A Step-By-Step Walkthrough on Getting Rid Of Windshield Streaks

Driving with windshield streaks is not only visibly displeasing, but it also obscures your vision which can also lead to accidents. Learn how to remove these streaks with this guide and find out what was causing the problem to prevent it from happening again. Require a pro to handle your auto glass windshield repair? Consider giving Speers Auto Glass a call. Our team provides affordable service guaranteeing to beat any quote in Oakville!

#1 Preparations

Before cleaning your windshield, make sure that the windshield wipers are in their resting positions so they are easy to clean. Have appropriate windshield cleaner and a microfiber cloth ready.

#2 Spray the Cleaner

Spray one half of the windshield with your windshield cleaner. Try to focus on one side of the windshield before the other to ensure that the cleaner doesn’t dry up before you wipe it. Make sure that you aren’t spraying too far from the windshield so that the wind doesn’t carry the fluid away.

#3 Wipe the Windshield

Using a microfiber cloth rub the cleaner into the windshield (paying special attention to the streaks) in straight up and down motion along the length of the windshield. Work your way from the top of the windshield to the bottom. This minimizes streaks created by the wiping. Make sure to clean the cloth when necessary.

#4 Clean Under the Blades

After lifting the windshield wipers, wipe any imprints of the windshield blades off the windshield. Wipe the bottom of the windshield lengthwise like you would with the rest of the windshield.

#5 Scrub the Blades

Spray the windshield cleaner directly onto your cloth and scrub the bottom of the windshield blades. Be sure to clean any dirt and grime off the blades that might be causing the streaking on your windshield.

#6 Other Factors

If the streaks still aren’t removed, you may need to try a second time with a stronger cleaner or with my pressure. Sometimes, the streaks may actually be scratches or cracks. Be sure to get any damage fixed and checked to ensure the damage doesn’t get worse. Another cause for the streaks may be the windshield wipers themselves. Due to wear and tear, they may not be cleaning your windshield properly or the metal might be digging into your windshield. Consider getting the wipers replaced if they’re not cleaning your windshield properly, and get your windshield repaired if there is any visible damage. . Don’t want to drive with a scratched up windshield? Don’t hesitate to give Speers Auto Glass a call at 905-339-0339 or book an appointment on our website and get your auto glass looking brand new!