Spring into Spring with a Clean Vehicle

As spring begins to approach us this month, it will continue to get warmer and warmer. We begin to forget our daily winter habits of wiping snow off the windshield and focus on the spring cleaning of our car. Between tire changes and Oakville windshield replacement, there are a variety of things to check and fix before hitting the road for the season change. After the cold winter months with road salt everywhere you went, your car most likely looks roughed up. Learn about the different steps you should go through to thoroughly clean your vehicle and the reasons behind why they are integral to your car’s functionality.

Removing Winter Tires

Winter tires have a unique rubber compound that creates additional traction for the icy roads, preventing slides. However, in the warmer months, they are not helpful as the conditions of the roads are significantly different as the heat and humidity of the spring and summer months will can cause damage to the tires. If your tires become damaged, it can cause safety issues to the vehicle, driver, and the passengers. This is why all-season tires are better recommended for the warmer months as they are built to tackle any type of weather.

Bring your Car in for Service

It is always a good idea to get a quick and general inspection of your vehicle right after winter to check for damages or issues in areas you are not able to see. A general overview of wiper blades to ensure that they are not damaged from cold conditions, auto glass cracks or damages, and alignment issues from potholes and bumpy roads will ensure that there will be no issues when you are back on the road. If your wiper blades are damaged, they will not brush away the debris or weather conditions that can prevent the driver from seeing, and if there are auto glass cracks, no matter how small, the car becomes hazardous to drive. Auto glass repairs and replacements are important because those cracks can continue to get bigger, even if they were not noticeable in the first place, resulting in bigger damages if there are accidents. Lastly, alignment issues can thrown the alignment of your car off which is a danger in itself.

Exterior Cleaning

The cold weather has resulted in road salt, debris, snow, and dust to end up on the exterior of your car. With all of that grime on your car, not only does it look like its in bad shape but it also worsens its condition. Don’t wait for the next rainfall to get a clean car, go to your nearest car wash service today.

Inside of your Vehicle

The interior of your vehicle is just as important. The car mats, seats, and carpets as just as filthy as the exterior of your car. Floors need to be vacuumed and mats need to be hosed down and washed. As long as you follow these steps before getting into the warmer months, your car will be safe, secure, and ready to go!

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