Types of Windshield Tinting

Need a quick, easy, and affordable way of improving the interior quality of your vehicle? Window tinting offer all these benefits, plus added privacy, temperature control, and visibility by reducing glare. Window tinting also adds an element of safety to your travels, because it helps block out harmful ultraviolet rays.However, not all types of windshield tinting are the same. Want to pick the right type of tinting for your car? Learn the differences below, and see which one is perfect for your vehicle!

Dyed Tint Film

This type of tint is the lowest cost available; however, it comes with a price. While the economical factor might be enticing, note that the dyed tint is only for appearance. This type of tint will do little, if anything, for temperature control and helping visibility. However, it still will offer some form of privacy from the outside. Also take note that dyed tint film will fade drastically over time, and will likely need to be redone at some point.

Carbon Window Film

Carbon window tint is a very popular option for those looking for stylish window adjustments, because it has a matte finish. Some window tints have metals in the layer that negatively affect the radio transmission on cell phones, but luckily, carbon window tints do not. Carbon blocks 40% of infrared light, keeping your air conditioned car cool in the Summer. Carbon window film does not fade, unlike dyed tint film, which makes it a more popular choice among many, even with a slightly higher initial price tag.

Metallized Film Tint

Metalized tint helps to block the heat from entering the ncar about reflecting it; this is achieved with miniscule metallic particles. Metallic tints offer a shiny finish from the outside of the vehicle. However, take note that because this type of tint contains metal, it can negatively affect your cellphone coverage, unlike carbon window film tints. Has carbon window film become the clear winner for your next windshield tinting? Call Speers today at 905-339-0339 and have yours done by highly skilled professionals!