Top 3 Must-Knows for Windshield Replacement and Future Care

As the Fall colours begin to spread across the Oakville area, cracks on your windshield begin to spread as well. Drivers who already have a crack in their windshields, need to take steps to maintain their windshields as fast as possible in order to prevent any existing damage from expanding. Being a diligent driver not only reduces the cost of repair but enhances the safety of your automobile. At Speers Auto Glass, we understand that Winter is rapidly approaching and are available for same day, affordable and mobile windshield replacement quote services in Oakville and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips on windshield maintenance.

It is easy for drivers to maintain their windshields with three simple steps

  • 1. Wipe the windshield frequently
  • 2. Replace damaged blades
  • 3. Keep safe distances from other drivers
Oakville’s chilly weather makes it a ripe environment for already damaged windshields to crack further, which can lead to requiring a full replacement. Not replacing your damaged windshield in these types of temperatures and as the seasons change will only lead to further damage and reduced visibility that is why we have auto glass professionals who are here to assist drivers with various services regarding your windshield, including replacements.

There are three main factors to look at when deciding if you need a complete windshield replacment

  • 1. Size – small damage is easier to repair, different types of damage such as bulls-eyes, chips, cracks, pits require more attention and have limits on repairability
  • 2. Depth – windshields are made of three layers, two glass and a thin layer of plastic in between, often it is the first layer of the glass that is penetrated
  • 3. Location – Where the damage is on the windshield is a dominant factor when deciding between repair or replacement

Can I Replace My Own Windshield?

Leaving windshield replacement to certified glass technicians is a must. These technicians know how dangerous it can be when a driver tries to replace their windshield on their own. At Speers Auto Glass, the experts are provided with Urethane adhesive to safely seal the windshield’s damage and to provide you the quality of service you and your windshield deserve. For excellent windshield replacement services contact us now at 905.339.0339, our technicians are always ready to serve you!