Looking for Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements

What is the importance of having small chips or cracks in your windshield looked at? We’re here to tell you. While tiny chips might seem innocent, in reality, they could end up costing you more than just a windshield. Luckily, auto glass repair serves to quickly repair cracks and chips, all while on a budget. Read more below to see the importance of having even small chips or cracks looked at as soon as possible!

Trust a Qualified Expert

Only an auto glass specialist will be able to properly assess the damage on your windshield. Some damage cannot be repaired at all, and will require a full windshield replacement to fix. It is important to only trust experts who have a high customer satisfaction rate. This is because there are many less-than-savoury auto glass technicians out there who will attempt to make you overpay for services you do not need. Find a technician you feel comfortable with and one you can trust, and they will make sure to keep you, your safety, and your wallet in mind.

Repairing vs. Replacing

Again, only an expert will be able to tell you which service is right for you (repairing or replacing). However, if the damage is small (less than 4 inches) and not spreading across the windshield, many times a windshield repair will be sufficient. This is great, as windshield repairs are significantly cheaper than replacements. However, bigger damage may warrant a windshield replacement.

The Importance of Time

Letting a chip or crack go unattended for a while might be your most expensive decision. It is very easy for damages, especially longer cracks, to spread across the windshield, essentially completely destroying it. If this happens on the road, you put your safety, the safety of others, and your cars well-being in danger. Even if no one is injured, you also land yourself a much bigger and costly auto glass service bill. Get those chips and cracks repaired TODAY! Contact Speers Auto Glass to learn more! 905-339-0339!