Teen Driving Tips To Lower The Chances of Windshield Replacement

If you are a new driver, or if you are a concerned parent teaching a new driver, then this blog by Speers is perfect for you! Teen drivers are anxious to learn and get on the road, but there are some common mistakes that put the driver, your windshield, and others on the road at risk for injury. Teenagers are the typical new driver, but if you are an older new driver, then continue reading! New driver safety tips are a great way to prepare yourself for a life on the road. However, even with the most experienced driver, sometimes accidents happen. When you find yourself needing windshield repair or replacement, call Speers for a quick, free, and affordable quote.

Auto Glass Safety Matters

We at Speers are sometimes very surprised to hear that most teen or new driver driving classes do not cover the extreme importance of windshield safety. Many new drivers do not realize how big of a  role your windshield can play in your safety while driving. A compromised windshield puts everyone on the road at risk.

Practice With Someone Who Knows The Importance Of Auto Glass Safety

Mom and dad, if you are teaching your teen to drive, it is critical that you stress the importance of auto glass safety. Car safety is, of course, on your mind, so you cannot neglect to leave out one of the most crucial aspects of road safety. Does your teen know that driving behind big trucks or vehicles can cause ricocheting rocks in the direction of your windshield? What will your teen do if they find themselves with a rock chip or even a crack? High theft-risk areas are another important area to cover when teaching teens about auto glass safety. Some thieves will attempts to break your car’s windshield in an attempt to break in. Educate your children on the many aspects of windshield safety, and ensure that they know how to react if an accident happens.

Insurance and Windshield Replacement

Driving without auto insurance is an obvious no-go. If your teen has begun driving, you will need to ensure that they are fully insured for safety. What happens if your teen finds themselves in a situation where they need a windshield repair or even a windshield replacement? You’ll be happy to know that many auto glass companies will offer to cover the expenses for repair or replacement with your insurance. Teach your children about the use of insurance, without giving them the impression that neglect is okay.

If an Accident Happens, Where Will You Go?

So, your teen has a crack or chip in a windshield. No matter how serious the matter is, Speers is there to help amend the situation with fair and reasonable prices. Your vehicle matters to us, and you would find it difficult to find another company that puts in the same love and care into their work like we at Speers do. Was your teen in an accident and is now seeking auto glass repair or replacement? No problem! Call us today at (905) 339-0339 for a free estimate!