Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Car

Spring has finally arrived, and in place of the cold;cool breezes and warmer days under the sun. It’s time to clean out the last of winter to make way for outdoor adventures. As you set out for spring cleaning, remember that your car needs that extra shine, too, after dealing with snow, slush and debris during the winter. Make sure to include your car’s engine, tires and exterior, such as auto glass, in your spring cleaning checklist. You can do this with a maintenance check, cleaning, and an crack in windshield repair cost to get your car ready for Spring in Oakville.

Clean Your Car

A clean car encourages a pleasant drive to wherever you’re vacationing this Spring. The winter made a mess in Oakville, most recently with a snowstorm before the season was finally over. That left a lot of snow, slush, salt and debris lying around, easily taking a toll on your car’s exterior. With Spring coming in, it’s time to clean these from your car’s exterior and auto glass with a thorough wash and a new wax job to look fresh this season. Check for chipped paint and scratches on your car’s body and cracks on auto glass caused by debris on the road last Winter, and have these repaired. Inside your car, clean out small rocks and salt your boots could have carried to the carpets and throw out old trash accumulated.

Arrange a Maintenance Check

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance check for your car. Cleaning the exterior got rid of salt, ice and snow and showed you repairs needed for your car’s body and auto glass. However, many other parts worked hard to let you drive safely in Hamilton during the Winter, and these should now be maintained and repaired. To keep your car in top shape for the seasons to come, its maintenance check should include the following:
  1. an engine checkup
  2. car battery tests or replacement
  3. rotation and change of tires and regulating their pressure
  4. oil change and filter replacement
  5. replacement of damaged belts and hoses
  6. check and replacement of fluids such as brake, transmission, coolant, power steering, and windshield wiper
  7. lubrication of chassis parts, including replacement steering and suspension components
  8. replacement of clogged or damaged fuel, cabin air and engine air filters.

Repair Your Windshield & See Hamilton Clearly

It was difficult being on the road during Winter in Oakville, as driving meant dealing with heavy snow, strong winds, and lots of debris. It was easy for rocks and other debris, such as salt, to come flying at your car’s auto glass and icicles to fall on it, resulting in scratches and cracks that need to be repaired. With Spring in full bloom, it’s time to book an auto glass repair and fix the scratches and cracks these objects caused and risked your safety on the road by reducing your visibility. Aside from auto glass repairs, you should also replace torn or cracked wiper blades and check your car’s lighting to improve your view of the roads in Oakville, as well as your safety. When your wiper blades are torn or cracked, you won’t be able to wipe away rain brought by Spring showers, making it harder to be on the road and drive safely through the downpour. Defective interior or exterior lights can also put you in dangerous situations on the road, as these defects make it hard for other drivers to see you and interpret your signals, such as for properly stopping and turning to avoid fatal crashes. Make way for a pleasant Spring on the road! Drive cleaner and safer with an auto glass repair for a better view of Hamilton roads. Call Speers at 905-339-0339 today for a free quote and book your repair.