, you need to be extra cautious as a driver to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. The very first step in this regard would be to safeguard the windshield or to get it repaired instantly in case it is already cracked or chipped. The importance of having an undamaged windshield cannot be stressed enough, as failure to do so can pose serious safety risks, particularly upon impact with another vehicle. Here are some key reasons why you should consider windshield repair Oakville in Oakville if your windshield happens to become damaged:

Safety Issues

You probably have come across drivers who insist on driving their vehicle even with chipped glass because the damage is supposedly not so severe. What they fail to realize is that a cracked windshield may shatter or pop out easily in the event of an unexpected collision, putting the lives of people inside the vehicle in grave danger, especially the driver. Therefore, no matter the extent of damage, one should always ensure the windshield is in perfect condition and strive to get it fixed the moment it becomes damaged.

Hindered visibility

Cracks in a windshield can inhibit your vision while driving, leading to an increased risk of collision. Even when you think the cracked glass is not impacting your view, things can change in no time when it reflects the glare of sun during the day. For the reasons aforementioned, it is important to take necessary precautions to protect the windshield, thereby reducing safety related hazards:

Use specialized ice scrapers

Use ice scrapers that have been exclusively built for the purpose of removing ice from the windshield. Scrape the ice horizontally along the glass surface. Do not use a knife or shovel, as you might hit the glass surface underneath accidentally, thus damaging the windshield.

Do not expose the cars glass surface to sudden temperature change

When you are trying to warm up your vehicle, do it slowly, rather than exposing the glass surface to extremely hot temperature too quickly. When you hit a frozen glass surface with hot air, it may crack due to the sudden change in temperature. When you switch on the vehicle’s heating system, direct the vents to the floor or passengers, but not on the windshield directly. Give it some time so that the glass surface warms up gradually.

Monitor windshield washer tank regularly

A clean windshield glass makes it easy for the drivers to spot any cracks that require repair, so keep an eye on the washer tank to ensure it is filled with fluid. This is important mainly in winter season when you will be using it more frequently than usual. In addition, you’ll also want to be assured that the wiper blades are robust enough to wipe away ice and snow smoothly.

Find the best auto glass repair service

Research indicates that when the temperature goes below -100 Celsius or lower, the chips on windshield are likely to spread 80% of the time. And even when the temperature remains at zero, the chips on glass spread 60% of the time and turn into more severe cracks. So, don’t wait and call a reputable auto glass repair service in Oakville to aid you when extreme weather conditions damage your car’s windshield. Conquer the Canada weather, not the other way around! If you are looking to repair your windshield or auto glass, contact our team in Oakville today!