Summer Windshield and Sunroof Repairs

As a driver, a chip or crack in your auto glass (whether it be the windshield or the sunroof) is the same annoyance all year round. It might make no difference to you personally if it occurs in the middle of a freezing winter or in the middle of a scorching hot summer. However, to the trained eye, a crack or chip in any sort of heat will be important to assess. See the Speers Auto Glass explanation for damages in the Summer time here! Need a price to repair your car glass or windshield?  The problem isn’t in the heat itself; if the heat was constant and consistent, it would not necessarily be a cause for concern. Instead, it is the fluctuation of temperatures that is the cause for worry. When you are constantly running and turning off your cars’ air conditioner, you are creating a heat fluctuation. On one side of the glass there is cold, and on the other there is warmth. What does this mean for your damaged auto glass? This temperature issue could cause even the smallest of windshield sunroof chips to spread, quickly! What is even more troubling is the fact that not all auto glass repair professionals are aware of this summertime phenomenon, so some may neglect to properly address and fix these issues correctly at this time of the year. The auto glass professional will have to assess the auto glass to ensure that it is not too hot to repair, as working on a very warm windshield could prove to be disastrous. They might need to manually cool the auto glass if this is the case. Lastly, an inexperienced auto glass repair professional might accidentally use resin that is cooler than the auto glass being repaired. This is very dangerous, as it could potentially cause further damage to the glass than before they repaired it! They will need to accurately take the temperature of not only the auto glass, but also the resin they use for repairs. Make sure you only hire experienced, trusted, and reliable auto glass professionals this summer! Avoid the risks of making the situation worse, call Speers Auto Glass today for your free quote!