Types of Windshield Cracks Repaired by Professionals

There are many different types of cracks that can impact your windshield and cause unsafe driving conditions. These cracks are commonly caused by objects falling on your windshield or kicked up by the tires of another car. The type of crack on your windshield depends on the size of the object and where they struck. Windshield cracks range in size and can spread in any direction. Some cracks start out small and accumulate over time, needing a broken windshield repair to stay safe on Oakville roads. Here, you will learn about the types of windshield cracks and how a professional windshield repair service can help you drive with a good, clear view of the road. Avoid larger damages that can occur from common windshield cracks. Get expert windshield repair in Hamilton and the surrounding areas from Speers Auto Glass by calling today for a free quote 905-339-0339!

Common Types of Windshield Cracks

Stone Chip:

This damage is caused by a rock that falls on or is kicked up to your windshield, causing a small piece of glass to be removed.

Bull’s Eye:

This crack is caused by a rock or a similar circular object that removes a chunk of glass due to the impact. It’s essentially a larger stone chip.

Combination Break:

This damage to glass results from several breaks in a windshield.

Half Moon:

This crack is caused by a rock or a similar object, and appears similar to a Bull’s Eye crack, but it is not completely circular. This is also known as a Partial Bull’s Eye crack.

Stone Break:

This is known as a stone chip and happens when a stone or a similar item hits your windshield or is kicked up by the tires of another car. Stone chips may start out small, but can widen into large cracks over time.

Crack Chip:

A single crack that can be repaired by covering with a quarter with an impact point. Edge Crack: This starts within two inches of or reaches the edge of the windshield. It immediately forms after the impact and starts anywhere between ten to twelve inches long, only growing larger.

Floater Crack:

This crack starts in the middle field of the windshield.

Long Crack:

This crack starts out at six inches long. To repair larger damages it can cause, a windshield replacement may be needed instead of a repair.


This refers to a part of your windshield where a small piece of glass is missing.

Star Break:

This is a series of short radial cracks branching off from the point of impact and the resulting damage looks like a star.

Stress Crack:

This crack commonly occurs in extreme weather. Cracks due to stress on the windshield can occur without having any foreign object hit your car’s windshield. This usually happens when your car is frequently exposed to highly contrasting temperatures. In the summer, your car can overheat from being out in the sun for too long. When added to an air conditioner turned on high or the exterior being washed with very cold water, your car’s windshield might have stress cracks. In the winter, the heat from inside mixes with the ice formed on the windshield and can result in the same cracks. This is why we carefully remove ice from the windshield without using hot water. A stress crack becomes evident as a straight or slightly bending line without any sign of impact. Windshield repair technicians will usually do a pen test to see if there is a stress crack on your car’s windshield. If the pen is run along the crack and dips anywhere, it is not a stress crack. This is because stress cracks do not involve glass coming off the windshield. Windshield cracks are largely unavoidable hazards in driving, but staying on the road when these compromise our view of the road is something we can control. These cracks may start out small, but these grow and accumulate in number over time. You can avoid large costs of windshield replacement if you let professionals immediately work on windshield repairs as small cracks happen. This way, you can make sure you are constantly safe on the road and avoid total replacement costs. Consult a professional windshield repair service in Oakville today. Avoid larger damage and drive safely with a good view of the road. Don’t let cracks affect your view of the road. Drive safely with expert windshield repair in Oakville. Contact Speers Auto Glass at 905-339-0339 today!