Types of Windshield Cracks

There are many types of windshields breaks, cracks, fissures, and chips, and each one can bring its’ own level of difficulty in terms of repair and management. Have you discovered a small crack in your windshield? Read here to see if you’re at risk for further damage!

The Half Moon Crack

This crack looks like a semi-circle, and is most often caused by blunt impact of smaller debris and objects, like gravel. If you have this type of crack, consider yourself lucky! These are one of the easier-to-repair cracks, because it is not a complete circle (which would have more chances to expand). The chances of a half moon crack cracking further are very slim, but you should still have it looked at and repairs promptly.
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The Bulls-Eye Crack

This is the “full” version of the Half Moon Crack. In this crack, there is usually a very visible point of impact, probably near the centre of the circle. Although further cracks are unlikely, the chances are higher than with a half moon crack, so have a repair technician assess it. There is a chance that oils and dirt could enter the puncture point and contaminate the break, which will make for a lengthy repair, time and price wise.

“Star” Crack

As the name implies, these cracks look like stars. Because of their multiple sharp points, these have much more potential for damage then our previous two crack-types. These happen when an object hits the windshield and leaves multiple longer cracks around the spot of impact. Not only can star cracks expand, they can also induce other cracks along the windshield, so make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Multiple and Combination Cracks

These cracks are usually a combination of bulls-eye and star cracks. They are much more difficult to repair and also bring on many more chances to further break your windshield. It is likely that these cracks cannot be fully repaired, but instead just diminished. Full repair is even less likely if full pieces of glass are missing from the windshield. No matter what kind of crack you are dealing with, it is essential that you have a professional assess and repair the damage when it happens. Procrastination on such an easy task could end up disastrous, not only on your windshield, but on your wallet and time! Repairing cracks is usually quite easy and affordable, so do not delay.