Repair or Replace Damaged Windshield in Oakville?

Repairing damaged windshield, small cracks and scratches is always the best option. It will stop the damage from getting to that point that you simply must replace the windshield and that would be the more expensive cost you want and may still be able to do as long as you take good care, on time, of your windshield.

What is Stone chip Repair?

Stone chip repair is a fast and relatively simple repair that takes 20-30 minutes. Our auto glass technician will examine the stone chip to ensure there is no crack larger than 6″ (sometimes up to 10″) and will apply the product through an injector that will restore the look of the original windshield as well as prevent further damage from that stone chip. Most repairs will not be noticeable when completed. If you drive a 2002 or newer model like Toyota, Honda, GM, Dodge, Ford, VW, Lexus, Volvo, BMV, Mercedes and similar, we are very likely to already have your car windshield in stock at prices that no other local Oakville auto glass shop can compete with. We sometimes compare to our competition with 10%-20% and even 40% savings for that same car glass and same work and warranty. There are several benefits to having your windshield inspected after seeing a minor crack or any other type of damage, but the one you should mostly listen to is the low price of repairing stone chips. Depending on the repair the cost can be lower than $50 however