Snow Conditions: Driving Tips & Tricks

Driving on Canadian roads during the Winter is a scary process, especially for young or new drivers. With ice and snow, the roads can be quite dangerous. Even small accidents where no one is injured can be costly, as your windshield can be damaged, resulting in your needing a broken windshield repair. However, you can greatly decrease your chance of having an accident with some simple driving tricks! Keep reading our blog below and keep you, your passengers, and your vehicle out of harm’s way!

Paying More Attention to the Road

Driving in the snow requires an extra amount of attention than it normally does. Make sure to constantly look around, see how your environment changes, and spot potential dangers ahead of time.

Drive Slower Than Usual

This is especially good advice when driving through active snowstorms or blizzards. The cause of losing control and skidding is almost always driving too quickly for the conditions outside. Also make sure to make your turns slow and smooth (sharp turns are your enemy in snowy weather!).

Make Sure Your Car is Winter-Ready

When preparing to drive during Winter conditions, clear all snow, ice, and frost off your car. Make sure that you have packed an ice ice scraper or snow brush, in case a storm hits while you are out and about. Winter tires are a great must for all Canadians! The higher traction will help you control your vehicle during snow storms and keep you safe. Lastly, try to have an emergency kit available in the rare situation where things go awry. Items like a flashlight, blankets, jumper cables, a shovel, or water bottles will all be very useful during emergency situations. Make sure to drive with a perfect windshield during the Winter. Have your repaired or replaced if it is damaged! Call Speers Auto Glass today to get a free quote and same-day services at 905-339-0339!