Useful Windshield Tips in Canada!

You learn something new every day. While you are possibly waiting for a repair or replacement to be done, or experiencing a windshield related incident, go ahead and indulge in our fun facts and tips in this informative, ultimate windshield guide.

Facts to keep your windshield in it’s best condition

  1. Although it might seem obvious, doing a quick check for damage on your auto glass before long trips could you a headache or two in the long run. Look for signs of damage, such as small chips or cracks; this way you can catch it quick and have it repaired as soon as possible.
  2. The shade is the ideal place for your windshield. Sitting your car out in the scorching sun for hours could negatively affect the integrity of your windshield! With Summer on it’s way, you need to start preparing for the sun and what it can do to your vehicle’s auto glass.
  3. In the case of an emergency auto glass repair, you need to remember three things. Place clear tape over the damage for the drive to the repair shop. This will help to avoid further damage or shattering by keeping a light pressure on the pieces of glass. Next make a note of what happened and when. Fin ally, remember to practice extra caution, meaning no excessively fast driving and avoid closing your doors harder than necessary.
  4. Seasonal washer fluids exist, and they are great. Check out some different options for the seasons and compare!
  5. This may seem like common sense, but it is easy to lose clear ways of thinking when in deep frustration; do not pour hot water on iced over windshields.
Oddly enough, a small list of simple facts can go a long way but when in doubt, ask an auto glass professional any questions you may have in regards to your windshield.

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