Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Auto Glass at Home

Spring has arrived, and by now you’ve probably started your spring cleaning at home. Outside of your home, your vehicle also needs to be spring cleaned. This includes a maintenance check, repairs, and a thorough cleaning to get it ready for any road trips this season. Your car’s auto glass, should be on the top of your car’s spring cleaning checklist. Booking an glass windshield repair near me will get it in top shape for the warm and sunny days up ahead in Oakville by fixing cracks and scratches caused by debris and weather conditions. To get the best view from your car’s auto glass, here are some useful tips for preserving its life and keeping it clean and clear, starting at home.

Use a Safe Auto Glass Cleaner

Cleaning your car’s auto glass will give you the best view from it, and you will need the right tools for it. When shopping for an auto glass cleaner in Oakville, avoid cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol. These chemicals produce toxic fumes that harmful to the environment and when inhaled by humans, putting you at unnecessary risk when you set out to clean your car’s auto glass. Plus, ammonia can leave streaks on auto glass, potentially damaging your car’s custom tinting job, or causing scratches that require an auto glass repair.

Replace Wiper Blades

Your car’s wiper blades worked overtime as you drove over the winter, and with spring showers around in Oakville, their job is far from over. Wiper blades work hard to keep auto glass clear, but when these add streaks and leave across your windshield, seeing roads in Hamilton and driving safely on them can be challenging. This can also cause scratches to build up over time, requiring an auto glass repair. To keep your car’s wiper blades in good shape, dampen a cloth with a mixture of water and a little white vinegar, and wipe down the blades. This cleans out debris stuck on them that causes the streaks; but if it doesn’t, it could be time to replace your torn and worn out wiper blades.

Use Proper and Different Cleaning Towels

A lot of times, our best use for old shirts, bath towels and socks are cleaning rags. After all, it’s a great way to recycle and save on cleaning expenses. But recycling these as cleaning rags for your car’s auto glass doesn’t prove to be very smart, nor effective. To get the best clean, invest in a high-quality microfiber towel for cleaning your car’s auto glass. Microfiber towels release small electrostatic charges that lift away dirt as you wipe the auto glass and leave no streaks, giving it the best clean. As you clean, start with wiping the auto glass clean first in a straight wiping motion, instead of circular. Then, use the other side, or a fresh new towel to dry it. This helps you avoid putting back on the glass debris and grime you just got rid of. Keep a supply of cleaning towels handy at home in Oakville.

Clean Windshield Corners

The corners of your car’s windshield also accumulate dirt and debris that the wipers sweep through the auto glass. Often, these corners are hard to reach and sometimes even forgotten when cleaning. By using an old toothbrush or a small detailing brush and glass cleaner, you can clean these corners, and avoid dirt and debris from causing scratches and cracks that require an auto glass repair.

Take Your Car for an Auto Glass Repair

If your spring cleaning showed more scratches and cracks that built up over time caused by road and weather conditions, and your old auto glass cleaning habits, don’t risk your safety on the roads in Oakville further. Take your car for a professional auto glass repair to fix these damages and get the best view of the road. Are you still cleaning your car’s auto glass the wrong way? Your car could have scratches and cracks now. Ensure your safety by booking an auto glass repair in Oakville today, and enjoy nice weather on the road this spring. Call us at 905-339-0339.