Why You Should Trust a Certified Auto Glass Technician

When it comes to auto windshield repair, anyone can pull out a DIY kit and glue your windshield back together; but as simple as that sounds, certified auto glass technicians have the capability to do it better and quicker than anyone else. Since they have to undergo extensive training and gain substantial experience before they obtain their certification, you can rest assured knowing that your auto glass is in good hands. Learn about the exact process that technician trainees go through so that you know the quality of service you receive when you choose a certified technician in Oakville.

Extensive Training

The first step all technician trainees must complete is their high school diploma or GED. They must obtain this certification afterwards through an apprenticeship which takes about 1-2 years to complete. During this program, they undergo training that covers industry standards they must comply with, along with the specific skills they need on the job. This includes safety, removing and installing glass, detailing vehicles, and repairing heating grids. Trainees are able to develop these skills by obtaining hands-on experience after close instruction, so that they are prepared for the job.

Auto Glass Repairs

The most common task technicians are responsible for are auto glass repairs. They have the material to repair the cracks in your windows or windshields that your DIY kit will not provide. But why get a professional auto glass repair? Getting a certified technician to do the repair helps ensure insurance companies will cover the cost associated since their certification essentially verifies their reputation, and validates the need for the repair.

Proper Auto Glass Installation

Beyond auto glass repairs, they are responsible for replacements which is more difficult in scale as they require the equipment and resources to do so. Their training requires them to understand the importance of installing the correct auto glass and the safe way to use the installation equipment. Certified technicians will have the proper pre-cut, high quality auto glass parts for your vehicle along with the suction cups to carefully place the glass on your vehicle.

Weatherproofing your Auto Glass

Technicians are instructed on waterproofing processes as well. This is the process of treating glass so that they are able to withstand any type of weather condition. During their apprenticeship program, trainees are taught about the various chemicals associated with their job and which ones pertain to prevention of rain or snow damage. Whether it is an auto glass repair, replacement, or weatherproof — look for a certified auto glass technician that has the training, the experience, and the capabilities to do a superior job. Do not settle for DIY kits or a cheaper service alternative because your auto glass is an important part of your vehicle.

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