Understanding How to File for Windshield Repair Claims

Has your windshield been damaged as a result of falling rocks, objects, or for other reasons besides a collision? If so, you may want to consider filing an insurance claim for your windshield. Insurance claims of this nature can often help car owners cover part of–if not all–of their auto glass repair bills. As a result, it’s important to understand the process which must be taken when filing a windshield repair. At Speers Auto Glass, we proudly house some of the best auto glass technicians in Oakville. Backed by years of training and hands-on experience, you can trust our knowledgeable team to guide you through the claim process. Then, we’ll help you repair or replace your windshield at a reasonable price point. Don’t wait up–damaged auto glass can be hazardous on the roads. To learn more about the steps involved in filing an insurance claim, keep reading:

Step 1

Before heading to a trusted, local repair shop like ours in Mississauga, you’ll want to first contact your insurance company to confirm that your vehicle and its damages are covered by your existing insurance policy.

Step 2

The second step is to determine your deductibles from your previous conversation with your insurance company. During your call, you’ll want to compare your costs for repair or replacement against your deductible amount to determine whether or not you should file a claim. To compare these costs, you will need to receive an estimate from a technician from your auto glass repair shop.

Step 3

Once you’ve determined whether or not your claim is a worthwhile option for your case, you’ll want to reconnect with your insurance representative to begin filing your claim. Oftentimes, filing a claim can be a tedious process which involves sending your insurance company photos of the damages, as well as more information about the extent and circumstances of your damages. Once your claim is filed, your insurance company will then review your case and determine whether or not you qualified for the claim. Should you qualify, you can then ask your auto glass technician to either bill your insurance company directly, or alternatively, you may request to receive your claim via cheque in the mail. At Speers Auto Glass, we pay up to 100% on insurance deductibles.

Didn’t Get Approved?

Don’t fret! At Speers Auto Glass, we proudly offer windshield repair and replacement services at more than affordable prices. Backed by years of knowledge and experience, we offer a fast, same-day service and lifetime warranty on all our work. Beyond that, our team will also match or beat our competitors prices by up to 40% should you find a lower price for your repair. Think a minor crack or chip in your windshield can’t do much damage? Think again! Auto glass damages of any capacity can compromise the safety of you and your passengers. At Speer, your safety is our team’s priority–that’s why we recommend having your windshield repaired at the first sign of damage.

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