Signs You Need a Professional Auto Glass Replacement

How do you know you need to have a windshield replacement? Hint: not all cracks on your windshield automatically mean you need a new one, but if auto glass professionals examine the damage and see that it’s large enough and affects your line of sight as you drive around in Hamilton, that’s when you know for sure that you need an auto windshield replacement. When this happens, don’t attempt to do it yourself, no matter how tempting a crafty, DIY repair sounds in this day and age. Want to learn how you can tell if you need a windshield replacement and not just a repair? Here are some telltale signs for it, best done by professionals:

Your Windshield Should be Replaced if:

  1. The chip is smaller than the diameter of a quarter
  2. The crack is shorter than the length of a $5 bill
  3. The damage is small and circular
  4. The damage just occurred

What are the Most Common Windshield Cracks?

  1. Bullseye cracks are those that have a circular rock chip with a center
  2. Combination cracks are cracks that have a circular shape of that of the bullseye and the radiating cracks of the star crack
  3. Half-moon cracks are those that have the bullseye break with an incomplete circle
  4. Star cracks are those that have a center with small radiating cracks  

Leave Auto Glass Replacement to the Professionals

After inspecting the damage, take your vehicle to auto glass technicians in Hamilton. Your technician will be there to answer all of your questions and concerns and provide you with a safe and efficient replacement that is best suited for your vehicles needs. The technicians are there not just to take care of the damage, help you to learn more about auto glass care. Here’s what professional auto glass technicians do in a replacement:
  1. Clean the area thoroughly
  2. Drill a hole in the windshield
  3. Attach a injector tool that will seal the chip or crack
  4. Or Fully replace your windshield with a cured and polished windshield

4 Ways to Protect your Windshield from Damage

  • 1. Protect the damaged area – seal the crack or chip to prevent it from spreading further, clean out the area with a dry towel to protect it from dirt and debris
  • 2. Avoid drastic temperature change – extreme temperature changes can make a small crack spread to become a large one – blasting AC can create a crack to spread as well
  • 3. Be Careful when handling the damaged windshield – avoid placing to much force, for example, when clearing rain and snow do not press against the glass to hard – the pressure can stress the glass and cause it to shatter
  • 4. Do Not Drive Aggressively – if you are putting unnecessary stress on your windshield it is bound to break, try to move around potholes and other obstacles that make really shake your car
Is your windshield badly damaged? Call Speers if you are looking to get your windshield replaced in Oakville at 905-339-0339. All replacement is done by our certified auto glass technicians.