Replacing Your Side Mirrors

Side mirrors take a beating. They take most of the impact and get destroyed when passing or parking too close. They’re arguably the most commonly damaged car parts, smashing to pieces or dangling by their wires off your car. So in the event this happens to you, rely on the experts at Speers Auto Glass in Oakville. For side mirror repair or replacement, call Speers in Oakville at 905-339-0339 and get a free quote at here.

The Auto Glass Repair/Replacement Process

Side Mirrors differ from car to car, and so does the process of repairing or replacing them. The cost and difficulty of replacing a side mirror auto glass depend on the type of side mirror the manufacturer uses. Some cars use more require parts of the door to be taken apart for access to the mirror, while some cars’ mirrors can more or less pop right off. The best way to determine how much your repair is going to cost, get a quote from the service shop. Speers Auto Glass has competitive rates in the Oakville area. The side mirrors seem like a small, simple part of the car, but the cost of replacing the auto glass varies widely based on manufacture, and a lot can go into making the mirrors look good function well, and keep you safe on the road.

Don’t Put Off Replacing or Repairing a Broken Side Mirror!

It’s completely unsafe to drive without working side mirrors. You’re risking changing lanes right into an oncoming car, or turning into a cyclist at an intersection. So stay safe, and repair and replace them as soon as they get damaged to avoid potential accidents. We know it’s a huge hassle to take time off work to come to a repair shop and wait for your auto glass to be replaced. So Speers Auto Glass eliminated the hassle with our mobile repair service at no extra charge! We come to you! If your windshield or other car glass parts are damaged and need repair, we can come to your home or work 24/7 to repair or replace the damaged or broken car glass for you. Fix your broken mirror as soon as possible, for your safety and the safety of everyone on the road with you. If you have damaged side mirrors, or any other damaged auto glass, call the experts at Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339, and get a free quote here!